Computer Science Department

Annual Hacks’ Hackathon Generates Flurry of Innovations

Smith Union was filled with techies last weekend who were participating in the third annual CBBHacks Hackathon, the largest student hackathon in Maine.

Women CompSci Majors Talk Gender, Why They Love Their Field, and Jobs

Bowdoin Women in Computer Science, which was founded by Grace Handler ’17 and Madeline Bustamante ’17 in 2014, aims to not only academically support computer science students but also tries to prepare them for professional success.

Juliet Eyraud ’16 Offers Coding Class to Refugees

This semester, senior Juliet Eyraud has been traveling to Portland once a week to teach an introductory computer programming class for English language learners.

Students Land Jobs at Computer Science Conference for Women

Eight of the fourteen students who attended the computer science conference were offered summer internships or full-time jobs at the career fair.

Seven New Tenure-Track Professors Announced

Seven tenure-track professors were appointed to Bowdoin’s faculty this year to teach and do research in a number of fields. We asked the professors a few questions about their background, their research and teaching interests, and what they like to do when they find themselves with free time.

Video: Symmetry Works! Where Math Meets Art

Symmetry is the buzz word on campus this week, as Santa Clara University mathematics professor Frank Farris showcases his unique style of digital art in a major, interdisciplinary, multi-event project called Symmetry Works!

Coastal Studies Fellow Hopes to help Federal Government with Flood Mapping Project

As a Rusack Coastal Studies Fellow, Angus Gorman ’18 has been involved in the creation free, open-source software which he hopes will one day help federal agencies draw up more reliable coastal flood maps.

Pilot Program Teaches Maine High Schoolers Robotics Through Bowdoin Upward Bound

A group of high school students from across Maine took part in a six week pilot program on the Bowdoin campus this summer to learn about robotics and computer coding.

Where Computer Science Meets Abstract Art

Two computer science students are spending the summer working on computer programs that can imitate the work of two twentieth-century masters of abstract art: Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky.

Five Years Out: From App Developer to Managing Director, Ben Johnson ’11

Bowdoin News presents a new series, “Five Years Out,” in which we catch up Bowdoin alumni to find out what they’re up to and where they’ve been since they earned their diploma five years ago.​

Summer Fellowship Maps Congressional Behavior

The essence of Dieli’s work is to collate and organize congressional voting records in a way that will make it much easier to track the progress of a particular bill and find out who voted for it.

Beyond the Saxophone: Mauceri Creates Multimedia Music

Many of Mauceri’s compositions explore the interface between the audio and the visual, between the human and the machine.

Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick

When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis looks at the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students to post their summer location and a brief description of what they’re doing.

Bowdoin’s “Northern Bites” Place Second in RoboCup 2016 US Open FInal

After placing second in the RoboCup US Open, Bowdoin now prepares to head to Germany for the world championships at the end of June.

Watch Live: Electronic ‘Athletes’ Gear Up For RoboCup US Open

The eventual goal is, by 2050, to have a team of robots that can perform as well as humans at soccer and compete with the real FIFA world champions.

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 on Campus

Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 visited campus March 10, 2016.

Bowdoin’s Irfan Reacts to Mark Rothko Art Forgery Trial

“Once I learned that it duped the chairman of Sotheby’s, I was intrigued.”

Nine New Courses Offered This Semester

The following is a complete list of new Bowdoin classes as they are described in the course catalog, plus comment from the faculty teaching the course.

Machine Learning: How Computers Predict The Future

“Everyone wants to own data mining now and machine learning”, she says. “It’s because of the amount of data that are out there today”, she adds, noting that how many of our everyday transactions are now electronically logged.

For First Time, Bowdoin RoboCup Team Led by Two Female Captains

Northern Bites this year it is being led by two women, Nicole Morin ’16 and Megan Maher ’16. The team this year also has more female members than it ever has had — four altogether.