Student Fellowships and Research: National

Sydney To ’19 Wins Beinecke Award for Graduate Studies in English

Junior Sydney To is the tenth Bowdoin student to receive a prestigious Beinecke Scholarship since the scholarship program began in 1975.

Mohamed Nur ’19 Wins Truman Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Public Service

“I have seen people who have worked so tirelessly for other people. I have seen their impact on other people’s lives, and the kind of good that can do. This is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing,” Mohamed Nur ’19 said, adding that the major reason he came to Bowdoin was for its focus on serving the common good.

Nevan Swanson ’18 Wins Watson to Explore Documentation, Experience, and Memory

In his year of travel as a Watson fellow, Nevan Swanson will investigate some of the oldest forms of documentation — cave paintings in France, and oral storytelling in Tanzania — while also exploring one of the most modern, the youthful craze of taking fleeting selfies.

Bowdoin Among Highest Producers of Fulbright Students

Twenty Bowdoin students received Fulbright fellowships in 2017, making Bowdoin the second highest producer, among colleges, of student Fulbright fellows.

Mollie Friedlander ’14 Receives Stanford Scholarship for Future Leaders

Mollie Friedlander ’14, of Del Mar, Calif., has been named a Knight-Hennessy Scholar by Stanford University, a new scholarship that emphasizes scholarly success and potential, as well as leadership qualities and a compassionate desire to improve the world.

Lonnie Hackett ’14 Heading to Oxford as Rotary Scholar

Hackett hopes to use the skills gained studying at Oxford to help him expand the school health program he set up in Zambia four years ago. By the end of next year, he aims to be helping 100,000 children by training their teachers to also be “frontline health care workers.”

Summer Internship Gives Theo Richards ’19 a Taste of British Brewing

Rising junior Theo Richards is spending the summer at Southwark Brewing Company in London. Thanks to a Robert S. Goodfriend Internship grant, Richards is learning about all aspects of the business, whether it’s shoveling hops, cleaning out the casks, or tasting the ale.

A Year of Travel: Many Bowdoin Students Offered Fulbright Grants

A notable trend in this group of Fulbright recipients, and in years past, is the high number planning to teach or pursue research in either Germany or Austria. This year there are seven traveling to Germany.