Romance Languages Department

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Latin American Narrative Boom

The year 1967 was the most important year for Latin American narrative. This was the year in which One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, was published, and when the city of Macondo was built into people’s imagination. This year, and particularly this novel, gave Latin American writers an international visibility they did not have before.

Two CS Students Who Love Italy Build Virtual Reality Language Program

While studying in Bologna, Italy, for a semester, two Bowdoin computer science majors were inspired to try to recreate their time abroad for students back in Maine.

Senior’s Honors Thesis, in Three Languages, Examines Café Mystery

The chairless café stoked William Doak’s curiosity about why people stand up to drink their coffee in Italy, rather than sitting down as they do in neighboring France. That question led to a research project that covers the cultural history of French and Italian cafés, and how coffee drinking is tied up with modernism, industry, and the national identities of the two countries.

Redefining Realism? Michelle Lee on Balzac’s Fictional Travelog

Postdoctoral fellow Lee explains how the nineteenth century French author’s foray into travel writing “showed the world how the scope of realism could be expanded beyond its traditional, European boundaries.”

Goodbye, Wheelwrights, and Thank You For Everything

Colleagues and friends surprised Genie and Nat Wheelwright at the end of their final classes this semester with a couple rounds of hearty applause. Both professors are retiring from long careers at Bowdoin, where they inspired countless students to pay attention to and take care of the world around them, learn Spanish, study abroad, and undertake rigorous research projects.

Romance Language Professor Wins Book Prize

Margaret Boyle, associate professor of Romance languages and literature, has won the Vern Williamsen Comedia Book Prize for her 2014 book, Unruly Women: Performance, Penitence, and Punishment in Early Modern Spain.

Cuba Weeks Brings Some Warmth to Smith Union

Last week Brunswick celebrated its relationship with the Cuban city of Trinidad with a series of events sponsored by the Brunswick Trinidad Sister City Association.

Board of Trustees Grants Tenure to Two Faculty Members

The Bowdoin College Board of Trustees granted tenure to two faculty members during meetings held on campus February 9-11, 2017.