Residential Life

Rose Warren ’21

Position: College House Chair, Quinby
Hometown: Hallowell, ME
Major: Government and Legal studies

I hope to inspire others and make a difference in the world, and I believe that leading a college house will do that, even if I make a difference in one person’s life. By holding events promoting diversity and other important topics, like mental health and sexual violence, I believe that our house can create awareness about these topics. I also believe that creating a safe space in a place of living and on campus is essential. As a house leader I want to successfully make our house safe for everyone living there and make it a fun and social space while also a respectful one. Another reason I wanted to be a part of a college house is that I have the ability to help first years acclimate to college through the buddy system.

Next year I hope to hold more events promoting diversity and mental health awareness, something I am extremely passionate about. Additionally, I also want to invite more professors to our house to discuss important topics and have panel sessions. We also want to create a more efficient buddy system that allows first years to get to know the people in our house and feel welcome at Bowdoin and a part of Bowdoin’s social life. We also hope to create a sense of community and friendship in our house.

My advice for first years would be to make new friends and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. You never know who will become one of your best friends. There are so many cool people at Bowdoin and if you don’t go out of your comfort zone to meet them then you might miss out on a great friendship. I would also advise first years to take the opportunity to learn about different people, their backgrounds and other topics that you might not be aware about. There are many different events at Bowdoin that you can go to. I suggest you go to at least one a month because they are so great! Go to student performances. The choir, acapella groups, orchestra, and the comedy groups (and so many more) are awesome. Support your Bowdoin friends and take the time to watch! Lastly, don’t use your phone at meal time. It might be difficult, but I did this my second semester and I noticed a big difference. I was more present and was able to relax and talk with friends. Be present and take the time to enjoy what Bowdoin is and has to offer because it truly is a great place to go to school and to live. Bowdoin is hard, I’m not going to lie, but make sure to balance school with social activities, continue making new friends, and learn and create new experiences!