Kristin Bishop ’18

Hometown: Madison, ME Major: Government & Legal Studies, Education In spring 2017, Kristin Bishop embarked on an independent study with Professor Sarah Jessen asking, “What is the state of civic education in the US?” To answer this question, Bishop conducted two investigations: first, research “to uncover national policies and laws surrounding civic education in public schools […]

Hayley Nicholas ’17

Hometown: Wilton, Connecticut Major: Sociology Minor: Education Studies Nicholas returned from abroad inspired to investigate American education, and the gaps therein. Her independent study focuses on “textbooks and how they are constructed, because they are seemingly objective,” she says, and because they are often students’ only source of information. The subject Nicholas chose? The Black […]

Teachers shaping memory: Whitney Williams ’10

“Seek and revel in the rich and often challenging dialogue with your teachers.” Whitney Williams Graduated in:  2010 Majored in: Geology Minored in: Education Now works in: Mars Hill, Maine as a Junior High Science Teacher at Central Aroostook Junior High School Most memorable Bowdoin class: Educating All Students with Professor Doris Santoro. It was in this […]

Studying culture and education: Chanwoong Baek ’12

“What aspects of culture, society, and communities cause divergent consequences in education development?“  Chanwoong Baek Graduated in: 2012  Majored in: Government and Legal Studies  Minored in: Education (Teaching)  Now works in: Ph.D. student in Comparative and International Education at Teachers College, Columbia University  Most memorable Bowdoin class: EDUC 302 Student Teaching Practicum and EDUC 304 Analysis of Teaching and Learning  One […]

Working toward justice: Kayla Baker ’09

“My work needed to have a purpose rooted in justice”  Kayla Baker Graduated in: 2009  Majored in: Economics  Minored in: Education  Now works in: economically distressed communities in the South, with a community development financial institution, Hope Enterprise Corporation  Most memorable class at Bowdoin: Education and Social Justice, with Doris Santoro  One take-away from Bowdoin: […]

June Woo ’16

Along with teaching skills and content, teaching provides an avenue for building character and ensuring that knowledge is paired with good citizenship.

Tom Read ’15

Throughout my practicum, I collaborated every day with my team of teachers and developed new curricula with the intent of giving each student as personalized a learning experience as possible.

Sophie Sawyers ’16

As a Government major and Education Studies minor at Bowdoin, I have been able nourish my interests in learning about the differences among and between countries, across cultures and races, communicating in different languages, and issues of equality.

Juliet Eyraud ’16

As a CS major, I’ve always wanted to examine the ways in which educators can make computer science more accessible, especially for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Faustino Ajanel ’16

My teaching goal is to help urban students realize that learning and excelling in mathematics is possible.