Camille Wasinger ’15: Emphasis on work-life balance

Wasinger’s path to SunEdision followed a gradual narrowing of focus from the general to the specific. She grew up in the environmentally-conscious Boulder, Colorado and remembers her parents telling her to turn off the lights and water to conserve resources.

Eliza Warren-Shriner ’13: Brunswick to Burkina Faso

Eliza Warren-Shriner '13

Eliza Warren-Shriner ’13, an environmental studies and Romance languages major with a chemistry minor, spent her first year after Bowdoin working for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Dakar, Senegal, through a Princeton in Africa Fellowship. During this time, she became involved in the Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative that examines “how WFP’s demand […]

Emily Hubbard ’07: Environmental Counsel

Emily Hubbard '07

While representing the Environmental Protection Agency in labor and employment cases, attorney Emily Hubbard ’07 not only litigates cases but also helps to shape the work environment by counseling employees on how to create a workplace free of discrimination.

Tim Long ’17: Green Athletics

Tim Long '17

I have been involved in campus sustainability primarily through Green Athletics. Working with the leaders of this group has allowed me to make connections with the people in Sustainable Bowdoin.

Bridger Tomlin ’17: Small changes accumulate

Bridger Tomlin '17

The past two years I have worked at Sustainable Bowdoin. In my time in the office I have worked on encouraging safer campus bike riding, managed social media, and worked on outreach into the community through blog posts and the “Installment.”

Omar Sohail ’15: Simple changes

My initial inspiration to connect with sustainability came from the enthusiasm of some of my friends on campus. I also realized how easy it was to be a little greener on campus. Tray-less dining, turning off fans and lights that are not in use, and recycling are all easy changes you can make for a greener, more sustainable campus.

Delger Erdenesanaa ’15: Bowdoin Organic Garden

Going to a event in Portland, with a talk by Bill McKibben, really inspired a lot of students to think and become more active about sustainability in various ways.

Dana White ’15: Making sustainability attractive and attainable

I studied with the Sea Education Association program, studying for 4 weeks and then sailing halfway across the Pacific for 4 weeks. I conducted a research project that looked at the human impact on marine ecosystems by examining the relationship between microplastics and zooplankton through a Gyre in the North Pacific Ocean.