Environmental Studies

Seven Faculty Members Promoted to Full Professor


Seven Bowdoin faculty members have been promoted from the rank of associate to full professor: Aviva Briefel, Philip Camill, Kristen Ghodsee, Samuel Putnam, Patrick Rael, Shu-chin Tsui, and Tricia Welsch.

A Walk Through New York’s Past


In this spring’s Santagata Lecture, anthropologist Hugh Raffles presented a reflection on the human and natural history of Manhattan neighborhoods like Marble Hill.

Next Steps for Bowdoin’s Solar Energy Project


Two SolarCity representatives, John Conley and Matt Gitt, were on campus Wednesday to talk about their company and its plans to build a solar power complex at Bowdoin.

Watson Fellow Teona Williams ’12 Returns Home from World Travels

In one year, Teona Williams ’12 got lost in a slum in New Delhi, visited a fake corporate city in Thailand, celebrated Christmas in Cape Town, lived with a big, friendly family in Brazil, hiked 20 miles to a secluded cove in Trinidad, and watched the sunrise from a mountaintop in Jamaica.

Porpoise Found by Bowdoin Students Gains TV Fame

Noodle, the harbor porpoise found by Bowdoin students and featured on ABC's Sea Rescue

A group of Bowdoin students discovered a harbor porpoise trapped in a salt marsh back in 2012, and now the rehabilitated porpoise has gained television stardom.

How to Succeed in a Sustainability Career

Illustration credit: Man with blank sign by Stephen Finn and inset image of sign by Tom Wang (via Shutterstock). Photo collage by GreenBiz Group.

Eban Goodstein, director of sustainability at Bard College, gave a talk on what it means to become a sustainability professional.

Workshop Gives Faculty the Keys to a Digital World


Bowdoin faculty members take a turn as students in a short course titled “Digital Humanities @Bowdoin,” taught by Professor of Art History Pamela Fletcher and Professor of Computer Science Eric Chown.

Digital Humanities @ Bowdoin – Matthew Klingle


On January 13-16 of 2014, nearly two dozen Bowdoin faculty members are taking a turn as students in a short course for faculty titled “Digital Humanities @ Bowdoin,” as part of the College’s new Digital and Computational Studies Initiative.

Student Filmmaker Captures a Summer at Bowdoin’s Kent Island Scientific Station

Emily Hochman ’15 spent two months last summer as Artist in Residence at Bowdoin’s Kent Island Scientific Station filming her documentary. Back at Bowdoin in the fall with hours of footage, Emily is working with her independent study project director, Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies Sarah Childress, to edit her film.

Bowdoin Panel: How Will Coastal Communities Deal With a Rising Sea?

Cameron Adams ’14, Professor Allen Springer and State Marine Geologist Peter Slovinsky

At an interdisciplinary panel held on campus recently, Associate Government and Legal Studies Professor Allen Springer, Marine Geologist Peter Slovinsky and earth and oceonographic major Cameron Adams ’14 came together to explore the global and local impacts and responses to sea level rise.

Green Clubs as a Corporate Environmental Solution

matthew potoski

Matthew Potoski of UC Santa Barbara presented a lecture at Bowdoin proposing a system of voluntary membership in “green clubs” for tackling environmental challenges in the corporate world – an approach inspired by the family dinners of his childhood.

Scallops Under Threat

scallop illustration by Raleigh McElvery ’16

Meredith White of Maine’s Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences presented her research on scallops at Bowdoin on Oct. 10.

Panel of Building Experts Talk Green Design

Left to right, Colin Schless, Morgan Law, Jason Peacock and Anne Stephenson

The Green Career Series, organized by Environmental Studies, launched Thursday night with a panel of four professionals who work in green building.

Two Students Spend a Scientific Summer at SEA

Aboard a 134-foot vessel with 17 other students and 12 crew members this summer, Josh Friedman and Schuyler Nardelli conducted research on the effects of ocean acidification on tiny pelagic snails and used celestial navigation to chart their ship’s course.