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Maine Coast Inspires Bowdoin Writing Fellows: Aleksia Silverman ’19

Two Bowdoin students — Aleksia Silverman ’19 and Maya Morduch-Toubman ’18 — spent this summer exploring Maine’s coast, gathering material for writing projects that aim to capture, in different ways, a bit of what it means to live here. Both received Rusack Coastal Studies Fellowships from Bowdoin to pursue their writing.

Six Professors Appointed to Named Chairs

Six members of the Bowdoin faculty have been appointed to named chairs at the College. The appointees come from a variety of academic fields, including visual arts, Asian studies, religion and modern languages.

Portraying Appalachia: How the Movies Can Get it Wrong

” I became aware of how powerful people’s negative impressions were of Appalachian people, and most of these ‘hillbilly’ stereotypes were gleaned from the movies.”

Raisa Tolchinsky ’17: Writing in Italy

Senior Raisa Tolchinsky received a small grant from Bowdoin to study in Italy this spring break. An English major and Italian minor, Tolchinsky is pursuing an independent study on mystics and the meaning of mysticism.

For Black History Month, Professor Foster Discusses Afro-Pessimism

Associate Professor of English Guy Mark Foster recently spoke at Ladd House about a theory called Afro-Pessimism, which looks at blackness as a “social death” rather than something to be celebrated as a cultural identity. Foster’s talk was part of a slate of events happening at Bowdoin throughout February in honor of Black History Month.

Celebrating Longfellow Days Through Film

Cinema studies professor Tricia Welsch is hosting a screening of John Ford’s 1939 classic Young Mr. Lincoln. “Since Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Abraham Lincoln were contemporaries, born just two years apart, a film about Lincoln’s early manhood brings us closer to Longfellow’s America.”

How Did Shakespeare Think About the Issue of Race?

What do the Shakespeare’s plays tell us about the issue of race? It’s a question of particular interest to Associate Professor of English Aaron Kitch. “Perhaps the most important thing to remember,” he said, “is that race means something quite different today, compared to what it did in Shakespeare’s time. “

Bowdoin English Faculty Members React to Bob Dylan’s Nobel Literature Prize

We asked some of Bowdoin’s English faculty members to weigh in with their thoughts on the award of the 2016 Nobel Literature prize to Bob Dylan.