Student Life

A Thorne Thanksgiving In Under Two Minutes


Watch a speedy version of Bowdoin’s annual Thanksgiving meal in Thorne.

President Mills Honors Bowdoin’s Veterans

memorial service11112014_0052

A group gathered at Memorial Flagpole on the quad Tuesday morning to listen to President Barry Mills’ tribute to Bowdoin soldiers.

Bowdoin First-Year Featured in New Rugby Documentary

south la

Leodes Van Buren ’18 recently traveled to Chicago to watch the premier of a new documentary about him and other high school rugby players from South Los Angeles.

‘Thirsty Thursday’ Event Quenches Thirst for Chem-Free Fun

Thirsty Thursday06112014_0045

Samantha Caras ’15 and Samantha Hoegle ’17 organized a chem-free event Thursday evening to showcase Maine-made beverages — and the new student space at 52 Harpswell Rd.

Outside of Class, Kaylee Wolfe ’15 Helps Birth Babies

kaylee wolfe with aunt

“It wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced,” Kaylee Wolfe said. “The energy of birth — there’s an intensity and an atmosphere that accompanies it. You see the power of a woman’s body. It is awe-inspiring to me.”

Bowdoin Dancers, Singers Put On Family Show


The following groups, in order of appearance, performed at last Saturday night’s show: Taiko, Ursus Verses, Arabesque, BOKA, Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, Vague, Bowdoin College Gospel Choir, Polar Bear Swing, Bellamafia, Bowdoin Cheer Squad, Broken, Miscellania, Anokha, Obvious and the Meddiebempsters.

Master Builder Assembles Bowdoin’s Lego Bear


Master Model Lego Builder Chris Steininger puts together a Bowdoin bear in mere minutes.

Students Present on Topics Not Often Discussed in Class


To kick off this semester’s weekly Food for Thought series, Ned Wang ’18 presented on the role of fashion in setting beauty standards and Ama Gyamerah ’17 discussed the culture of hair extensions.

Students March in Silence To ‘Take Back the Night’


Bowdoin students, as well as some staff and faculty, recently walked through campus while holding candles to raise awareness about sexual and domestic violence. Throughout the walk, which was silent to encourage reflection, the loudest sounds came from the rain falling on leaves and on the ground.

All Smiles at ’340 Miles North’ Student Art Show

340 Miles North, Student Art Exhibit, Ladd House. October 30, 2014 - Reception

The student group Bowdoin Art Society received over a hundred art submissions for its annual show, “340 Miles North.”

Family Weekend Starts With Classes, Ends in Flurry of Snow


Throughout the weekend, families at Bowdoin for Family Weekend attended classes, sports events, concerts and performances, and even a Haunted Bowdoin tour.

Bowdoin Health Peers Check on First-Years’ Transition to College

anna morton

Thirty-two students have been trained in motivational interviewing techniques, and each has been assigned to interview 15 to 25 first-year students between mid-October and mid-November.

Students Launch New App to Promote Campus Events

campus quad

Campus Quad, a new tool developed by a start-up in California, is designed to make it easier for college communities to spread the word about events and programs.

Bowdoin Turns Yellow for Yellow Shirt Day

Each fall, Bowdoin Queer Straight Alliance hands out hundreds of yellow T-shirts to the Bowdoin community to wear in support of the College’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or questioning members.

Students Pop-up For Halloween Craft Class

halloween mask

In advance of Halloween, the Craft Center on Wednesday night offered a pop-up class to help students prepare for the holiday.

Coffee House ‘Pops Up’ at 24 College Street

pop up coffee house

Students gathered at 24 College Street on a recent Friday night for a “pop-up coffeehouse,” a new phenomenon at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin Alumni Stress Need for Diversity in Healthcare


A panel of alumni recently visited Bowdoin to speak to students, many of them aspiring healthcare workers, about the importance of diversity in medicine.

Professionals, Look: Career Planning’s ‘Dos and Don’ts’ Fashion Show

This year’s annual Do’s and Don’ts Fashion Show at Bowdoin featured students, faculty, staff and one VIP modeling the right and the very wrong sorts of attire students should wear to office jobs and interviews.

Master Bing Visits Bowdoin, Describes Journey of a Martial Monk

A martial Monk from China, Master Zhong Xuechao (a.k.a Master Bing) recently visited Bowdoin College to talk about his life in the Wudang Mountains, a centuries-old center of Taoism.

Flick It Good: Wading Into a Fly Fishing Experience — On the Quad

Andrew Haeger ’16 organized a beginners’ fly fishing workshop on the quad Thursday afternoon after the rains finally let up.