Computer Science Department

Mapping Project Introduces Education Students to Computer Science Skills

Seniors in an education class have been learning valuable computer science skills to gain greater insight into the impact that policy decisions have had on some of the country’s biggest school districts.

In Demand: Bowdoin’s Irfan Discusses Net Neutrality on Maine Public Radio and CBS 13

Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies and Computer Science Mohammad Irfan was tapped by Maine Calling and CBS 13 to discuss the decision by US telecom regulators to repeal net neutrality rules.

Meet the New Tenure-Track Faculty

Bowdoin College this year hired eight new tenure-track faculty members in a variety of fields, from dance and music, to computer science and mathematics, by way of government, biology and sociology.

Closing the Gap: CS Students Teach Girls to Code

Bolor Jagdagdorj ’19 said she’s heard from many female computer science majors at Bowdoin that they were not introduced to the field until they got to college. She herself was just one of two girls in her first computer science class in high school. “It’s important to get girls interested in computer science and to get rid of that fear — I don’t know if I want to do this, or, I don’t know if I’ll be good at this,” she said.

Math, Milk and Cookies: What Everyday Activities Can Tell us About Randomness and Decision-making

“Concepts of allocation algorithms and randomized decision making may sound very highfalutin, but you use them all the time in your daily life without knowing it,” says Assistant Professor of Mathematics Amanda Redlich

Honoring Women in Technology: Bowdoin Delegation Attends Grace Hopper Celebration in Florida

Thirteen students attend annual, global celebration of women in technology. They enjoyed networking, listening to keynote speakers and interviewing with potential employers.

Busting the Myth: Bowdoin College, the Liberal Arts, and the Path to a Career in Anything

Five alumni working in various fields within the tech sector help make the point that a liberal arts education can take you anywhere. 

CS Fellows Use Algorithms to Solve Today’s Problems

Several computer science majors have fellowships this summer through Bowdoin to devote themselves to finding solutions to everyday problems. They’re devising programs and algorithms to automatically detect archaeological looting, to make homes more energy efficient, or to better predict coastal flooding as the climate becomes more unstable.