Earth and Oceanographic Science

Stalking the Invasive Green Crab in Harpswell Sound

“X” marks the planned original site for the Memorial Flagpole

Aidan Short ’15 has been working on the water and in the lab to figure out just what green crabs are eating in different habitats of Harpswell Sound.

Post-College Job: Cleaning the Oceans

post-garbage clean-up

This summer, a Bowdoin alumna joined the Rozalia Project, a ship that sails around the Gulf of Maine to clean up local garbage patches and stage beach clean-ups and advocacy events.

Learning About Geoscience in the Himalayas

Hannah Marshall doing fieldwork in front of the Kali Gandaki River and Annapurna Mountain range

This summer, Bowdoin students Hannah Marshall ’16 and Alex Reisley ’16 trekked through the world’s deepest gorge in Nepal’s Kai Gandaki valley and investigated geological phenomena.

Bring on the Science (Bowdoin Magazine)


Grab your lab coat and goggles. At Bowdoin, scientific research has a central place in the liberal arts.

Bowdoin Environmental Fellows Work for a Healthier Maine

madeline davis simon pritchard

This summer, 11 Bowdoin students with environmental fellowships are working in Maine and contributing, in a range of ways, to protecting our natural resources.

Coastal Studies Symposium Previews Summer Research, Marine Lab Expansion


Summer may be a break from classes, but things are busier than ever at Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center: as the Marine Laboratory undergoes renovations for expanded programming, students and faculty presented a symposium on their research projects investigating green crabs, blue mussels, lobsters, sea stars, eelgrass, fish, clams, and more.

Coastal Studies: Fathoming the Science Behind Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning #tbt

…and arriving at the dock: mission accomplished.

As students and faculty embark on another summer of research at Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center, here’s a throwback to last summer’s whirlwind of research activities: take a voyage through Harpswell Sound with Karl Reinhardt ’15 and Earth and Oceanographic Science Associate Professor Collin Roesler.

Collecting Oral Histories from Maine Fishermen


Sitting on a trove of oral histories from fishermen, a Brunswick-based association this summer hired Audrey Phillips ’16 to put together videos based on these recordings.

Bowdoin Maps Students’ Summertime Jobs

bowdoin map

For the second year in a row, a Bowdoin student is collecting information from her peers about their summertime jobs, internships, fellowships and volunteer placements around the world.

Shields and Spears: Hoarding Knowledge in Modern Times


Bowdoin’s 2014 Kemp Symposium, “Visions of Reality: Science and Other Means of Seeking Knowledge,” was kicked off by a keynote address about knowledge transfer between China and the West, delivered by Middlebury’s Don Wyatt.

Seven Faculty Members Promoted to Full Professor


Seven Bowdoin faculty members have been promoted from the rank of associate to full professor: Aviva Briefel, Philip Camill, Kristen Ghodsee, Samuel Putnam, Patrick Rael, Shu-chin Tsui, and Tricia Welsch.

Volcanoes and the Great Dying


In a lecture titled ‘Volcanoes and the Great Dying,’ Lindy Elkins-Tanton drew parallels between Earth’s present-day situation and a major extinction caused by climate change 252 million years ago.

Porpoise Found by Bowdoin Students Gains TV Fame

Noodle, the harbor porpoise found by Bowdoin students and featured on ABC's Sea Rescue

A group of Bowdoin students discovered a harbor porpoise trapped in a salt marsh back in 2012, and now the rehabilitated porpoise has gained television stardom.

Student Filmmaker Captures a Summer at Bowdoin’s Kent Island Scientific Station

Emily Hochman ’15 spent two months last summer as Artist in Residence at Bowdoin’s Kent Island Scientific Station filming her documentary. Back at Bowdoin in the fall with hours of footage, Emily is working with her independent study project director, Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies Sarah Childress, to edit her film.

Bowdoin Co-op Feasts on Local Fare for $70 a Week

bowdoin food coop

There are a lot of reasons juniors Anna Hall and Ian Kline provide to explain their enthusiasm for the Bowdoin Food Co-op.

Panel Advises Aspiring Scientists on Finding Career Paths

Bowdoin professors and alumni present a panel conversation on careers in science

Six professors and alumni held a panel conversation for students titled “What can I do with a degree in science?” in the Main Lounge of Moulton Union.

Science and Adventure on Hurricane Island


Twenty-four students, along with 8 faculty and staff members from the Earth and Oceanographic Science Department, participated in a Sept. 20-22 field seminar titled “Earth System Science of Hurricane Island,” organized by EOS department chair Collin Roesler.

Fudge ’02 Finds Climate Insight in Antarctic Ice Core

T.J. Fudge ’02 (left) at the drill site

Geologist T.J. Fudge ’02 is lead corresponding author on a new study published in Nature, revealing that West Antarctica started warming up from the last ice age a few thousand years earlier than previously thought — an insight that could influence our understanding of climate change today.

Two Students Spend a Scientific Summer at SEA

Aboard a 134-foot vessel with 17 other students and 12 crew members this summer, Josh Friedman and Schuyler Nardelli conducted research on the effects of ocean acidification on tiny pelagic snails and used celestial navigation to chart their ship’s course.

Research Vessel Dedicated to Bowdoin Professor Ed Laine

R/V Laine Dedication

For those passing through the northeast side of campus last Friday, it was hard to miss the 21-foot Seaway research vessel perched high and dry outside of Cleaveland House—the centerpiece of an event honoring Ed Laine, associate professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science, in recognition of his retirement to emeritus status.