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“Naming the Moment, Building the Movement: Five Lenses for Education, Democracy, and Justice” with Dr. Kevin Kumashiro

April 5, 2018 | 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Visual Arts Center, Kresge Auditorium On April 5, 2018, Dr. Kevin Kumashiro will lecture at Bowdoin: What is happening right now in public education and in today’s so-called “reforms”? This lecture offers five lenses for reframing the public debate and building broader social movements for democracy and social justice in education. […]

Bowdoin’s Santoro Highlights Shortcomings of National Education Paper

Associate Professor of Education Santoro says a recent report by The Education Trust failed to tackle difficult issues regarding recruitment and retention of teachers in “hard-to-staff schools.”

Rick Wilson receives Inaugural Education and the Common Good Award

Wilson is the Community Outreach Coordinator and a service learning teacher at the high school, and most recently, is the inaugural recipient of the Education and the Common Good Award. Educators “have a lifetime of work to do… And embracing that journey, that is something that Rick models every day.”

‘Learn the Right Vocab.’ Year-Long Seminar Examines Second Language Acquisition

Lecturer Jamie Rankin of Princeton kicked off the series of events with a lecture underlining how there’s no substitute for knowledge of vocabulary when it comes to learning and teaching a foreign language.

No one way to teach a student: Bowdoin students observe pedagogy at Harvest Collegiate

Harvest is a relatively new, progressive public high school. Bowdoin students had five days of full access to the teachers, administrators, and students; they each shadowed a teacher, helped students, talked with the principal, and participated in a professional development day with teachers and administrators. “The beginning seemed like mayhem. But then I noticed, ‘Oh, there is structure.'”

On 125th Anniversary, Prof. Charles Dorn Remembers Man Who Wrote Pledge of Allegiance

In an op-ed written for Fortune magazine, Profess of Education Charles Dorn considers the legacy of Francis Bellamy, a liberal political crusader who wrote “The Pledge of Allegiance” in September 1892.

Media Blitz: Bowdoin’s Dorn and Book on History of Higher Ed on TV, Radio and in Print

Charles Dorn, professor of education and associate dean for academic affairs, has been sharing insight gleaned during the research and writing of his new book, “For the Common Good: A New History of Higher Education in America” (Cornell University Press, 2017).

Dorn Essay ‘What Is College Good For? (Hint: More Than Just a Job)’ in Chronicle of Higher Education

In an essay published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Charles Dorn, professor of education and associate dean for academic affairs, shares a personal account of his family’s encounters with the question: “What, exactly, is college good for?”