Elizabeth Hupert ’12

I do not directly use Latin in any way, but I think a balanced liberal arts curriculum has made it easier to pick up new skills in my industry and prepared me for graduate school.

Mary Kelly ’10

I love the community of the Bowdoin Classics department and the environment it provides its students to grow as independent, confident, articulate thinkers and writers.

Caroline Bartlett ’14

Above all, the love of literature and etymology I got to explore deeply as a Classics major is a large part of what makes my job so enjoyable and engaging.

Mia Sorcinelli, ’01

Every day at work I am faced with patients in distress, whether physical or mental, and I think my Classics education has helped me to understand the human condition.

Alex Moore ’03

I had a wonderful experience during my four years beneath the pines and look forward to my next visit to Brunswick!

Chantal Crawley ’10

The skills I learned in the courses I took through the Classics department, particularly the skills I learned participating in the Socratic method, gave me a head start in law school.

Zarine Alam ’10

A lot of the work I did as a law student required parsing language and figuring out what arguments were being made — there were many parallels with reading Latin!

Cristian Nitsch ’00

Classics at Bowdoin has given me access to a vast archive of history, language and art. That has made me a richer person.

Darian Reid-Sturgis ’09

Since Bowdoin I have been teaching Classics full time. I spent my first year teaching Latin at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH.

Steve Shennan ’12

…I’ll be starting my Classics PhD at Harvard in the fall; my Classics major at Bowdoin prepared me for every step along the way.