Physics Department

Physicist Thomas Baumgarte Wins Simons Fellowship

Professor of physics Thomas Baumgarte, one of the nation’s leading numerical relativists, is one of 52 mathematicians and physicists this year who have won a prestigious Simons Fellowship.

Prof. Baumgarte Appointed ‘Research Ambassador’ by German Academic Exchange Service

The physics professor is among twenty-one North American scholars who have conducted long-term research projects in Germany. As Research Ambassadors, they promote research opportunities in Germany among their American colleagues.

Alexa Staley ’11 ‘Beyond Excited’ to Have Been Involved in Nobel-Winning LIGO Project

The news that three prominent American scientists had won the Nobel Prize in physics for their work in detecting gravitational waves was particularly exciting for Alexa Staley ’11. As a grad student Columbia she worked at the┬áLaser-Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory, known as LIGO, which in 2015 detected gravitational waves for the first time.

Bowdoin Watches the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Students, staff, and faculty watched the partial solar eclipse Monday afternoon from the quad and the Coastal Studies Center. In Maine, the eclipse began a bit after 1 p.m., and reached maximum coverage around 2:45 p.m.

As Black Holes Collide, Scientists Detect More Activity in Deep Space

There’s renewed excitement in the scientific world after advanced measuring equipment picked up signals indicating the collision of two black holes some three billion light years away. The discovery came from researchers at the Laser-Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO), who first detected such waves September 14, 2015.

Physics and Astronomy Faculty Write Letter to Trump for Climate Change

In January 2017, two Bowdoin physics professors assisted in writing a letter to President Donald Trump (then President-elect) requesting him to undertake climate change as a top priority. Over 700 physics and astronomy professors across the nation signed the letter.

Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick

When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis looks at the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students to post their summer location and a brief description of what they’re doing.

‘What Matters’ Campus Conversations: Diversity in the Science Classroom

‘What Matters’ campus conversation discusses diversity in the physics classroom.