Visual Arts Department

Professor Mark Wethli’s Sculpture ‘Piper Cub’ in Rockland Gallery

A show at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art features professor Mark Wethli’s “Piper Cub,” an abstract framework of an airplane.

Students Learn Art of Curating as They Research Photography Exhibit

The exhibition, which the students themselves have researched and curated, involved close collaboration with the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Colletions & Archives.

To Be Seen: A Semester of Art at the Edwards Center

For the Visual Arts department’s end-of-semester open house on Dec. 9, the Edwards Center for Art and Dance was transformed into a temporary museum filled with riveting works.

Studio Tour: Art Professor Jackie Brown’s Biomorphic Sculptures

If the door to Jackie Brown’s studio happens to be open as you are walking down the Edward Center for the Arts second-floor hallway, and you happen to glance in, you’ll see a vision that looks as if it could have been lifted from the pages of a fantastical children’s book.

Making Art From Science and a Drop of Seawater

Students in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester recently made prints from plankton specimens they collected in the waters off Boothbay Harbor to investigate the relationship between art and science.

Slideshow: Bowdoin’s Kolster Photographs Fossils of the Future on Hawaiian Coast

Visual arts professor Michael Kolster went to Hawaii to study and photograph “plastiglomerates”—a reportedly new type of stone, formed by the fusion of melted plastic and natural minerals.

Instant Coffee, Soy Sauce, Prints: Visiting Artist Teaches Non-toxic Printmaking

In a recent printmaking class, visiting artist Liz Chalfin taught students how to prepare plates with a solution of instant coffee and water. Later, the students cleaned their plates with soy sauce instead of the typical ammonia.

Video: Symmetry Works! Where Math Meets Art

Symmetry is the buzz word on campus this week, as Santa Clara University mathematics professor Frank Farris showcases his unique style of digital art in a major, interdisciplinary, multi-event project called Symmetry Works!

Bowdoin’s Erin Johnson Curates Performance Series at Fort Gorges in Casco Bay

Inspired by the site and history of Fort Gorges, Bowdoin Visiting Artist Erin Colleen Johnson is curating a three-day event, called A Long Wait, at the island fort on July 9, July 15, and July 23. The $10 or $15 tickets include a round-trip ferry ride from Portland’s Chandlers Wharf to the island.

Bowdoin Seniors Install Public Art on The Commons Bridge

The project, by Mariah Reading ’16, Rachel Brooke ’16, and Molly Ryder ’15, originated in an art class, Public Art, taught in the fall of 2014 by John Bisbee.

New Corequisite Combines Documentary Photography and Writing

Bowdoin students hone their documentary-making skills in a new corequisute that combines nonfiction writing and documentary photography

A Semester’s Worth of Art Fills Edwards Center

Students, faculty, staff, and community members toured the Edwards Arts Center last Friday night, checking out the end-of-semester open house of artwork produced in the spring semester’s visual arts classes.

Art History Students Lead Discussion of ‘Beautiful Monstrosities’

The exhibition Beautiful Monstrosities, Elegant Distortions: The Artifice of Sixteenth-Century Mannerism opened at the Bowdoin Museum of Art last month, featuring the work of artists “employed by European courts in the 16th century.” Despite its smaller size of roughly a dozen etchings, prints, and drawings, the exhibit leaves much open for debate and discussion.

Photographer and Artist-in-Residence Wendy Ewald Helps Communities Document Themselves

“To say I’m a documentarian feels limiting. It’s not a case of of “this is true” or “this isn’t true”, but “this is how people see it” and I think there may be many ways how people see things.”

Video Art Students to Stage Public Show about Important Maine River

Students in a new art class at Bowdoin, Video Art: Site-Specifics, have created a series of videos that explore people’s past, present, and potential future relationships with the Androscoggin River.

Prof. Mark Wethli Show “(Un)conditional Color” Opens in NYC

Mark Wethli’s new curated show, (Un)conditional Color, opened Feb. 24 at The Curator Gallery, at 520 West 23rd Street in New York City. It runs through April 2nd.

Studying History Through Objects: Art History’s Dana Byrd

Assistant art history professor Dana Byrd likes to examine history in terms of objects, like this 18th century tobacco box.

Nine New Courses Offered This Semester

The following is a complete list of new Bowdoin classes as they are described in the course catalog, plus comment from the faculty teaching the course.

Students Create Digital Art in New Video Class

To meet growing student interest in video production, Bowdoin’s Visual Arts Department has hired Visiting Artist Erin Johnson to teach several new video classes.

PechaKucha Night: Student Artists Share Their Stories

Reporter Elina Zhang ’16 recently attended a PechaKucha night at the Edwards Center for Art and Dance put on recipients of two grants, the McKee Photography and Kaempfer Summer Art grants.