Economics Department

Economics Prof Offers Insight Into Labor Day Sales (WalletHub)

Assistant Professor of Economics Dan Stone shared his thoughts about the strategies behind retailers’ sales. Stores often mark down the goods most in demand this time of year, like school supplies.

Jeff Joseph ’19 Joins Harvard Cancer Research Project

“A teen went from playing soccer in the streets of a third-world country to attending a research program at Harvard in a seven-year span,” Jeff Joseph wrote in his application for one of Bowdoin’s summertime fellowships.

Professors Comment on Implications of Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal

In 2015, shortly after many nations had signed the historic Paris climate accord to reduce carbon emissions in an attempt to curb climate change, we asked several Bowdoin faculty to weigh in on the significance of the agreement. Now that President Donald Trump has announced his decision to pull the United States out of the deal, we checked in with a few of them again to ask them what might happen next. Below are their observations.

What Happened When Students Read News From the Other Side

For one month, fifty-two students and one staff member forced themselves to break from their comfortable routines by reading news from across the political divide.

Greg Maslak ’17 Sheds Light on the Merits of Bank Mergers in Downturns

For his honors research project, he zeroed in on the seeming dichotomy that resulted from policies implemented during the Great Recession, as the 2008 downturn is sometimes called. While big banks were blamed for causing the economic fall, preserving and protecting big banks also became part of the solution for it

National Economics Bureau Profiles Research by Bowdoin Professor Zorina Khan

The National Bureau of Economic Research has profiled the research of Zorina Khan, professor of economics at Bowdoin, who writes on law and economic history, including intellectual property rights, technological progress in Europe and the United States, antitrust, litigation and legal systems, and corporate governance.

Campus-wide Media Project Targets Red/Blue News Divide

An experimental project on campus, starting Saturday, is encouraging students to stray from their comfortable news sites — where they can reliably read articles with a liberal or conservative bent — and to try reading news from the other side.

Board of Trustees Grants Tenure to Two Faculty Members

The Bowdoin College Board of Trustees granted tenure to two faculty members during meetings held on campus February 9-11, 2017.