Government and Legal Studies Department

Rudalevige in ‘Monkey Cage’: Civil Liberties Remains a Contentious Issue

Ever since the ten constitutional amendments known as the Bill of Rights came along in 1791, people have been arguing about them, writes Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government Andrew Rudalevige in The Washington Post.

Can Geometry Fix Partisan Gerrymandering?

A mathematician and a political scientist joined forces this week to give a two-part talk at Bowdoin about gerrymandering, which is the practice of redrawing congressional districts to help ensure partisan outcomes. Though gerrymandering lands squarely in the political realm, math has always played a big role in congressional districting. Math determines how the U.S. […]

The Twin Tragedies of Myanmar

Asia expert Brad Babson reflects on the crisis in Myanmar. Babson will be teaching a course at Bowdoin next semester on the geopolitics of northeast Asia.

Bowdoin’s Rudalevige Examines Role of Bureaucracy on Washington Post’s ‘Monkey Cage’ Blog

Rudalevige examines the history of the US public sector “[f]rom the 800 people employed by the federal government in 1789 to the more than 2.5 million civilians on today’s payroll,” and explains how “one person’s red tape is another person’s vital protection.”

Bowdoin Announces New Initiative to Encourage Public Service

A new three-component program at Bowdoin College will help students gain insight into the rewards and challenges of serving the common good by working in and through government agencies, political offices and non-governmental organizations engaged in public policy. The Bowdoin Public Service (BPS) Initiative will initially expose students to a broad array of service opportunities […]

Monkey Cage: Rudalevige on How ‘Power of the Purse’ Affects Lawmaking Process

With the annual federal budget approaching $4 trillion, Rudalevige described Congress’s control over that budget as “a big weapon.” In this episode he examines the process by which a bill becomes a fully funded piece of legislation.

Rudalevige on Monkey Cage: Pros and Cons of Political Participation

Writing in the Washington Post’s political science blog, Rudalevige explains why America is a such a politically active nation and asks: What are the risks?

Could War Ever Be Justified to Fight Climate Change?

Senior Jonathan Atticus Carnell has been tackling a difficult ethical question over the summer: Could the damage brought about my climate change be a just cause for going to war?