Caroline Bartlett ’14

I just completed my first year of the Match Teacher Residency in Boston at Match High School, a charter school near BU. In addition to working with freshmen as a humanities tutor this past year, I completed the first year of coursework for my Masters in Effective Teaching. In the fall, I am staying on at Match as the AP Language and Composition teacher for juniors and seniors. Though I am teaching English (my other major at Bowdoin), the work I did as a Classics major has already proven enormously helpful as I begin my teaching career. The course I will be teaching in the fall hinges on writers’ craft and rhetorical argument, two aspects of writing I spent a significant amount of time thinking about in my Classics courses while at Bowdoin. I also get to tie in mythology more than I was expecting, which students find thoroughly entertaining. Above all, the love of literature and etymology I got to explore deeply as a Classics major is a large part of what makes my job so enjoyable and engaging. Plus, it’s always fun to write Greek on the board and have students try to guess what it says.