News Archive 2009-2018


Six Women Scientists Receive Prestigious External Grants in Spring Semester

Sizable grants were awarded to pursue research in the areas of biology, chemistry, oceanography, neuroscience, and anthropology. Dean for Academic Affairs Elizabeth McCormack said it’s been a banner year for the College.

Bowdoin Outing Club Throws Open its Doors to the Outdoors, for Everyone

“We want to break down barriers to entry, and figure out what would convince someone to come,” Director of Student Activities Nate Hintz said.

2018 Family Weekend: Symposium to Celebrate Student Research and Creativity

We have briefly described three student projects—in politics, marine biology, and theater/computer science—that will be part of the student research symposium Friday, where the full breadth of the liberal arts will be on display.

Let the Problem-Solving Begin: Roux Center is Officially Open

“This building provides a physical and intellectual model for how the rest of the campus can think about engaging in interdisciplinary work across a raft of problems,” said President Clayton Rose. Furthermore, he added, “it is a super cool building!”

How Sparrows Learn to Sing: Kent Island Researchers Publish Pioneering Study

The paper, published in the journal Current Biology, provides the first experimental evidence that wild birds—in this case Savannah Sparrows—learn how to sing based on sounds heard in early life.

What Makes the Roux Center Building So Special?

Bowdoin is setting a precedent through the realization of innovative architectural design coupled with sophisticated, forward-thinking academic planning.

A Green Roof for Beauty, Function, and Education

The roof garden is an important component of the building’s official environmental certification for two main reasons: It helps absorb storm-water runoff and it serves as insulation.

52 New Classes, From Jane Eyre to the Biology of Sex Differences

This semester, faculty are offering fifty two classes that are brand new to Bowdoin.