McKeen Center

Closing the Gap: CS Students Teach Girls to Code

Bolor Jagdagdorj ’19 said she’s heard from many female computer science majors at Bowdoin that they were not introduced to the field until they got to college. She herself was just one of two girls in her first computer science class in high school. “It’s important to get girls interested in computer science and to get rid of that fear — I don’t know if I want to do this, or, I don’t know if I’ll be good at this,” she said.

‘Morality in Politics’ Event Brings Together Students, Community Members

The most recent “What Matters” discussion tackled the role of morality in politics, bringing locals together with Bowdoin students, staff, and faculty to talk about questions such as whether politicians should separate their personal morals from their political work, or whether our moral standards have slipped over time.

528 Volunteer at 47 Local Organizations on Common Good Day

This year, the McKeen Center for the Common Good assigned more than 500 volunteers to more than 50 work projects on Saturday afternoon.

Bowdoin Announces New Initiative to Encourage Public Service

A new three-component program at Bowdoin College will help students gain insight into the rewards and challenges of serving the common good by working in and through government agencies, political offices and non-governmental organizations engaged in public policy. The Bowdoin Public Service (BPS) Initiative will initially expose students to a broad array of service opportunities […]

1st ‘What Matters’ Conversation Tackles Healthcare

To launch the discussion on healthcare, Associate Professor of History David Hecht began by asking the “deceptively simple question: What is health?”

A Ukulele Break for Orientation Students Exploring the Western Foothills

After volunteering at the Bethel Historical Society, students on the Western Foothills orientation trip were treated to a concert by the Oxford Hills Ukulele Group. Then they were invited to play.

Images from Move-in Day and Orientation Trips (So Far)

This is a big week for first-year students. They arrived on campus Tuesday, moving their stuff into their dorm rooms and meeting roommates. At the moment, they’re scattered around the state — backpacking, canoeing, sailing, or doing community service. We’re collecting photos from Orientation Week as they come in.

A Morning at Morris Farm, with an Orientation Trip

The seven first-year students and their two leaders — Isabella “Izzy” Vakkur ’20 and Keehoon “Harry” Jung ’20 — were on Day One of their three-and-a-half day orientation trip. Their particular expedition aims to introduce students to a local farm and give them a bit of insight into this region’s agricultural sector.