Elizabeth Hupert ’12

I am currently working at an advertising agency in Chicago, AbelsonTaylor, as an account planner (strategist). As an account planner/strategist, I work with client teams to discover consumer insights and determine the “voice of the consumer.” Our agency specializes in health & wellness so I do a lot of market research with patients and map out patient journeys to discover their healthcare needs. I am also attending graduate school in the fall at University of Chicago for a Master’s of Social Sciences with a focus in psychology. I’ll be taking a mix of classes in psychology, social sciences, research methodology, behavioral science, and strategy (the lab I’m planning to work in is actually at Booth Business School).

I do not directly use Latin in any way, but I think a balanced liberal arts curriculum has made it easier to pick up new skills in my industry and prepared me for graduate school (it’s funny because in the ad agency they call ad layouts without the copy “Greek” even though they use lorum ipsum. My first week here after I graduated, about 2.5 years ago, I brought someone a layout with lorum ipsum and they asked me why it was in Greek-I did not yet know the industry term-and I said it’s not, it’s Latin. Needless to say, that art director found it hilarious and I quickly learned the lingo).