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Portland Museum of Art Biennal Opens, Features Bowdoin’s Erin Johnson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Johnson is among the twenty-five artists being featured in the PMA’s much anticipate exhibition. Her video documentary piece, “Lawrence”, which deals with issues of nuclear destruction and art, will be on display.

Bowdoin’s Curling Team—Its Largest Ever—Plays Nice

When captains Cole Hamel ’18 and Thomas Ezquerro ’18 joined the Bowdoin Curling team three years ago, there were only five players. This year, there are twenty-eight players. A little more than half are women. 

Kenneth Chenault ’73, H’96 Joins Board of Second Tech Company, Airbnb

A week after Facebook announced it had appointed Kenneth Chenault ’73, H’96 to its board of directors, Airbnb delivered the news that it had also succeeded in persuading the outgoing American Express CEO to its board.

WCSH Explores Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum

A TV crew from Portland recently checked out some of the more than 45,000 artifacts in the 50-year-old Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum — admiring the stuffed polar bears, seal-intestine clothing, fur-lined jackets, and other items on display.

In New Yorker Article on Bratz Dolls vs. Barbie, Bowdoin Economist Offers Insight

Jill Lepore H’15 reports on the expensive legal battle waged between the two corporations that sell Bratz dolls and Barbie dolls, arguing that their struggle illuminates the tensions in our society “between fashion and porn, between originals and copies, and between toys for girls and rights for women.”

Bowdoin’s Killeen Brings World Stage Premiere of ‘Babette’s Feast’ to Portland

“If the audience walks away thinking Babette’s Feast is about food, we’ve failed,” Killeen told The Portland Press Herald. “This play is about the way relationships are transformed through this beautiful act of sharing a meal. It’s the heart and the spirit behind it, as well as the food itself.”

Bowdoin’s Rudalevige Evaluates Trump’s Use of Executive Authority

A consistent theme in President Trump’s use of executive authority has been the rolling back of regulations, government professor Andrew Rudalevige writes, and this coming year could indicate whether those changes will actually stick.

Michael Wolovick ’09 Proposes ‘Radical’ Solution to Curb Sea-level Rise

Michael Wolovick ’09, a glaciology postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University, is investigating whether it might be possible to geo-engineer a solution to prevent the collapse of massive glaciers and fend off catastrophic sea-level rise.