Computer Science Department

Paralympian Silver Medallist Jake Adicoff ’18 Throws Opening Pitch at Fenway

The computer science and math student was among seven Winter Olympians invited to throw out the opening pitch at Boston’s Fenway Park April 5, 2018.

Technology Adds Color to Ancient Artifact

Computer science meets archaeology as classics scholar James Higginbotham and academic technology consultant Paul Benham discuss their project to “restore” the color to an ancient Assyrian stone relief.

Isaac’s Journey: Sophomore Launches IT Learning Program for African Immigrants (Like Himself!)

Four years after arriving alone in Maine from war-torn Congo, Isaac Kabuika ’20 is starting a voluntary program in Lewiston to teach skills computer science to African immigrants like himself. “There’s a serious lack knowledge about computer skills in this community, and it’s a big problem.”

‘Love and Information’: Theater as a ‘Living Art Form’

Collaborating with colleagues in the fields of computer science and visual arts, theater professor Bay-Cheng’s adaption turns the play into an interactive, immersive digital experience that the audience can involve themselves with throughout the life of the show.

Mapping Project Introduces Education Students to Computer Science Skills

Seniors in an education class have been learning valuable computer science skills to gain greater insight into the impact that policy decisions have had on some of the country’s biggest school districts.

In Demand: Bowdoin’s Irfan Discusses Net Neutrality on Maine Public Radio and CBS 13

Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies and Computer Science Mohammad Irfan was tapped by Maine Calling and CBS 13 to discuss the decision by US telecom regulators to repeal net neutrality rules.

Meet the New Tenure-Track Faculty

Bowdoin College this year hired eight new tenure-track faculty members in a variety of fields, from dance and music, to computer science and mathematics, by way of government, biology and sociology.

Closing the Gap: CS Students Teach Girls to Code

Bolor Jagdagdorj ’19 said she’s heard from many female computer science majors at Bowdoin that they were not introduced to the field until they got to college. She herself was just one of two girls in her first computer science class in high school. “It’s important to get girls interested in computer science and to get rid of that fear — I don’t know if I want to do this, or, I don’t know if I’ll be good at this,” she said.