Environmental Studies

Prof. Starobin Cautions about Legal Risks of Local Climate Policy Action

Shana Starobin’s intention is not to discourage local action, but rather to provide realistic guidance. “We want to be optimistic and hopeful, but the vision from our perspective is to think about the legal risks of local regulation and what could happen,” she said. “Lots of communities want to have autonomy over driving what their futures are going to look like….And while it’s not that they shouldn’t move forward, there is a reality of constraints and regulations.”

Senior Digs Into the Psychology of Climate Change Denial

Over the past year, environmental studies major Riley O’Connell ’18 has been gathering and interpreting data on what could be driving many individuals in the United States to insist that climate change is not real or not harmful.

Now Accepting Applications for Bowdoin Marine Science Semester for Fall 2018!

Students from all disciplines who have completed the *prerequisite courses or who have been granted a prerequisite waiver from Dr. Carlon, are invited to submit a 1-2 page essay describing their interest in the Marine Science Semester.

German Department Looks Ahead to ‘Continued Excellence’ in 2018

After being honored as a national “center of excellence,” Bowdoin’s German department is looking forward to an exciting year of teaching, research and special events.

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester students give final research presentations Friday, December 15

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester students will gather at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center farmhouse on Friday, December 15 from 2:00-5:00 to give their final research presentations to faculty, staff, students, friends and neighbors. Please join them!

Madeleine King ’19 Spends Thanksgiving At Sea, Down Under

King is carrying out environmental research during a six-week voyage in New Zealand waters with a group of undergraduates from throughout the US.

Meet the New Tenure-Track Faculty

Bowdoin College this year hired eight new tenure-track faculty members in a variety of fields, from dance and music, to computer science and mathematics, by way of government, biology and sociology.

New Eco Groups Spring Up on Campus

The Bowdoin Naturalists, a student-led group founded by Wood with Lillian Bailey ’18 and David Anderson ’19, is just one of three recent groups to form at Bowdoin that are focused on natural history or environmental issues. The other two are Field Note Friday and Enviro Lunch.