Student Life

Black History Month Features Mountaineers, Poets, Scholars, Artists

Every year, Bowdoin offers a full slate of programming to celebrate Black History Month. The month kicks off this Thursday, Feb. 1, with a film screening and discussion about the first African American expedition, in 2014, to climb North America’s highest peak.

An Art-, Music-, and Student-filled ‘Night at the Museum’

To kick of the start of the new semester, the Student Activities office on Friday evening invited the entire student body to its Student Night at the Museum event.

Taking a Polar Plunge When It’s 3 Degrees Out

With the January morning wind chill hovering near three degrees above zero, six members of the Bowdoin Outing Club members took a (very) brief early-morning swim in the cold ocean waters at Reid State Park in Georgetown.

A Conversation on Patriotism and Protest with Bowdoin Student Government

What is patriotism? How do we differentiate patriotism, nationalism, and citizenship? What are the duties of a patriot? Are we most patriotic when our views and values align with those in power?

Bowdoin’s Curling Team—Its Largest Ever—Plays Nice

When captains Cole Hamel ’18 and Thomas Ezquerro ’18 joined the Bowdoin Curling team three years ago, there were only five players. This year, there are twenty-eight players. A little more than half are women. 

For Alternative Winter Break Students, It’s Personal

This January, two Alternative Winter Break groups stayed in Maine. One worked on the issue of homelessness, the other with refugee and immigrant education. A third group traveled to Vietnam to learn about the lingering aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Bowdoin Orchestra Performs Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite

Watch the Bowdoin Orchestra performing Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.

Idahoan Cooper Dart ’21 Describes Heartbreak Over Loss of Public Lands

When Cooper Dart’s beloved Craters of the Moon National Monument was under threat, “[i]t felt as if Zinke wanted to strip this value, this blood and awe, from both myself and future generations,” he writes.