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The Staying Power of ABBA: Bowdoin’s McMullen on the ‘Tribute Band Factor’

Music critics hated them, but that didn’t matter. Four-and-a-half decades after they first came to global prominence, the Swedish supergroup ABBA is proving unstoppable. The music professor is quoted in a article on the band’s enduring popularity.

President Rose on the “Opportunities and Challenges of Free Speech on Campus”

President Clayton Rose is one of three college presidents asked to weigh in on the challenges of a free speech “balancing act” on campuses as America approaches the one-year anniversary of a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Ambassador Thomas Pickering ’53 H’84 Talks to NPR About Upcoming Trump-Putin Meeting

He said the relatively poor state of relations between Trump and his NATO allies means the US leader headed into the summit from a weakened position.

Tony-Winning Tyler Micoleau ’91 Pays Tribute to Bowdoin Education

“I like to say that Bowdoin College is about learning how to learn, and you can apply that skill to so many things,” said Micoleau, in an interview with Broadway World.

Max Garcia Conover ’09 Discusses New Album on WCLZ Radio

The singer-songwriter appeared on the Portland area alternative rock station WCLZ on June 29, 2018, to perform live and discuss his new album, Stagger.

Finding a Solution to Maine’s Labor Problem

Maine faces a worrying shortage of skilled workers, writes economics professor emeritus David Vail. In a commentary piece he coauthored for the Portland Press Herald, he makes some recommendations on how to tap the potential of the thousands of displaced workers who have left the labor force.

Putnam in ‘The Washington Post’ on Why Russians Don’t Smile Much (That Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Like You)

Soccer fans visiting Russia for the World Cup should not take it personally if they don’t encounter too many smiles from their hosts, writes psychology professor Samuel Putnam in The Washington Post.

‘Just Really Nice People’: The Facebook Fundraiser Launched by Charlotte and Dave Willner ’06 to Help Reunite Separated Immigrant Families Now Tops $20 Million

It began with a simple goal: Reach out via Facebook to raise $1,500 to help reunite undocumented families that have been separated at the US-Mexico border. Within days the effort spearheaded by Charlotte and Dave Willner, both of the Class of 2006, has gone viral, spinning into a $4,000-per-minute storm of goodwill that reportedly has raised more than $20 million, as of June 29, 2018.