Bridger Tomlin ’17: Small changes accumulate

Bridger Tomlin '17

Name: Bridger Tomlin
Class Year: 2017
Major(s)/Minor: Environmental Studies and History (Majors), Anthropology (Minor)
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Leadership on campus:
House Proctor of Baxter, Sustainable Bowdoin, Cross Country Captain (2015), and Mckeen Center’s Common Good Grant Committee (2013-2014).

Environmental Mission:
Promote sustainable and achievable lifestyles across the Bowdoin campus particularly through alternative transportation, eating locally, and recycling. I would love to instill the idea that small changes in every day actions can accumulate into large, sustainable changes across the campus community.

How have you been involved in sustainability efforts on campus?
The past two years I have worked at Sustainable Bowdoin. In my time in the office I have worked on encouraging safer campus bike riding, managed social media, and worked on outreach into the community through blog posts and the “Installment.”  I also try to bike, run, and walk everywhere which is not only a way to cut my carbon output, but also tone my legs!

This year I also served as the cross country team’s green athletics rep, working to limit field house light use and increase team and facility recycling. Also as House Proctor of Baxter I have encouraged residents to recycle and “Clynk” all their recyclables as well as limiting light use.

What course or professor helped you to connect with sustainability on campus?
I am taking various ES classes, but I’d say that my Environmental History and Culture of North America has encouraged me to connect and work on sustainability.

Have you been involved in a summer research fellowship? What did that entail?
I am currently applying to summer fellowships and internships. I am hoping to either work for the National Park Service as a naturalist, work for the city of Brunswick under planning and development, or work at the Nature conservancy. Only time will tell.

Did you study abroad? Were environmental topics a part of your program?
I am planning on studying abroad my Junior Spring focusing with an environmentally focused program. I am looking at either traveling to Australia, New Zealand, or Germany.

How do you think will you remain involved in sustainability efforts after graduation?
After graduation, I hope to remain involved in sustainability through my daily actions and lifestyle. I think that sustainability is about a person, group, or communities personal approach to their life and the environment; it is important to be mindful of current environmental issues and topics and adjusting one’s life to not only maintain personal health, but the health of the planet. I aim to work in a field revealing around environmental issues and topics; I would love to work in urban planning or the national park service creating a sustainable and environmentally conscience urban and natural landscape in America.

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