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One Year Later, Nature Moments Video Series Calls It a Day

After twelve months, the weekly Nature Moments video series is calling it a day. In this final installment, biology professor Nat Wheelwright looks back and thanks the team of writers and technicians at Bowdoin College who helped him produce the series.

Basking in Phytoplankton’s Glow: The Novel Marine Research of Martha Boben ’19

This summer, Martha Boben ’19 managed to ask big questions of some of the smallest creatures.

Nat Wheelwright on Maine Calling as Nature Moments Series Approaches End

Wheelwright was joined on the radio by fellow biologist Patty Jones, director of the Bowdoin Scientifc Station on Kent Island. Jones recently featured on Nature Moments, where she talked about the pollination habits of bees.

National Geographic Society Hires Tracy Wolstencroft ’80, P’15 as CEO

Tracy Wolstencroft ’80 will take over as president and CEO of National Geographic Society, shepherding the nonprofit into a new era in which it hopes to contribute to a “healthy, more sustainable planet for generations to come.”

Artist Stephanie Rothenberg Thrilled To Be First Roux Scholar

Stephanie Rothenberg has a lot to learn, and she’s excited about it. “I’m interested in the Maine coastline, the impact of climate change, and what this is all doing to the livelihood of those who depend on the sea for a living.” She’s sitting behind her desk in Bowdoin’s newest building, the Roux Center for the […]

Nature Moments: The Sound of Extinction

Whip-poor-wills, swallows and other birds that feed on flying insects are rapidly disappearing throughout the northeast. The same is true of too many other animals and plants. As species disappear, so do once-familiar sounds.

Nature Moments: Parade of Frogs

How can so many frog species co-exist in the same pond without competing for food or accidentally mating with the wrong species?

Photo Recap: Greenstock’s Celebration of Music, Food, and Zero Waste

Each year students who work for Bowdoin Sustainability organize Greenstock as a way for students to gather outside, hear live music, get their bikes tuned for free, and learn about student clubs with an environmental bent.