Student Life


A Quad Commissioning Ceremony for 2nd Lt. Mac Caputi ’15

The Marine Corps held a commissioning ceremony for senior Mac Caputi on Friday morning. Standing before the Bowdoin Chapel, in front of many of his family members, coaches, professors and friends, Caputi took his oath to become a second lieutenant.

danny mejia-cruz

Daniel Mejia-Cruz ’16 Receives Public Policy Fellowship

Despite being just a junior, Danny Mejia-Cruz is very specific when it comes to his career plans: he wants to work in international education and law. “The ultimate goal,” he said, “is formalizing international law so that access to education is treated as a human right, protectable through litigation in international courts.”

commencement speakers

Speaking of Speeches: Student Speakers on What It Takes To Deliver

Each year, students who want to speak at the Baccalaureate or Commencement ceremonies submit proposed speeches to a selection committee. This year, two baccalaureate and two commencement speakers were chosen, as well as an alternate speaker.

hostfamilyprogram09112014_11092014 (3)

Host Family Program Changes Name

This semester, Bowdoin changed the name of the program from the Host Family Program to Bowdoin Community Host Program. Hosts don’t need to fit the idea of a nuclear family; they can include childless couples, single people, couples with young children or older people with grandchildren.


Student Dance Clubs and A Cappella Groups Perform Year-End Shows

The student dance clubs and a cappella groups put on their final shows of the year May 4 and May 8, respectively, in Pickard Theater.

A Profile of a College House: Quinby

This is the first of an ongoing series in which we profile Bowdoin’s College Houses and their student residents, and the role the houses play in the College’s social and academic life. We’ll pick up the series again in the fall.

Breaking Bread: Scholarship Luncheon Gives Students Chance to Thank Donors

Each May, Bowdoin brings together donors and seniors who received financial aid at a formal lunch. Traditionally President Barry Mills, a student and a donor give short talks. This year, Ann and Rich Fudge, followed by Abby Roy ’16, spoke, describing their lives and how Bowdoin changed them.

felix emiliano

Felix Emiliano ’15 Named Bowdoin Student Employee of the Year

Hawthorne-Longfellow Library employee Felix Emiliano ’15 has been recognized by Bowdoin’s Student Employment Office for his outstanding work as a library student assistant.


Fulbright Fellowships Open Worlds to Bowdoin Students

Thirteen Bowdoin seniors — as well as two recent graduates — have won Fulbright fellowships this year to teach English or conduct research in countries around the world.

BowdoinOne Day Surpasses Goal, Unlocks $2M For Financial Aid

BowdoinOne Day exceeded its goals of attracting 4,300 donors by April 30, and the outpouring of support unlocked a $2 million contribution for financial aid.

LGBTIQA Senior Send-Off dinner, with Remarks by Bishop Flunder

At the start of this year’s third-annual Dinner to Celebrate Out Seniors, Kate Stern, director of the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, reflected back to the time when she arrived at Bowdoin seven years ago. She had a list of just four OUTPeers.

teaclub01052015_05012015 (2)

Black, Green, Oolong…New Bowdoin Tea Club Sips it All

Hunter White ’17 and Ellery Rourk ’17 have started Bowdoin’s first-ever tea club to celebrate and brew all kinds of tea leaves — green, black, oolong, dried, oxidized, unoxidized, fermented — and share them with others.

McKeenawardees01052015_05012015 (12)

McKeen Center Recognizes Community Stand-Outs

The McKeen Center this year has honored a few Bowdoin staff, faculty and students who, outside of their busy jobs and classes, commit hours of their free time to helping others in the community.


Getting Two Educations, in Cambodia and at Bowdoin

After spending the year at Bowdoin through the Harpswell Foundation, two Cambodian students, Keavatey Srun and Len Leng, came together recently to give a talk about growing up in rural Cambodia and defying expectations that they marry young and don’t go to university.

Students Celebrate Annual Spring Gala

At the end of the spring semester, Student Activities throws a party for all students in the Smith Union, with a DJ from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., hors d’oeuvres, a photo booth, and a massive balloon drop.

Rejuvenating the Art of Letter Writing, and of Gratitude

The “Gratitude Thursdays” event is meant to help “revive the lost art of letter writing,” Lohmann said, and to give students the opportunity to show appreciation for important people in their lives.

College Holds Evening Vigil to Reflect on Events in Baltimore, Nepal

Bowdoin students, staff and faculty gathered the Museum of Art steps last night to hold a candlelit vigil for the “pain, anguish and grief being expressed by people in Baltimore,” according to Dean of Students Tim Foster. In addition, Foster said that members of the community have begun ways to contribute to the relief efforts for Nepal.


BSG Gifts President Mills With Student’s Oyster Shell Sculpture

With a 14-year tenure as the president of a prestigious liberal arts college under his belt, the world will be President Barry Mills’ oyster when he steps down from his position this spring. And the Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) won’t let him forget it.


Composting, Recycling Efforts Reduce Ivies Trash to One Bag

Only one bag of trash from the Ivies concert was hauled to the landfill this year, a remarkable feat considering the Ivies is Bowdoin’s biggest and most well-attended event.


Students Learn to Build Shaker Boxes, and Much More

Each semester, Rev. Bob Ives offers a Shaker box class at Bowdoin, teaching students how to craft small oval boxes out of delicate cherry wood. Yet, workshop is more than a craft class.