Bowdoin’s Collin Roesler Starts Mission to Explore Carbon’s Fate in the Ocean

Update to story: Zoe Dietrich ’21 visited the EXPORTS research vessel, Sally Ride, before it departed, grabbing photos to share with Bowdoin via the Earth and Oceanographic Science Instagram feed. Maddie and Collin in Collin’s lab aboard the R/V Sally Ride! Collin and Sue will be assessing the phytoplankton in the water column using a […]

Reporting on the Real Story of Sami Youth in Helsinki

Cheng-Chun Yu ’19 hopes his research dispels the idealized, but harmful, stereotypes many people have of Finland’s indigenous people.

International Student Spotlight: Giovanna Munguia ’21

“I love El Salvador, even though it’s not the most developed country in the world it’s still a really, really beautiful place with beautiful people!”

Join us for Bowdoin’s 20th annual 2018 Common Good Day!

Bowdoin’s 20th Annual Common Good Day will take place on Saturday, September 15th from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Where Computer Science Meets Greek Philosophy

Post-doctoral fellow in Digital and Computational Studies Fernando Nascimento brings computational techniques to the study of humanities.

Nature Moments: The Songs of Trees

If you close your eyes on a breezy day, you can identify trees just by the rustle of their leaves. Are they singing to each other? For David G. Haskell, ecologist and author of The Songs of Trees, listening closely to the distinctive voices in a forest “can ignite our curiosity and get our minds into the lives of trees.”

Looking for the Effects of Climate Change in One Forest

As a Burns summer fellow, rising junior Diana Grandas has been on the front lines of a long-running Bowdoin project to measure the effects of the changing climate on Harvard Forest.

The Making of a Greek Language App: Diakritikos

Demonstrating a fusion of two languages, a scholar and his students are combining computer code with classical Greek to create a language-learning app that will help Classics students practice accentuation—a key dimension of ancient Greek.