Environmental Activism Right Now, in the US and in Maine

“The environmental community will be strong and probably stronger after [Trump’s presidency],” Lisa Pohlmann said. “There will be hard-fought losses, no question about it. But state and local progress will happen no matter what.”

Maine Food, Compostable Ice Cream Dishes, Bike Tune-ups: It’s Earth Day at Bowdoin

Bowdoin Sustainability and Bowdoin Dining are celebrating Earth Day this year with outdoor yoga, live music, ice cream, free bike tune-ups, and a feast made from local ingredients.

Cue Lights! New LED Lamps Enhance Bowdoin’s Theatrical Offerings, And Save Money

The Bowdoin theater and dance department’s new LED lights use up to 90 percent less power than conventional stage lighting fixtures

New Insulation Project Promises Environmental and Financial Payback

The insulation work on 12 Bowdoin mechanical rooms is projected to save more than $80,000 a year in energy costs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Perspectives from Bowdoin Professors on the New Climate Deal

We asked professors from different disciplines to weigh in on the new agreement among 195 nations to reduce global emissions in an attempt to save our planet from the worst effects of climate change.

Students Find Social Commentary in Comic Relief

In one class project, students in the course Of Comics and Culture compiled comics that look at climate change, racism and social justice, the topics addressed by the campus-wide Teach-in held October 1.

Bowdoin College Solar Project One Year On

Last year in collaboration with SolarCity Corp., Bowdoin installed solar panels that have generated 1,281,069 kWh of energy.

EPA Honors Bowdoin For Reducing Emissions

Bowdoin College, along with Pepco Energy Systems in Atlantic City, N.J., and Thermal Energy Corporation in Houston, Texas, has been named a 2015 winner of the Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Award.