Mira Nikolova, ’13

I would not have thought at the start of my Bowdoin career that I would major in Russian or that it would turn into my professional path, but it has been a great journey so far. I am an international student from Bulgaria and, having never traveled outside of my country prior to Bowdoin, I […]

Zackary Suhr ’14

“In a time of renewed geopolitical tensions, it’s as important as ever to be conscious of the ways that differing perspectives are informed by historical experience and cultural values. There is no better way to build that awareness than through the sustained study of another language and its contexts.”

Nicholas Tonckens ’16

“…it wasn’t until I arrived at Bowdoin that I had the opportunity to really sink my teeth into Russian; or rather, for the Russian bear to sink its teeth into me.”

Kenneth Cortum ’16

My biggest piece of advice to those interested in studying Russian is to stick with it and keep an open mind. Your path in Russian does not put you on any one pre-determined career field. The Russian Department does an excellent job at giving you the chance to explore your interests and thus your career.

Daniel Mark ’09

“I began studying Russian at Bowdoin College in 2005, and that decision changed the entire trajectory of my life.”

Uchechi Esonu ’13

My experience as an area studies major allowed me to live abroad with a greater understanding and appreciation for the sociocultural space I was inhabiting and tourist sites I visited.

Jade Hopkins ’12

I can’t speak completely to how Russian has influenced my life after college because it has in fact shaped it; the person I am now was partially made in my two years in Moscow…

Luke Drabyn ’15

Without the continued support and substantial guidance I received from my professors and colleagues within Bowdoin’s Russian department, and the rigorous curriculum it offered, I am certain I would never have been able to secure such a valuable and life-changing experience abroad.

Albert Mayer ’03

Studying Russian at Bowdoin remains one of the most enjoyable and rewarding learning experiences I’ve had.

Joseph Kellner ’09

There’s little limit on how much Russian you can learn, or how far you can develop your interest in any particular direction.