50th Reunion Giving

Bob Lakin ’68

I learned quickly how gratifying it was to reach out to other alumni. Not only was I helping Bowdoin, but I reconnected with many Bowdoin friends I hadn’t spoken to in years, as we all had been busily pursuing careers and raising families.

Richard S. Pike ’67

Richard S. Pike '67

I grew up in a small village on the Crooked River in Maine. My father worked in a local factory and my mother took care of my four younger siblings and me. Somehow, I always knew that I would go to college—even though neither of my parents had been able to do so.

Ted ’65 and Janice Strauss

Ted ’65 and Janice Strauss

Janice and Ted hold a strong conviction that there is probably no better use of money than providing an excellent educational opportunity for someone who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Steve Siegel ’65

Steve ’65 and Judy Siegel

As I reflect on the last fifty years, I realize that my acceptance to Bowdoin and my education there were defining moments of my life.

Bill Springer ’65

Bill Springer '65

When I came to Bowdoin as a freshman I had never been more than 150 miles from the south side of Chicago. Very few of our neighbors had even heard of Bowdoin! The trip was a life changer.

John ’66 and Wendy Lord

John '66 and Wendy Lord

I decided after graduating that I wanted to give back to Bowdoin, and it has remained a top philanthropic priority for me ever since. In addition to being loyal Alumni Fund supporters, Wendy and I decided to provide a larger contribution to the College when we converted our Family Charitable Foundation to a Donor Advised Foundation.

Jim MacAllen ’66

James MacAllen '66

Jim MacAllen ’66 loved the four years he spent at Bowdoin as a student and has remained closely connected to the College ever since. Most recently, Jim included Bowdoin in his estate plans by naming the College the beneficiary of his Individual Retirement Account (IRA).