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The Common Good’s Next Generation: Bowdoin Public Service Students Prepare for Immersive D.C. Experience

The inaugural cohort of students selected for the new Bowdoin Public Service Initiative is preparing to travel to Washington, D.C., Saturday. For seven days, they will explore the chambers and hallways of the U.S. government and connected institutions, meeting with alumni and extended Bowdoin community members at all levels of the government.

‘What Matters’ Campus Conversation Tackles #MeToo Debate

Students debated the pros and cons of a “call-out culture,” where perpetrators of sexual are publicly identified. Some also said the #MeToo movement has demonstrated the need for better sex education. “If more people were comfortable talking about sex, this may lead to less assault,” remarked one.

Looking at Art, and Considering Gender

The programs have given Bowdoin students the opportunity to try and make sense of this moment of cultural reckoning and to participate, albeit on a relatively small scale, in a national conversation.

For Alternative Winter Break Students, It’s Personal

This January, two Alternative Winter Break groups stayed in Maine. One worked on the issue of homelessness, the other with refugee and immigrant education. A third group traveled to Vietnam to learn about the lingering aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Sen. George J. Mitchell ’54, H’83 Visits Campus To Discuss Public Service, Politics

In a conversation with President Clayton Rose, and in response to questions from the audience, Mitchell addressed a range of subjects, including his humble beginnings in Maine, the value of his Bowdoin education and the current political situation.

Public Service Students Meet with Longtime Public Servant, US Sen. George Mitchell

After personally greeting each of the students gathered around a table in the library’s Nixon Lounge, Sen. George Mitchell ’54 spoke in a quiet and mannered way for a few minutes about his notion of public service.

Students Write Down the Stories of People with Memory Challenges

The students were part of a new initiative at Bowdoin to help preserve the personal stories of local people who are starting to experience memory loss, to write down memories before they are forgotten.

Closing the Gap: CS Students Teach Girls to Code

Bolor Jagdagdorj ’19 said she’s heard from many female computer science majors at Bowdoin that they were not introduced to the field until they got to college. She herself was just one of two girls in her first computer science class in high school. “It’s important to get girls interested in computer science and to get rid of that fear — I don’t know if I want to do this, or, I don’t know if I’ll be good at this,” she said.