Gender and Women’s Studies Program

Common Good Symposium Showcases a “Little Bit of Everything”

A wealth of projects and programs were showcased at the McKeen Center’s Spring Symposium, Bowdoin and the Common Good. Posters, presentations, photographs, and video were on display in the Morrell Lounge of the Smith Union, representing more than sixty examples of Bowdoin’s commitment to the wider community.

Rooting Out Gender Inequality with Middle School Boys

Ben Ray ’20 said he jumped at the chance to help launch the inaugural CCLIMB group. The acronym stands for creating compassionate leadership in Maine boys. “I’m an education student and I’m a student of gender and women’s students,” he said. “I believe gender is not talked about enough at schools, and ignoring it is actively causing problems in our society.”

Sociology Major Daisy Wislar ’18 Opens Windows onto Disability and Sexuality

Daisy Wislar’s honors project is “groundbreaking,” Assistant Professor of Sociology Theo Greene said, for bringing to light the lives of people often overlooked or misunderstood by both academics and the mainstream population.

Writer Roxane Gay Draws Huge Crowd on Campus

Roxane Gay, cultural critic, bestselling author, professor, and very funny speaker and Twitterer, visited campus Monday night. Some reported the crowd as the largest here in recent memory for a visiting speaker.

Being a Good ‘Bad Feminist’: Celebrating Women’s History Month

“[Feminism] is really a theme that our students and staff felt was important to explore at this particular moment, and we really felt there was good energy and desire to do so around campus, whether it is looking at the #MeToo Movement or women’s marches, or looking at what is the face of activism around feminism. There’s a lot there to unpack and think through as a community.”

Student Research: Turning a Love of ‘Star Wars’ into a Critical Examination of Gender

Sydney Benjamin ’19 is, of course, re-watching the films, but her conclusions are also informed by film criticism, gender theory, interviews, and critical essays that examine the role of religion and philosophy in Star Wars. And while the pool of research on gender in Star Wars is limited, some of the most surprising conclusions Benjamin has come to are about male friendships.

German Department Looks Ahead to ‘Continued Excellence’ in 2018

After being honored as a national “center of excellence,” Bowdoin’s German department is looking forward to an exciting year of teaching, research and special events.

Jennifer Scanlon Discusses Sexual Harassment on Maine Public Radio

Scanlon points out that the first real generation of ‘silence-breakers’ was in the 1970s, when several groups of women brought public attention to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.