Construction Progresses on Roux Center for the Environment

It’s a heartening symbol for our climate-change threatened times. Bowdoin’s newest building — the Roux Center for the Environment — is gradually taking shape, on track to open next fall.

Bowdoin and Government Scientists Collaborate to Measure Photosynthesis

Professor of Biology Barry Logan said the project, which is underwritten by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, is looking at new large-scale methods of measuring photosynthesis—something that has enormous potential to help in areas like farming and ecology.

Nature Moments: A Deer’s Day

Biology professor Nat Wheelwright explains how to look for signs of deer in the woods.

Nature Moments: A Closer Look at Moss

They’re elegant and they’re everywhere, says biology professor Nat Wheelwright, who takes a closer look at mosses in his latest Nature Moments video.

Nature Moments: Who is the True Forest Heavyweight? You Might Be Surprised

You may find it hard to believe, but if you took all the moose or deer in a northeastern forest and put them on a scale, they wouldn’t weigh as much as the superabundant but often overlooked red-backed salamander.

Nature Moments: Sex Ed for Botanists

Gender in humans turns out to be more complicated than we once thought, but gender in plants is pretty complicated, too.

Anthony Doerr ’95 Highlights Second Scientists’ Warning on the Environment

In a New York Times op-ed, Pultizer Prize-winning author Anthony Doerr ’95 recalls how, in 1992, more than 1,500 prominent scientists issued a stark warning to the world.

Madeleine King ’19 Spends Thanksgiving At Sea, Down Under

King is carrying out environmental research during a six-week voyage in New Zealand waters with a group of undergraduates from throughout the US.