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Beyond Four Years: Recent alumni share how their experience as a student shaped their decision to start a career at Bowdoin

“Bowdoin has a real draw that has made it difficult to imagine leaving.”

Aric Walton: Developing his path as a learner and teacher at Bowdoin College

“We are always learning. While not formally enrolled, all staff members are really teachers and students at the same time. With great mentors and colleagues, I get up each day knowing that I get to come to a place where it’s not just about the mechanics of the day-to-day work, but also about being a part of a community that continues to push itself to be better in every way”.

Murray Litchfield: Joining family, making Bowdoin home and growing in the community

“I have made Bowdoin my home. The people are what I enjoy most. There is a real sense of community here.”

Mike Archibald: New Associate Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations

Mike Archibald

“I have admired Bowdoin College from afar, both as an extraordinary liberal arts college but also for how the institution engenders such passionate support from its graduates, parents and friends. Bowdoin has the opportunity to set the standard for student learning and engagement in the liberal arts. I look forward to contributing my expertise to the development and alumni relations program so that Bowdoin may reach its full potential.”