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Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Alumna Takes Curriculum Beyond the Classroom

Caroline Moore is a Bowdoin graduate and now works with Maine’s Island Institute in the Mentoring, Access and Persistence Program, which provides scholarships and support to high-school island students looking towards higher education. She discussed many benefits and details of the program in the Island Institute’s article “A new approach to post-secondary achievement,” so we decided to talk to Moore further.

GaoKao: Not Just a Test

American teens do not count themselves lucky for “only” having to take a month of after-school prep sessions and a few four-hour tests… except Hunter White. Hunter White’s independent study this semester with Professor of Education Alison Miller focuses on China’s college admissions testing system.

Edvertising: Jessen on the Growth of Advertising and Marketing in Schools (Have You Heard)

Sarah Butler Jessen, visiting assistant professor of education, was a guest on the podcast Have You Heard, during which she shared insight into her research into the practice of school marketing.

Voices in the Classroom: American Civics Education

This semester, Kristin Bishop embarked on an independent study with Professor Sarah Jessen asking, “What is the state of civic education in the US?” To answer this question, Bishop is conducting two investigations: first, research “to uncover national policies and laws surrounding civic education in public schools [with] a particular focus on Maine,” Bishop explains, and second, “volunteering and teaching directly in the classroom.”

Textbook Indoctrination: the High School History Version of Black Power

Nicholas returned from abroad inspired to investigate American education, and the gaps therein. Her independent study focuses on “textbooks and how they are constructed, because they are seemingly objective,” she says, and because they are often students’ only source of information. The subject Nicholas chose? The Black Power movement: it’s “not given its proper… the history in textbooks is not adequate. It’s very narrow, it’s one perspective.”

NYC Affordable Housing Pioneer Addresses New Public Health Class

Ellen Baxter ’75, renowned for building innovative housing for low-income tenants in New York City, recently returned to campus to share her insights on the intersections between affordable housing and health.

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars, 2017

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Begin Student Teaching Experience

The six Bowdoin Teacher Scholars in the Spring 2017 cohort began their student teaching experience on January 3rd.

Juliet Eyraud ’16 Offers Coding Class to Refugees

This semester, senior Juliet Eyraud has been traveling to Portland once a week to teach an introductory computer programming class for English language learners.

Students Teaching Students Makes For Learning Experience All Around

Bowdoin students headed toward careers in teaching enjoy a professional development partnership with King Middle School in Portland, a nationally recognized expeditionary learning school with a diverse school community, in which they are placed with veteran King teachers for their field placement.

Nancy Jennings and Suzanne Lovett Discuss ‘Practice for Life’ on WCSH’s ‘207’

Bowdoin’s Nancy Jennings and Suzanne Lovett shared insights from their book, ‘Practice for Life: Making Decisions in College,’ co-authored with two peers from Wellesley College, on the WCSH newsmagazine ‘207.’

Jennings, Lovett Offer ‘Practice for Life: Making Decisions in College’ — Advice, Research and the Value of Liberal Education

New book draws on a five-year study following more than 200 students at seven New England liberal arts colleges—to argue for substantial changes to how students make the most of college.

Five Years Out: H.S. English Teacher Will Cogswell ’11 Heads to Salt Lake City

“The general Bowdoin academic culture has influenced me a lot,” Will Cogswell ’11 said. “Academically Bowdoin is rigorous, but it’s also collaborative, which aligns with my values and is a central part of my classroom and classroom culture.”

Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick

When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis looks at the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students to post their summer location and a brief description of what they’re doing.

Why Are America’s Schools Re-segregating?

” Racism is the invisible factor that surrounds everything in this country. It is the foundation of who we are. Racism is probably as American as apple pie.”

Education and Maine Island Life: Island Schools Project 2015

In the fall of 2015, sixteen Bowdoin Teaching minors partnered with the island community of Deer Isle-Stonington, Maine, to learn firsthand about the community’s educational resources, economic challenges, and community culture.

Physics Department Creates New Major for Future High School Teachers

In response to a national shortage of qualified high school physics teachers, Bowdoin’s physics department has teamed up with the education department to create a new major that prepares students to teach physics in secondary schools.

Celebrating 50 Years of Upward Bound with Sen. George Mitchell ’54, H’83

Senator George Mitchell ’54, H’83 delivered the keynote address amid a celebration commemorating 50 years of Upward Bound at Bowdoin College. Sen. Mitchell’s remarks follow those by President Clayton Rose and Upward Bound Director Bridget Mullen, delivered in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall, September 16, 2015.

A Year of Faculty Grants, Fellowships and Honors

Over the past year, Bowdoin faculty from every corner of campus received grants and fellowships to support new and ongoing research projects. Others were honored for their work.

Round-Up: Fellowships, Scholarships Take Students Far Into Studies

This year, many Bowdoin seniors and alumni were awarded some of the country’s most prestigious national fellowships and grants, helping them launch careers in academia, public service, medicine and more.

2015 Reunion Convocation Remarks by President Barry Mills, Senator Angus King, Honorees

This year’s celebration on May 30 featured remarks by President Barry Mills ’72 and Senator Angus S. King Jr. H’07, and the presentation of Bowdoin’s most prestigious alumni recognition awards: the Common Good Award, Distinguished Educator Award and the Alumni Service Award.