Nature Moments: Fungi on the Move

In the latest Nature Moments video, Anne T, and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences Nat Wheelwright explains how fungi disperse their offspring—which in some cases involves producing a smell like rotten meat!

A Networking Crash Course, Then a Chance to Mingle with Environmental Professionals

Bethany Walsh told students networking should not be a cringeworthy concept. “It’s just a fancy word for making connections and getting to know people,” she said. “If you feel comfortable talking to people, you are 99 percent there.” She then went over the basics, such as practicing confident introductions, entering and exiting conversations with grace, and doing follow-up, such as sending thank you emails.

In it for the Long Term: Tracking Salamanders Over Time

Amphibians in particular are valuable to study over time because they are an indicator species, meaning they are often the first ones to feel the effects of pollution or climate change.

Nature Moments: Sharing Your Lawn and Saying ‘No’ to Pesticides

“You’d have to really hate butterflies, beetles and bugs to spread insecticides all over your lawn,” says biology professor Nat Wheelwright. “Once you take a closer look at the ingredients and cautions, you may decide to share your lawn with other living creatures.”

Bowdoin AmeriCorps Volunteer Addresses Energy Efficiency

Tomlin is one of six AmeriCorps Energy Efficiency Coordinators stationed at different colleges across Maine this year. He is based at Bowdoin, creating programs for the College. But in the weeks and months ahead, he’ll also be organizing community events, including helping low-income homeowners weatherize their houses to reduce their electricity bills.

Charting Changes in the Coast, from Mexico to Maine

By surveying the exact same locations year after year, the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester faculty and students can see how the shoreline is changing under the threats of climate change and ocean acidification.

Kent Island Summer: Students Bring Island Life to Campus

Kent Island is small but offers a variety of landscapes, from a spindly forest to mossy outcroppings and docks on the Atlantic.

Nature Moments: What If You Stopped Mowing Your Lawn?

In the third installment of Nature Moments, a new weekly series of short videos, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences Nathaniel T. Wheelwright poses this radical suggestion: “Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t mow your lawn for a while?