Economics Department

What Happened When Students Read News From the Other Side

For one month, fifty-two students and one staff member forced themselves to break from their comfortable routines by reading news from across the political divide.

Greg Maslak ’17 Sheds Light on the Merits of Bank Mergers in Downturns

For his honors research project, he zeroed in on the seeming dichotomy that resulted from policies implemented during the Great Recession, as the 2008 downturn is sometimes called. While big banks were blamed for causing the economic fall, preserving and protecting big banks also became part of the solution for it

National Economics Bureau Profiles Research by Bowdoin Professor Zorina Khan

The National Bureau of Economic Research has profiled the research of Zorina Khan, professor of economics at Bowdoin, who writes on law and economic history, including intellectual property rights, technological progress in Europe and the United States, antitrust, litigation and legal systems, and corporate governance.

Campus-wide Media Project Targets Red/Blue News Divide

An experimental project on campus, starting Saturday, is encouraging students to stray from their comfortable news sites — where they can reliably read articles with a liberal or conservative bent — and to try reading news from the other side.

Board of Trustees Grants Tenure to Two Faculty Members

The Bowdoin College Board of Trustees granted tenure to two faculty members during meetings held on campus February 9-11, 2017.

Economist Meardon Offers Thoughts on Proposed Mexico Border Tax

“Maybe the most interesting aspect of the strategy is that it works insofar as the invocation of the border adjustment tax actually does give the president more leverage.”

Does the Trump Presidency Impact the Teaching of Politics and Economics?

Three government professors weigh in with their thoughts on how a Trump presidency might affect the way they teach some US politics classes.

Tom Gawarkiewicz ’15 Co-Publishes Economics Paper on ASEAN

Thomas Gawarkiewicz, who graduated in 2015, has recently published a paper on “The Relationship between Political Tensions, Trade and Capital Flows in ASEAN,” with Associate Professor of Economics Yao Tang.

Bowdoin Economist Uses Pollution Satellite Data to Assess China’s GDP

Economist Stephen Morris and his research partner, Junjie Zhang of Duke Kunshan University, have sought out alternative methods to determine what’s actually happening on the ground in China. The puzzle has forced them to get creative — and to use tools from outside the usual economist’s toolbox.

Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Goldenberg ’77 Discusses Economy, Investment Careers

The investment strategist visited Bowdoin earlier this week where he met with students and faculty to discuss a range of economy-related issues.

Is Political Polarization Just a Big Misunderstanding? Economics Prof. Stone Says It Could Be

It’s a common-held belief that politics has become increasingly polarized in recent years, and Assistant Professor of Economics Dan Stone is not denying that. What he is claiming however, is that the more extreme political hostility we’ve been witnessing is not just a matter of “mindless” emotional dislike of those we disagree with, but also based on misconceptions of our opponents’ motives.

Economics Students Tackle Free Trade Questions, as Historic Agreements Hang in the Balance

Assistant Professor of Economics Gonca Senel asked her students to weigh in on some of the key issues relating to free trade that policymakers in the US and beyond are dealing with at the moment.

Bowdoin Economist Finds Globalization Has Not Varied Our Diets

Erik Nelson, assistant professor of economics, is the lead author of new study that finds the impact of globalization is less than expected when it comes to the food we grow and eat.

Bowdoin Economist Critiques US Carbon Markets (Climate Change Economics)

In a new analysis of US carbon-offset programs that reward farmers for reforesting their farmland, Assistant Professor of Economics Erik Nelson finds that the programs are not enticing enough orchard farmers in Northern California to switch from fruit production to carbon production. These programs are designed to help mitigate climate change.

Collaborative Initiative Studies How to Aid Recovery of Maine’s Coastal Fisheries

Helping sea run fish gain better river access could be the key to helping Maine’s coastal groundfishing industry recover.

Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick

When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis looks at the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students to post their summer location and a brief description of what they’re doing.

Economics Professor Gonca Senel Discusses Brexit Vote

Assistant economics professor Gonca Senel predicts negative consequences if the UK votes to leave the European Union

Examining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

Professor Meardon encourages students to think critically about the pros and cons of the TPP, a far-reaching trade agreement involving 12 countries from Asia, South America and North America.

Five Students Span the Globe to Work in Education, Energy, Finance, Public Health, Education

Five Bowdoin seniors have been placed by Princeton University-affiliated programs in Asia, Africa or Latin America to work in the fields of finance, energy, public health, education and sustainability.

Remembering William D. Shipman, Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics Emeritus

In a letter to the Bowdoin community, President Clayton Rose remembers William D. Shipman, Bowdoin’s Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics Emeritus, who died April 10, 2016, at the age of 90.