Student Life

Brittany Hernandez ’19 Embarks on 3,000-Mile Pacific Ocean Voyage

The Earth and Oceanographic Science major recently set out on a six-week, 3,000-nautical-mile voyage, under sail, from New Zealand aboard the SSV Robert Seamans, a 134-foot research vessel operated by the Sea Education Association.

Variety of Opinions Heard in Campus Conversation on Guns

There was no arguing, there were no raised voices and there was no attempt to change anybody’s mind. The contentious issue of gun rights came to Bowdoin’s gun-free campus on April 4, 2018.

Spirituality, Sustainability, and the Sisters of Mercy

It’s not often that nuns visit Bowdoin. Last week, however, Mary Pendergrast and Chris Loughlin, a pair of activism-orientated nuns, met with students for the first event in a new series, Spirituality and Sustainability: Exploring Common Ground for the Common Good.

Paralympian Silver Medallist Jake Adicoff ’18 Throws Opening Pitch at Fenway

The computer science and math student was among seven Winter Olympians invited to throw out the opening pitch at Boston’s Fenway Park April 5, 2018.

Bowdoin Guides Local Church Group in Race Dialogue

After Brunswick’s Unitarian Universalist Church took a vote on the matter last year, the congregation affixed a prominent “Black Lives Matter” banner onto the outside of the church, clearly visible to  drivers passing by on the busy road.

Nevan Swanson ’18 Wins Watson to Explore Documentation, Experience, and Memory

In his year of travel as a Watson fellow, Nevan Swanson will investigate some of the oldest forms of documentation — cave paintings in France, and oral storytelling in Tanzania — while also exploring one of the most modern, the youthful craze of taking fleeting selfies.

Brendan Pulsifer ’20 Receives Grant to Assist Grad’s Health Work in Zambia

Brendan Pulsifer ’20 has received a $10,000 grant from David Projects for Peace to help teach reproductive health to young girls in Zambia through a nonprofit founded by Lonnie Hackett ’14.

First the Alternative Spring Break, Then the Reflection

Over Spring Break, over fifty students travelled to six different locations across the world with the Bowdoin McKeen Center’s Alternative Spring Break program. It is a tradition at Bowdoin that these students gather again, soon after they have returned to campus, for an evening of reflection, hosted by the McKeen Center for the Common Good.