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Photo Recap: Greenstock’s Celebration of Music, Food, and Zero Waste

Each year students who work for Bowdoin Sustainability organize Greenstock as a way for students to gather outside, hear live music, get their bikes tuned for free, and learn about student clubs with an environmental bent.

Energy-Efficient Apartments to Be Built for Upperclass Students

The $15.25-million project has been developed to achieve “Passive House” certification, using half the amount of energy as regular buildings because of more efficient insulation and ventilation systems.

Bowdoin Achieves Carbon Neutrality. Now for the Next Step.

The moment has arrived, two years ahead of schedule. Bowdoin has achieved carbon neutrality, a goal it set out in 2009 to reach by 2020 as part of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Spirituality, Sustainability, and the Sisters of Mercy

It’s not often that nuns visit Bowdoin. Last week, however, Mary Pendergrast and Chris Loughlin, a pair of activism-orientated nuns, met with students for the first event in a new series, Spirituality and Sustainability: Exploring Common Ground for the Common Good.

Earth Month at Bowdoin

Throughout the month of April, campus organizations are planning a series of events to call people’s attention to the environment.

Seafood Entrepreneur Jerry Knecht ’76 Expands Asian Footprint

The first of four fish processing plants in Bali should help the local community as well as making more sustainable, wild-caught Indonesian seafood available to US consumers, says the former government major.

How to Be a Better Environmentalist

Lauren Hickey ’20 and Jonah Watt ’18 recently brought together four people from different professional backgrounds to answer this question: How can I be the most effective environmentalist? The guests included an environmental advocate, an owner of a natural food store, a political scientist, and an economist.

New Metro Bus to Brunswick Surpasses Expectations

“Prior to the Brunswick expansion, weekday ridership averaged 80 to 100,” Denise Beck, Metro’s marketing director, wrote in an email. “After the Brunswick launch, numbers rose to 150-plus, with some days over 200.” Saturday numbers, typically under 50 before the expansion, have since climbed to over 100 riders.