Neuroscience Program

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Brain Waves, Phobias, and Bacterial Sugars: Bowdoin Research in Human Health

Professors and students at Bowdoin are probing an array of topics with implications for human health, from understanding Alzheimer’s and treating anxiety to developing therapeutics that combat dangerous bacteria.


Bowdoin Professors Win Honors and Grants

Bowdoin faculty members across the sciences and humanities continue to garner awards for their work – including research grants, scholarly accolades, and fellowships abroad – from institutions such as the MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Fulbright Program.

ben ewen campbell

The Important Implications of One Cricket Gene

Ben Ewen-Campbell, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School, spoke recently at Bowdoin about stem cell genes in germ cells and in brains.

“Investigation of UV Reflectance Patterns off the Scales of Carrasius auratus as an Important Factor for Female Mate Choice,” by Varun Wadia '15 and mentors Richmond Thompson and Madeleine Msall (photo by Catherine Yochum ’15)

Elgin Encourages Young Scientists at Annual President’s Science Symposium

As keynote speaker for the 2014 President’s Science Symposium, biologist Sarah Elgin offered an inspiring example for the 100-plus Bowdoin research students in the audience, who then presented the fruits of their own research labors through speeches and a poster session.

Bowdoin's Dube lab investigates disease-causing bacteria and develops therapeutics. From left: Sunnie Kuna ’14, Emily Clark ’15, Danielle Dube, Ian Kline ’15, Hallie Carol ’14, Van Tra ’13, and Jen Helble ’14

Insider Views of Science Research at Bowdoin

In the most recent issue of Bowdoin Magazine, “Bring on the Science” offers a taste of what it means to do science research at Bowdoin. Here, students and recent graduates give us the inside scoop.


Students Pursue Business Training in Diverse Fields

Eight students this summer received grants from the Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internships Fund to learn about the business world. We managed to catch up with two: Christa Villari ’15, who is interning for a neuromarketing firm in Boston, and Katherine Gracey ’16, who is with Christie’s in Hong Kong.


Bring on the Science (Bowdoin Magazine)

Grab your lab coat and goggles. At Bowdoin, scientific research has a central place in the liberal arts.


Dennett on Free Will and Moral Responsibility

In a recent lecture at Bowdoin, philosopher Daniel Dennett of Tufts University argued that although free will is constrained by biological boundaries, humans should still be held accountable for their actions.

Bowdoin professors and alumni present a panel conversation on careers in science

Panel Advises Aspiring Scientists on Finding Career Paths

Six professors and alumni held a panel conversation for students titled “What can I do with a degree in science?” in the Main Lounge of Moulton Union.

Prof. Tess Chakkalakal's first-year seminar, Fictions of Freedom, in Massachusetts Hall

A Bridge to Knowledge: Bowdoin’s First-Year Seminars

While many colleges offer similar first-year programs, Bowdoin’s program is somewhat unique because it teaches the skills of critical reading and persuasive writing through the lens of different disciplines.

Dr. Pat Levitt speaks at Bowdoin on "Toxic Stress"

Building Brains, One Policy at a Time

Dr. Pat Levitt of the University of Southern California gave an Oct. 4 lecture “Toxic Stress and its Impact on Early Learning and Health,” explaining that our brains’ stories are shaped not only by our genes, but also by our early childhood experiences.


Three Bowdoin Seniors Receive Fulbright Research Grants

Three Bowdoin seniors, Kacey Berry, Jacob Blum and Emma Cutler, have received Fulbright Fellowships to support their research next year in Germany, Italy and Sri Lanka, respectively.

David Carlon

Carlon Named Director of Bowdoin Marine Lab

David Carlon of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa has been named Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Bowdoin College Marine Laboratory, a newly endowed position at the college.


Ethiopian Encounters – 2012 Grad Shares Peace Corps Experiences

Demystification, Ethiopian women, water, and home are just a few of the topics Shanti Purushotham ’12 (Neuroscience/Spanish) explores in her blog which highlights her experiences in the Peace Corps.

Patsy Dickinson

Bowdoin’s Dickinson Named ‘Educator of the Year’

Patsy Dickinson, Bowdoin’s Josiah Little Professor of Natural Sciences in the biology and neuroscience departments, has won an “Educator of the Year” award from the Faculty for Undegraduate Neuroscience (FUN).

Julia Gomez '15

Studying Goldfish Brains to Better Understand Hormone-Behavior Link

In her first year at Bowdoin, Julia Gomez ’15 became an expert on the social natures of goldfish, as well as a kind of ichthyo-neurosurgeon.

Video: Josh Magno ’11 Dances His Way to Watson Fellowship

  Josh Magno ’11 is one of only 40 students across the country selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants to receive a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to pursue what the Watson Foundation calls “their unique passion or dream” for a year of independent exploration and travel outside the U.S. Magno, a neuroscience major, plans […]

Kwiatkowski Wins Award as Bowdoin Students Travel to Neuroscience Society Conference

Eleven neuroscience students traveled with Patsy Dickinson, Bowdoin’s Josiah Little Professor of Natural Sciences, to San Diego for the 40th annual Society for Neuroscience conference. They were among a crowd of 31,500 neuroscientists in attendance to learn, share and discuss recent scientific findings.

Bowdoin Students Have Science on the Brain in the Nation’s Capital

Five neuroscience students were in Washington, D.C., over the weekend to take part in the USA Science & Engineering Festival, organized by Larry Bock “˜81. “We loved the fun atmosphere and the great excitement expressed by all the participants,” says Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience Hadley Horch.

Selective Attention: The Neuroscience at Play During Cocktail Party Conversation (Big Think)

It never fails: you’re mingling at a party, cornered in a conversation you’re not all that interested in, when, above the din, you’re able to hone in on an enticing conversation elsewhere in the room. Researchers say it’s all about routing.