McKeen Center

Two Students Start Cooking Classes at Local Soup Kitchen

In partnership with Miriam El-Baz ’18, Nassar is using her talents to feed people well beyond her family kitchen. The two juniors have started a new club, The Bite for the Better Project, to offer free cooking classes at Brunswick’s Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. The nonprofit runs a food pantry and soup kitchen close to the college, and has opened its kitchen up to the students.

Students Debate Ideological Diversity in ‘What Matters’ Campus Conversation

The issue of political diversity on campus, or the lack thereof, was the subject of a student debate February 3, 2017.

After Intense Winter Service Trip, Students Reflect

Members of the Bowdoin community recently gathered in the Cram Alumni Barn to celebrate the conclusion of the Alternative Winter Break program and to hear from student participants about their experiences.

Students Attend McKeen Center’s Spring Volunteer Fair

Several dozen students attended the Spring Volunteer Fair held on January 27, 2017, one of two such events sponsored annually by the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good. Fifteen student groups were represented, including several offering mentoring and tutoring work at local schools, colleges, and in one case, even prisons.

Alternative Winter Break Trips Focus on Complex Social Issues

This year, two AWB trips took place: Reproductive Justice, led by Penelope Lusk ’17 and Harriet Fisher ’17, and Immigrants & Refugees, led by Thanh Tran ’19 and Ellen Pham ’18.

Bowdoin Staffers Hit the Town for Community Action Day

Approximately 85 Bowdoin employees volunteered last week for a morning’s worth of service. They cleaned library windows, helped update a land trust’s computers, sorted items at the local food pantry and also prepped for lunch, played music for senior citizens, and more.

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars, 2017

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Begin Student Teaching Experience

The six Bowdoin Teacher Scholars in the Spring 2017 cohort began their student teaching experience on January 3rd.

Juliet Eyraud ’16 Offers Coding Class to Refugees

This semester, senior Juliet Eyraud has been traveling to Portland once a week to teach an introductory computer programming class for English language learners.

Four Alumni Consider the Future of Obamacare

The student organization Bowdoin Public Health Club recently invited four alumni who work in healthcare to discuss with students the Affordable Care Act and the future of medicine, particularly in light of President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare.

Lonnie Hackett ’14 on His Life Work—Making Kids Healthier in Zambia

It’s been three years since Lonnie Hackett ’14 received a small Bowdoin grant to launch a nonprofit in Zambia to help improve the health of young students there. In that short time, Hackett has significantly expanded the size, reach, and ambition of his organization. He is speaking at Bowdoin on Nov. 2.

Two Government Professors Discuss the Unprecedented 2016 Election

Before packing into the Helmreich House common room to watch last night’s final presidential debate, students attended a pre-debate panel on the state of the election. Moderator Liam Gunn ’17 started off by asking what makes this election different from previous ones. One professor responded: “This is the most important election that I will ever vote in in my life.”

Chomsky on ‘Bought’ Elections, ‘Superficial’ Media and Other Threats

The controversial linguistics professor and political commentator took aim at US foreign and domestic policy, describing America as the most white supremacist nation in the world.

The National Anthem, Patriotism, and Protest

Students gathered in Jack Magee’s pub Wednesday night to debate San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem. They discussed what the football player’s gesture says about patriotism, dissent, the black lives matter movement, and the possibility for change.

Students, McKeen Center Make Voter Registration Push on Campus

Liam Gunn ’17 has been coordinating with the McKeen Center’s Andrew Lardie, as well as with Bowdoin Student Government and students in the campus’s three political groups (Bowdoin Republicans, Bowdoin Democrats, and the nonpartisan Bowdoin Political Union). They’re organizing election-themed events and registration drives leading up to election day.

Orient’s Marina Affo ’17 Named ProPublica ‘Emerging Reporter’

A student journalist at Bowdoin has been selected by ProPublica to take part in its Emerging Reporters program. The nonprofit news organization launched the program last year as a way to increase diversity in investigative journalism by giving stipends and mentoring help to college journalists of color.

Cheerful Volunteers Commit to a Day of Common Good

On Saturday, Sept. 17, more than 500 students, staff, and faculty signed up to participate in Bowdoin’s annual Common Good Day.

‘What Matters’: The Problems and Possibilities of International Service

Willy Oppenheim ’09 recently visited Bowdoin to meet with students and discuss some of the “problems and possibilities” that come with volunteering abroad. His visit was one of the McKeen Center’s “What Matters” dialogue events. In response to events and cultural debates that arise in the news cycle, the McKeen Center organizes public discussions on campus, inviting staff, faculty, students, and community members to share their thoughts and questions.

McKeen Center Hosts Volunteer Fair to Recruit Returning, New Students

More than thirty student volunteer groups were on hand, along with several local non profit organizations, to try to encourage Bowdoin scholars to donate some of their free time to worthy causes.

Orientation Trips: First Years Get a Taste of Maine Before Busy Semester

From Wednesday to Saturday, all incoming first year students are exploring a part of Maine with their Orientation Trip groups, either doing community service or outdoor activities. A few of the groups are based near campus at Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center on Orr’s Island, or are staying on campus.

McKeen Center Orientation Trips Learn About Immigrants and Refugees, Other Social Issues

The excursion, one of fourteen orientation trips organized by the McKeen Center this week, aims to introduce first-years to different aspects of the immigrant and refugee experience in Maine.