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fishing vessel featured

Collaborative Initiative Studies How to Aid Recovery of Maine’s Coastal Fisheries

Helping sea run fish gain better river access could be the key to helping Maine’s coastal groundfishing industry recover.

Andrew Rudalevige

Rudalevige on What Might Be ‘New Normal’ Under Trump

One of the notable aspects of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been what The Christian Science Monitor refers to as “the way the blustery billionaire keeps promising to do things that are likely beyond the limits of presidential authority set by the Constitution of the United States.” Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin’s Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of […]


Rudalevige on ‘Obama-Clinton’ Tag Team in ‘U.S. News & World Report’

Tapped to share insight into what U.S. News & World Report calls “the alliance between the president and his would-be successor,” Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin’s Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government, weighs-in on what he says may be an unprecedented move by Hillary Clinton.

Scanlon feat

‘Shrink It or Pink It’: Bowdoin’s Scanlon Talks ‘For Her’ Marketing in ‘Washington Post’

Jennifer Scanlon, professor of gender and women’s studies and interim dean for academic affairs, was tapped by The Washington Post for her insight on the history of marketing’s attempts to make products attractive to women.


Rudalevige Discusses Trump, Potential Conflicts of Interest on NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’

Rudalevige said the type of assets Trump possesses could make it difficult for him to avoid a conflict of interest if he becomes president

William S. Cohen '62

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen ’62, H’75 Joins BBC News (Adweek)

Former US Secretary of Defense Secretary William Cohen ’62, H’75 has been tapped by BBC News to serve as a world affairs analyst on its broadcasts, including the Washington-based “BBC World News America.”

Ben York TV feat

Ben York ’19 is Helping to Change the Way We Think about Autism

Ben York ’19 who is autistic, gives a voice—profoundly hilarious and insightful one, at that—to those who are unable to articulate what it means to have autism.


The Washington Post Remembers ‘Pink Panther’ Actor Burt Kwouk ’53

Burt Kwouk ’53, a British character actor of Asian descent best remembered for his role as Inspector Clouseau’s manservant Cato in the Pink Panther movies, died May 24, according to The Washington Post. Kwouk was born in England but grew up in Shanghai before studying at Bowdoin, where he earned a degree in government. After graduation […]

Jean Yarbrough

Yarbrough Talks Roosevelt vs. Trump on Howie Carr Show

Jean Yarbrough, Bowdoin’s Gary M. Pendy Professor of Social Sciences and author of Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition (University Press of Kansas, 2014), talks about comparisons between Roosevelt and Donald Trump on the syndicated radio program The Howie Carr Show.

Patrick Rael

Rael Discusses 14th Amendment on MPBN Radio’s Maine Calling

Bowdoin history professor Patrick Rael shared his thoughts on the 14th amendment on MPBN Radio’s call-in program Maine Calling

Fayum feat

Rare Ancient Portrait Acquired by Bowdoin College Museum of Art

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art recently added an Egyptian portrait created nearly 2,000 years ago to its esteemed collections.

Selinger election feat

Selinger Writes of ‘Political Danger’ in Washington Post’s ‘Monkey Cage’

Assistant Professor of Government Jeffrey Selinger writes of politicians’ use of the word “danger”—and what their descriptions say about the stability of our political institution.

Stowe House feat

Harriet Beecher Stowe House Receives National Distinction, Dedicates New ‘Harriet’s Writing Room’ May 9

The College-owned Harriet Beecher Stowe House, a National Historic Landmark, adds new chapters to its story with a significant national distinction and the opening of a public space.

Rudalevige feat

USA Today: Rudalevige on Executive Orders

“A lot of these orders are formulated in a department or in an inter-agency process, and they make their way up rather than down,” says Rudalevige in the article.


Chris Brown ’91 Gears up for Record Store Day 2016, Nine Years After Launching Now-Global Event

The event features hundreds of new releases and live in-store appearances across the nation from artists including Metallica, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, and Mumford and Sons.

DuBois feat

Boston Globe: Artist DuBois ‘Illuminates Modern Life’ at Museum of Art

Luke DuBois is a “new media” artist in every sense of the term. A composer, computer programmer, filmmaker, and installation artist, his video, sound, and print-based works compose “R. Luke DuBois—Now,” the Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition that is reviewed in The Boston Globe.


Boston Globe ‘Spotlight’ Editor Scott Allen ’83 on the Film, Marathon Bombings and Investigative Journalism

While on campus Allen was interviewed by the WCSH program 207 about Spotlight, the Oscar-winning film based on the investigative journalism of the team he now oversees,


Martha Hodes ’80 Wins Major Prize for ‘Mourning Lincoln’

NYU History Professor Martha Hodes ’80 is awarded the prestigious Gilder Lehrman Lincoln for her book ‘Mourning Lincoln.’

MItchell Pope feat

Sen. George Mitchell ’54, H’83 and Laurence Pope ’67 Discuss Brussels Attacks, Other World Events

Two distinguished alumni were invited by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network to provide their unique perspectives on the deadly terror attacks in Brussels and other recent global developments.

Bowdoin Colledge Museum of Art
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Lens: 12-24mm F/4 G
Focal Length: 14mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering Mode: Center-Weighted
2.50 sec - F/8
Exposure Comp.: 0 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 320
Optimize Image: 
White Balance: Direct sunlight
AF Mode: Manual
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Color Mode: Mode II (Adobe RGB)
Tone Comp.: Normal
Hue Adjustment: 0°
Saturation: Normal
Sharpening: Low
Image Comment:                                     
Long Exposure NR: On
High ISO NR: Off
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Upcoming Museum of Art Exhibition Amid ‘New York Times’ Spring Picks

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition “This Is a Portrait If I Say So: Identity in American Art, 1912 to Today” doesn’t open until June 25 of this year, but it’s already generating some buzz, thanks in part to its inclusion in “The New York Times” round-up “A Nationwide Guide to Art Exhibitions This Spring.”