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Prof. Matthew Klingle on Flint Water Poisoning

Matthew Klingle is associate professor of history and environmental studies. He shares his thoughts on the ongoing water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, where lead started leaking into the public water supply nearly two years ago after the city switched to new water source. This water came from the Flint River and proved highly corrosive […]


“Why African-American [Blank] Matters” Series Launches with Talk on Voting Rights

Kicking off the first of a series of talks this month called, “Why African-American _____ Matters in America,” Professor of History Patrick Rael gave a lecture on voting and why reducing obstacles to voting is important to protect minority rights.

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Dean Scanlon’s Latest Book Examines ‘Unsung’ Female Civil Rights Hero

“She was really central to so many initiatives that were really important and formative in the civil rights movement. But because she was a woman, she was pushed to the margins in a variety of ways.”

patrick rael

Historian Patrick Rael Explains ‘Long Death of Slavery’

Professor of History Patrick Rael explores why it took so long to abolish slavery his new book, Eighty-eight years: The Long Death of Slavery in the United States, 1777-1865.

Bowdoin College
summer 2015
photo by James B Marshall

Bowdoin’s Newest Tenure-Track Faculty

Several tenure-track professors joined Bowdoin’s faculty this year to teach and do research in a number of fields — math, Romance languages, chemistry, digital and computational studies, theater and dance, Asian studies, history and sociology.

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Library Acquires Collection of American Cookery Books, From the 1770s to 1960s

In the Esta Kramer Collection of American Cookery — the library’s new collection of over 700 American cookery books — you can find recipes for federal pancakes, squash pie, flummery (fermented pudding), calf’s head pie and stewed oysters.

leah zuo

Professor Leah Zuo Discusses ‘Science’ in Premodern China, the Relevance of Confucius Today and Her Current Projects

After receiving a couple of fellowships, Leah Zuo has a generous sabbatical in front of her to finish her first book and begin her second. At the moment she is completing a book about the famous Chinese figure Shen Gua (1031-1095), who is credited with making a number of startling discoveries well ahead of his time.

bridger tomlin

Town Intern Bridger Tomlin ’17 Links Land Preserve to its Past

Bridger Tomlin ’17 has been researching the history of a Brunswick settlement that was deserted in the 1950s when it became the site of the now defunct Navy base.

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A Year of Faculty Grants, Fellowships and Honors

Over the past year, Bowdoin faculty from every corner of campus received grants and fellowships to support new and ongoing research projects. Others were honored for their work.

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Tracy Shirey ’14’s Honors Thesis Provides Context for Racial Inequality (Des Moines Register)

The honors project of Tracy Shirey ’14 has been written up in the Des Moines Register, in the first story of a new series called “Black Iowa, Still Unequal?”

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Bowdoin’s Gibbons Fellows Get Technical

Several students this summer have a unique opportunity from Bowdoin to find creative technical answers to academic questions. They are part of the Gibbons Summer Research Program, established by John Gibbons ’64, which enables students to work one-on-one with professors to apply technology to aspects of faculty research or work..

Wise Tour

Kai Wise ’18 is Living History at Timberline Lodge

This spring while researching a paper for an environmental studies class, William “Kai” Wise ’18 ended up with a job offer.

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Round-Up: Fellowships, Scholarships Take Students Far Into Studies

This year, many Bowdoin seniors and alumni were awarded some of the country’s most prestigious national fellowships and grants, helping them launch careers in academia, public service, medicine and more.


2015 Honorand Jill Lepore: Historian, Educator, Writer

Honorary degree recipient Jill Lepore, a writer and historian, gave the keynote address at this year’s baccalaureate ceremony on May 22.

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You Lie: Prof. Denery on The Deceit in Our Lives

Professor of History Dallas Denery yesterday joined a Duke University professor to discuss lying on the program On Point with Tom Ashbrook, which is carried on NPR stations across the country. The show was prompted by the release of a new documentary called (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies. Denery has just published a book, The […]


Anthony Doerr ’95, David Kertzer Win Pulitzer Prizes

This year’s crop of Pulitzer Prize-winning authors includes an alumnus and a former faculty member.

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Patrick Rael on Joshua Chamberlain and Appomattox

Upon the 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox Court House and the end of the Civil War, Professor of History Patrick Rael writes of what Joshua Chamberlain’s salute to southern foes portended for the difficult period that followed.


In the Studio: Professor Denery Discusses the History of Lying

Associate Professor of History Dallas Denery recently sat down in Bowdoin’s studio with his colleague, Steve Perkinson, to chat about Denery’s new book on the history of lying, “The Devil Wins.”


Five Faculty Promoted to Full Professor

Five faculty members have been promoted from associate to full professor based on their scholarly output and teaching credentials. Oceanographer Collin Roesler, religion scholar Robert Morrison and historians Dallas Denery, David Gordon and Susan Tananbaum will all be promoted on July 1.


Historian Craig Wilder Delivers Annual John Brown Russwurm Lecture and Book Talk

Craig Steven Wilder, a professor of history at MIT and a leading historian of race in America, delivered the annual John Brown Russwurm Lecture March 31, 2015, in Main Lounge, Moulton Union. The following evening, he participated in a live-streamed book talk on his book, Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery and the Troubled History of America’s Universities.