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Dorn Essay ‘What Is College Good For? (Hint: More Than Just a Job)’ in Chronicle of Higher Education

In an essay published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Charles Dorn, professor of education and associate dean for academic affairs, shares a personal account of his family’s encounters with the question: “What, exactly, is college good for?”

Technology Fellows Target Old Mongolian Maps, Tourette’s, and Teacher Mentorships

This year, nine Bowdoin students received Gibbons funding to work on research projects in oceanography, politics, arctic studies, neurology, history, education, psychology, and Italian and German studies.

‘For the Common Good’: Dorn Book Challenges ‘Crisis in Higher Ed’

In “For the Common Good: A New History of Higher Education in America” (Cornell University Press, 2017), Bowdoin College Professor of Education Charles Dorn challenges the popular rhetoric surrounding America‚Äôs so-called crisis in higher education by examining two centuries of educational history to ref ect on where we are today.

Has American Higher Ed. Lost Its Way? Bowdoin’s Dorn Delves Into Question in New Book

In his new book, For the Common Good, Professor of Education Charles Dorn challenges the rhetoric of America’s so-called crisis in higher education by investigating two centuries of college and university history.

Morality on Twitter: Collaborative Project Analyzes 1.2m Teacher Posts

A pioneering research project, involving education and computer science faculty, has now processed more than 1.2 million teacher tweets in an effort to get the true measure of what America’s educators are saying about their jobs.

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Alumna Takes Curriculum Beyond the Classroom

Caroline Moore is a Bowdoin graduate and now works with Maine’s Island Institute in the Mentoring, Access and Persistence Program, which provides scholarships and support to high-school island students looking towards higher education. She discussed many benefits and details of the program in the Island Institute’s article “A new approach to post-secondary achievement,” so we decided to talk to Moore further.

GaoKao: Not Just a Test

American teens do not count themselves lucky for “only” having to take a month of after-school prep sessions and a few four-hour tests… except Hunter White. Hunter White’s independent study this semester with Professor of Education Alison Miller focuses on China’s college admissions testing system.

Edvertising: Jessen on the Growth of Advertising and Marketing in Schools (Have You Heard)

Sarah Butler Jessen, visiting assistant professor of education, was a guest on the podcast Have You Heard, during which she shared insight into her research into the practice of school marketing.