Professor Mark Wethli’s Sculpture ‘Piper Cub’ in Rockland Gallery

A show at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art features professor Mark Wethli’s “Piper Cub,” an abstract framework of an airplane.

For Black History Month, Professor Foster Discusses Afro-Pessimism

Associate Professor of English Guy Mark Foster recently spoke at Ladd House about a theory called Afro-Pessimism, which looks at blackness as a “social death” rather than something to be celebrated as a cultural identity. Foster’s talk was part of a slate of events happening at Bowdoin throughout February in honor of Black History Month.

Dean’s Office Invites Immigration Lawyers to Explain Trump’s Executive Orders

Bowdoin students have been asking administrators and professors to help them better understand US immigration policy — both what it is currently and what it could become, according to Leana Amaez, Bowdoin’s associate dean of students for diversity and inclusion.

Bowdoin Curling Team a Stone-Cold Hit on the Ice

Momentum has been building within Bowdoin’s curling team. Over the past four years its membership has grown from just five players to nearly twenty. The WCSH newsmagazine 207 visited Watson Arena to catch the team in action and capture the energy behind the quirky sport.

Love Your Planet with a Green Living Commitment!

Have you ever wanted to know simple ways to live more sustainably here at Bowdoin? Take this survey to learn more, commit to green living, and win monthly prizes!

Stanley Druckenmiller ’75, H’07 on the Economy, Politics and Education

According to Druckenmiller, the long-term solution to economic inequality involves major educational reform. The real issue, he said, is the fact that there are “whole sectors of society who don’t even have a shot, and I”m not saying everybody is guaranteed success in this country, but they are guaranteed a shot.”

Kent Island 2016 – Taking the Measure of a Summer

Summer 2016 on Kent Island provided Bowdoin students with nine weeks of creative, diverse and challenging opportunities.

Celebrating Longfellow Days Through Film

Cinema studies professor Tricia Welsch is hosting a screening of John Ford’s 1939 classic Young Mr. Lincoln. “Since Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Abraham Lincoln were contemporaries, born just two years apart, a film about Lincoln’s early manhood brings us closer to Longfellow’s America.”

Men’s Basketball Team, Alumni, and Parents Celebrate 75 Year Milestone

On Friday, February 3, and Saturday, February 4, more than eighty team members, alumni, and parents celebrated seventy-five years of Bowdoin Men’s Basketball.

Ambassador Laurence Pope ’67: American Security and the Revenge of Globalization

Former diplomat Laurence Pope ’67 warned of the dangers of abandoning established international alliances and drifting toward a policy of “America-first”-style isolationism in a talk he delivered February 6, 2017.

Students Debate Ideological Diversity in ‘What Matters’ Campus Conversation

The issue of political diversity on campus, or the lack thereof, was the subject of a student debate February 3, 2017.

Ambassador Laurence Pope ’67 Warns of 21st Century Security Risks

Pope warned of the dangers of abandoning established international alliances and drifting towards a policy of ‘America-first’-style isolationism.

After Intense Winter Service Trip, Students Reflect

Members of the Bowdoin community recently gathered in the Cram Alumni Barn to celebrate the conclusion of the Alternative Winter Break program and to hear from student participants about their experiences.

Students Learn Tech Entrepreneurial Skills in ‘Startup Weekend’

Sixteen Bowdoin students recently took part in an intensive, entrepreneurial workshop run by a renowned Silicon Valley startup professional. The workshop aimed to teach students how to turn ideas into successful business ventures.

Environmental Activism Right Now, in the US and in Maine

“The environmental community will be strong and probably stronger after [Trump’s presidency],” Lisa Pohlmann said. “There will be hard-fought losses, no question about it. But state and local progress will happen no matter what.”

Basketball Legend Chamique Holdsclaw Discusses Mental Illness

A wide array of people came out to hear Chamique Holdsclaw talk in Kresge Auditorium about her successful basketball career and her struggles with mental illness, from student athletes to staff, faculty and alumni.

Rare and Vivid 2,000-year-old Mummy Mask at Bowdoin Art Museum

Bowdoin College Museum of Art will display this mask, which was created for a mummy, in its new show, AEGYPTUS: Egypt in the Greco-Roman World. The Feb. 2-July 15 exhibition explores Egypt in the time of the Greeks and Romans.

Black History Month Offers Slate of Intellectual, Musical Fare

Throughout February, Bowdoin College has lined up a series of events to celebrate Black History Month.

Bowdoin Senior Follows 63-year-old Art History Trail to Hiroshima

Bowdoin’s Michael Amano ’17 had a Curatorial Fellowship from the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to spend last summer in Japan tracking down and interviewing some of the people who had participated in a 1952-1953 art exchange between Japanese and US schoolchildren.

Jackson ’07 Explains How Philanthropy Fits into the World of Investment Banking

“The role of a foundation in the non-profit world is the same as an investment bank in the corporate world. Investment banks provide financing for corporations to fund growth, and foundations provide financing to nonprofits to build capacity.”