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McKeen Center

What’s Up With the Political Divide? A Community Conversation

The event, a collaboration between The McKeen Center’s What Matters series and Make Shift Coffee House, a Brunswick nonprofit that facilitates dialogue among people with different views, demonstrated the ability for the campus to consider new perspectives and for students to challenge their ideas and those of others among friends and unfamiliar faces.

Senior’s Healthcare Research Begins in Maine, Moves to Rwanda

Darlene Ineza continues to investigate marginalized patients’ access to healthcare. But she has shifted her focus from Maine to her home country, which, almost a quarter century later, is still recovering from the trauma of its civil war and genocide.

On National Voter Registration Day, ‘Bowdoin Votes’ Gets Busy

Bowdoin Votes, a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote effort on campus, held a Politics Fair yesterday in Smith Union in honor of National Voter Registration Day. Student artists, activists, and volunteers sat at tables and chatted with their peers about how to register to vote, send in an absentee ballot, or get involved in political causes on campus. […]

Who Will Help the Country? Serving the Common Good Through Public Service

The Bowdoin Public Service Initiative aims to inspire students to consider pursuing what can be fascinating and purposeful work in service to the country.

Join us for Bowdoin’s 20th annual Common Good Day!

Bowdoin’s 20th Annual Common Good Day will take place on Saturday, September 15th from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

First-Year Orientation Trips: So Many Ways to Explore Maine

The first-year orientation trips are a way for students to start their Bowdoin experience in an intense but fun way, to make first connections, and to get to know Maine a bit before the academic rigors of the semester set in.

‘Bowdoin Votes’ Launches Big Effort to Register Students

“Right now there is a national awakening that colleges have a responsibility to do more about civic engagement and voting,” McKeen Center’s Andrew Lardie said.

Maine-Focused Internships Are ‘Life-changing,’ ‘Inspiring,’ ‘Motivating’

This summer, the twenty-four fellows chipped away a little at all that needs to be done to help our society and environment. They worked for nature advocacy and conservation groups; they interned at organizations feeding hungry families; they provided free healthcare to low-income people.