Bowdoin Announces New Initiative to Encourage Public Service

A new three-component program at Bowdoin College will help students gain insight into the rewards and challenges of serving the common good by working in and through government agencies, political offices and non-governmental organizations engaged in public policy. The Bowdoin Public Service (BPS) Initiative will initially expose students to a broad array of service opportunities […]

Bowdoin Senior Reports on Fight to Save Iconic Topsham-Brunswick Bridge in Down East Magazine

“…[The bridge’s] rusty steel trusses echo a time when the mills on either side still churned out paper and textiles. Photographers love how it frames sunsets and how, at night, electric light glints off the water below. Its profile adorned the local phone book last year,” senior Carly Berlin writes.

Library Opens New Research, Technology Spaces

Walls have been taken down on the first floor of the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, opening up two new spaces — one focused on research, the other on academic technology.

Greenstock Festival Organizer Ellie Mersereau ’18 Finalizes Last Eco-Detail

After experimenting with turmeric and blueberries last year, festival organizer Ellie Mersereau ’18 was was ready this year to stew up blue, red, yellow, and purple dyes made from berries, spices, and vegetables.

Annual ‘Night at the Museum’ Draws More Than 500 Students

Flocks of sharply dressed students came out last Friday for the annual Fall Student Night at the Museum of Art, a popular annual event put on by the Student Activities office to celebrate art, music, and the start of the year.

Polar Bears Celebrate Common Good Day in Washington, D.C.

Polar Bears from the greater Washington, D.C. area gathered to celebrate Common Good Day at Bread for the City in advance of the campus-wide celebration of Bowdoin’s 19th annual Common Good Day on Saturday, Sept. 16th, 2017. Participants helped the organization sort food and after making quick work of their assigned tasks, gathered for conversation.  […]

1st ‘What Matters’ Conversation Tackles Healthcare

To launch the discussion on healthcare, Associate Professor of History David Hecht began by asking the “deceptively simple question: What is health?”

Monkey Cage: Rudalevige on How ‘Power of the Purse’ Affects Lawmaking Process

With the annual federal budget approaching $4 trillion, Rudalevige described Congress’s control over that budget as “a big weapon.” In this episode he examines the process by which a bill becomes a fully funded piece of legislation.