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Greg Smith ’87, Just Like the Poster: Seeing the World

Greg Smith '87

Greg Smith, a native of Ipswich, Massachusetts, says his path to the Navy was just like the poster: “Join the Navy, See the World.” Smith had only been out of the eastern time zone once before he joined, and then he was off to Japan for his first duty station. “Initially, I joined thinking I […]

Carl Hopkins ’66: Shocking Discoveries

Carl Hopkins '66

After studying physics and math at Bowdoin, Carl Hopkins earned his doctorate in animal behavior and neurobiology at Rockefeller University. He went on to teach at Cornell for over thirty years. I was in the second class to move into the Senior Center. It was an extraordinary community of students, faculty, and visitors. This experiment […]

Ellen Chan ’97: Following Her Heart

Ellen Chan '97

I was one of those kids who had always wanted to be a doctor. I did a lot of research in labs during my summers in high school. I ended up getting a master’s degree in neuroscience right after Bowdoin because I wanted to know how much research I wanted in my life as a physician. Although I really like asking the questions, research was not what I was interested in.

Kira Chappelle ’07 Googled a Career

Kira Chapelle '07

Many searches lead people to Google. Kira Chappelle’s career quest brought her to the company itself.

Erin St. Peter ’13 and Frances Soctomah ’14: Two Alumnae, Four Directions

Frances Soctomah '14 and Erin St. Pierre '13

Although Erin St. Peter and Frances Soctomah didn’t know each other when they were students at Bowdoin, they shared a connection in Maine’s Native American cultures.

Jef Boeke ’76, H’98: What Makes A Scientist Tick

Jef Boeke ’76, H’98 is many things—husband and father, singer and musician, Mainer and New Yorker, beekeeper and beyond.

Laurel Beeler ’83: United States Magistrate Judge

“I learned early on as a lawyer that being decent was a great strategy.”

Emily Mullins ’09: Serious About Technology and Marketing—and Brunch

My fondest Bowdoin memories are sitting in Thorne after brunch on Sundays. We would just hang around for hours (delaying the inevitable homework) and laugh about the nights and days before. Life was (and is) great being with the people you love!

Nadja Shaw ’12: Connected to Community

I didn’t think I would become an educator, but then I taught and saw the role and the power of teachers. I watched kids grow and thrive and saw them become self-advocates.

Timothy Dwyer ’00: Diving Below the Surface

I took a sabbatical from teaching in the fall of 2016 to spend two months in Antarctica, working with a team of researchers examining the reasons behind why some cold-water marine invertebrate animals get very large, a phenomenon known as “polar gigantism.”