From Fruit Flies to Cognitive Impairment: Problem Solving at its’ Finest, Ketura “Kacey” Berry ’13

As a student in Patsy Dickinson’s Neurophysiology course, I began to learn that problem solving was a more important skill than memorization.

Developing and Characterizing a New Radiation Therapy Treatment Tool, Cielle Collins ’15

I would have never discovered my love for the technical side of science without getting to work with Dr. Nyhus in EEG, and learn about MRI and other medical
imaging technology.

PhD candidate in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program at the University of Washington, Claire Williams ’10

My early experience in academic research at Bowdoin led me to continue pursuing new opportunities to explore cutting-edge research in neuroscience, to my current graduate student position and my future interests.

Studying how our brain helps us navigate through space in Stanford’s Neuroscience Graduate Program, Isabel Low ’13

My time in the Neuroscience major taught me to read critically, rigorously question scientific dogma, and
communicate my science to others. I use these skills almost every day.

Developing statistical methods for understanding large-scale biological and artificial (AI) neural circuits, Alex Williams ’12

My time at Bowdoin taught me to be very detail-oriented and critical of my own ideas. This granted me a lot of independence and confidence to develop my own research projects later on.

Resident in internal medicine and future resident of Harvard’s Neurology Residency Program, Anirudh Sreekrishnan, ’12

The exposure to research in a basic science lab and mentoring from all the professors
were all crucial in helping me pursue this career.