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Student Life

From the Perspective of the First Mainers: Workshop Teaches Wabanaki History

Over the course of the workshop, the Wabanaki map—the colorful storyboard in the middle of the room—had been folded up and broken apart several times, representing the fragmented nature of Wabanaki history.

Four Students Selected as Bowdoin’s First Multifaith Fellows

The Multifaith Fellowship will not only provide students with insights into the world’s major religions and practitoners, but may also help them reach across other divides. “I think if we can develop these skills of multifaith engagement, they apply to multiracial engagement, multi-political-party affiliation engagement, and multinational engagement,” Eduardo Pazos Palma said.

Lemur Life: David Anderson ’19 Researches a Madagascar Primate

As a biology major at Bowdoin, David Anderson ’19 has had the chance to study the behavior of sparrows on Kent Island and crabs at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center. But to satisfy his curiosity about primates, he (obviously) needed to go farther afield than Maine and New Brunswick.

Student Curators Use Digital Know-How to Highlight Prestigious Medal Collection

Three student curators launched their first exhibition over the summer, highlighting the Bowdoin College Museum of Art’s prestigious Molinari medal collection. They collaborated with college and museum staff to develop an innovative web-based interface to help visitors to the museum get the most out of the show.

On National Voter Registration Day, ‘Bowdoin Votes’ Gets Busy

Bowdoin Votes, a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote effort on campus, held a Politics Fair yesterday in Smith Union in honor of National Voter Registration Day. Student artists, activists, and volunteers sat at tables and chatted with their peers about how to register to vote, send in an absentee ballot, or get involved in political causes on campus. […]

Bringing Government to Bowdoin: Former Chief of Staff Talks to NYT’s Katie Benner ’99

Students, faculty and locals lined up early Thursday evening in the lobby of Pickard Theater to listen to New York Times writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katie Benner ’99 interview President Obama’s fourth and final White House chief of staff, Denis McDonough.

Bowdoin Orient among Nine Student Newspapers Chosen for Poynter Project

Sixty-three schools applied for the College Media Project—an initiative, now in its second year, that provides in-newsroom training, online seminars, and support for a campus project, all free of charge. Orient editor in chief Calder McHugh “extremely thrilled” to be selected.

Basking in Phytoplankton’s Glow: The Novel Marine Research of Martha Boben ’19

This summer, Martha Boben ’19 managed to ask big questions of some of the smallest creatures.