Gender and Women’s Studies Program

Frances Gouda

Anne Frank, Sukarno, and Dutch Memories of World War II

Professor Frances Gouda says both Anne Frank and the Indonesian nationalist Sukarno have had profound effects on how the Dutch view their World War 11 experience, and their position in the world


Kinsey Centennial Symposium, May 5-6

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s graduation from Bowdoin College, Bowdoin is hosting a symposium to examine the legacy of the renowned sexual scientist, as well as the formative influence that European sexologists had on Kinsey’s work.

Scanlon feat

Dean Scanlon on Sexism and the Civil Rights Movement in ‘The New Republic’

The 1963 “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” was a historic moment in America’s civil rights movement, writes Dean for Academic Affairs Jennifer Scanlon in “The New Republic.”

Scanlon feat

New York Times: Dean Scanlon’s Biography of Civil Rights Activist Hedgeman is ‘Long Overdue’

“How did a naïve girl, growing up in the only African-American family in a small white town, develop such an inclusive understanding of justice?”

Weathervane feat

Seven Bowdoin Faculty Granted Tenure

At its recent meeting in Boston (February 4-6, 2016), the Bowdoin College Board of Trustees promoted seven faculty members to tenured positions.

Scanlon feat

Dean Scanlon’s Latest Book Examines ‘Unsung’ Female Civil Rights Hero

“She was really central to so many initiatives that were really important and formative in the civil rights movement. But because she was a woman, she was pushed to the margins in a variety of ways.”


Nine New Courses Offered This Semester

The following is a complete list of new Bowdoin classes as they are described in the course catalog, plus comment from the faculty teaching the course. (NOTE: Some courses are labeled ESD or VPA. These refer to Exploring Social Differences and Visual and Performing Arts, which are two of the five distribution requirements mandated by […]

Scanlon feat

Jennifer Scanlon: Feminist, Scholar and Dean

In her roles as educator and scholar, Jen Scanlon is frank about how her feminism infuses her work. “My ideas about women come from this fundamental place of respect, and I don’t mind admitting that what I hope to do with my work is generate that in other people and help them recognize the complicated nature of women’s lives,” she said.


Uma Blanchard and Rachel Baron Bring NARAL to Bowdoin October 22, 2015, written by Julia Mead ’16

Juniors Rachel Baron and Uma Blanchard are starting a campus chapter of the reproductive rights advocacy group NARAL Pro-Choice America.


Professor Kristen Ghodsee’s Latest Book Receives Prize

Kristen Ghodsee’s latest book, The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe, has received a Heldt Prize honorable mention for best book in Slavic and East European Women’s Studies.


Constitution-Day Speaker Addresses Same-Sex Marriage

In celebration of Constitution Day on Sept. 17, Bowdoin welcomed Steve Engel, associate professor and chair of politics at Bates College, to lecture on the research and theory of his forthcoming book, Fragmented Citizens: Changing Recognition of Gay and Lesbian Lives.

19thcenturycookerybooks25082015_08252015 (17)

Library Acquires Collection of American Cookery Books, From the 1770s to 1960s

In the Esta Kramer Collection of American Cookery — the library’s new collection of over 700 American cookery books — you can find recipes for federal pancakes, squash pie, flummery (fermented pudding), calf’s head pie and stewed oysters.

kylie moore

Kylie Moore ’16 Wins Award for Essay on Advertising and Society

Kylie Moore’s essay on the cultural and economic implications of depicting women as “cute” in Japanese advertising has won an award from the American Educational Foundation.


Noliwe Rooks: Because What is Beautiful is Good

Noliwe Rooks’ talk explores the role that black women played at the beginning and the end of the first international Dove brand “real beauty” campaign and how and why that campaign used feminism as an advertising tool.

Professor Scanlon Revisits a Unique Group of Women Printmakers

The printmakers, who were known as the Folly Cove Designers, are now largely forgotten, despite having achieved both interesting art and an unusual art collective in a pre-feminist era.


A Bowdoin Reading List

Somehow, in the midst of all of their teaching and research, professors at Bowdoin also find time to write books. Check out these recent and upcoming titles by faculty members.


Bowdoin Professors on Sabbatical, All Over the Map

This year, more than three dozen Bowdoin faculty members have dispersed to all corners of the map for sabbatical projects. See where they’ve gone.

Scanlon Faludi feat

Scanlon and Faludi on Helen Gurley Brown and ‘Having It All’ in New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine features insight from Jennifer Scanlon and Susan Faludi in “The Complicated Origins of ‘Having It All,'” an article delving into Helen Gurley Brown’s book.

Laura McClure

Greek Drama Changes the Story About Athenian Women

In high school, you might have learned that Athenian women were an oppressed and marginalized group. However, Laura McClure of the University of Wisconsin believes that Greek drama tells a different story, as she explained in a lecture sponsored by Bowdoin’s Studies in the Mediterranean course cluster.

talia cowen

Junior Talia Cowen’s Summer: Fighting for Women

As an intern for a Washington D.C. women’s rights organization, Talia Cowen ’16 has been in the thick of a few recent controversial events.