Artist Stephanie Rothenberg Thrilled To Be First Roux Scholar

Stephanie Rothenberg has a lot to learn, and she’s excited about it. “I’m interested in the Maine coastline, the impact of climate change, and what this is all doing to the livelihood of those who depend on the sea for a living.” She’s sitting behind her desk in Bowdoin’s newest building, the Roux Center for the […]

Nature Moments: The Sound of Extinction

Whip-poor-wills, swallows and other birds that feed on flying insects are rapidly disappearing throughout the northeast. The same is true of too many other animals and plants. As species disappear, so do once-familiar sounds.

Nature Moments: Parade of Frogs

How can so many frog species co-exist in the same pond without competing for food or accidentally mating with the wrong species?

Photo Recap: Greenstock’s Celebration of Music, Food, and Zero Waste

Each year students who work for Bowdoin Sustainability organize Greenstock as a way for students to gather outside, hear live music, get their bikes tuned for free, and learn about student clubs with an environmental bent.

New Concentration Gives Nature-Minded Students an Academic Home

Beginning this fall, the biology department is offering an Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB) concentration for students who want to study the land, ocean, forest, lakes, and rivers of Maine and beyond.

Nature Moments: The Buzz About Bees

It turns out that bumblebees are not that different from humans. They like to follow the crowd and they like coffee!

Nature Moments: Herbivory in Moderation

In moderation, herbivory—the eating of plants—is a sign of a healthy environment because it indicates that our native insects have not been decimated by pesticides or climate change.

2018: A Busy Summer at Bowdoin College

The summer months are a time for many of us to recharge the batteries, but it doesn’t mean life at Bowdoin grinds to a halt. The campus may be quieter than usual, but there has been no shortage of activity—academic and otherwise—among the Bowdoin community since the school year ended.