Philosophy Department

Could War Ever Be Justified to Fight Climate Change?

Senior Jonathan Atticus Carnell has been tackling a difficult ethical question over the summer: Could the damage brought about my climate change be a just cause for going to war?

Bowdoin Senior Receives Award for India Research

For his work, Polstein received one of two annual Awards for Academic Achievement Abroad from The Forum on Education Abroad. This prize recognizes excellence in academic work by students who study with an education program abroad.

Chomsky on ‘Bought’ Elections, ‘Superficial’ Media and Other Threats

The controversial linguistics professor and political commentator took aim at US foreign and domestic policy, describing America as the most white supremacist nation in the world.

Philosophy Major Studies Value of Democracy for Summer Fellowship

How important is democracy as a political system? If society can be run in a way that gives everyone their fair share, what does it matter whether we have the right to vote or not?

Senior Uses Summer Fellowship to Examine Literature By and About Women in the Renaissance

“There was this prevailing sense of distrust surrounding women in much literature of the renaissance, centered around the idea that females were somehow artificial.”

Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick

When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis looks at the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students to post their summer location and a brief description of what they’re doing.

Off the Shelf: Professor of Philosophy Matthew Stuart

We’re visiting some Bowdoin professors in their offices, asking them to tell us about a special or important book. First up, philosophy professor Matthew Stuart.

On Course: A Sampling of Bowdoin’s Newest Classes

This semester faculty members are offering many classes new to Bowdoin — 27 in all.