Student Life

Women CompSci Majors Talk Gender, Why They Love Their Field, and Jobs

Bowdoin Women in Computer Science, which was founded by Grace Handler ’17 and Madeline Bustamante ’17 in 2014, aims to not only academically support computer science students but also tries to prepare them for professional success.

New Construction on Campus: Gingerbread Houses

Groups of students affiliated with campus offices competed last week to see who could build the most elaborate gingerbread house. The Outing Club, Student Center for Multicultural Life, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Women’s Resource Center, Counseling Services, and Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity all made some seriously detailed masterpieces.

Finals Time: Students Seek Out Studying Nooks

When finals come around, students can be found squirreled away all over campus, their books and papers spread out around them. We traipsed around to see where students preferred to hole up during the end-of-semester reading and exam period.

Bowdoin Craft Center: Where Students Can Take a Study Break, Make a Pot

On two recent Thursday evenings, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Craft Center Open opened its pottery and art studio to students who wanted to take a study break to make holiday-themed gifts, paint or throw a pot.

Women’s Resource Center’s Annual Lunch with a Point

Two of the Center’s student directors, Kendall Schutzer ’18 and Scout Gregerson ’18, volunteered to lead this year’s event. They selected the theme, which they described as “finding and giving support in relationships” — whether that’s from friends, roommates, family, or romantic partners.

Bowdoin Orchestra Flash Mobs Thorne Diners

The Bowdoin Orchestra surprised diners at Thorne on Wednesday evening with a quick concert.

Liberal and Conservative Columnists Find Common Ground in Campus Discussion

A long-anticipated event featuring New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley, saw the two politically opposed commentator find a lot to agree about in discussion about free speech and political correctness on campus

‘Water is Life’ Panel Discusses Indigenous Lands and Laws

The event provided historical context for and analysis of the large protest that’s been waged against a proposed oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, which straddles North and South Dakota.

Juliet Eyraud ’16 Offers Coding Class to Refugees

This semester, senior Juliet Eyraud has been traveling to Portland once a week to teach an introductory computer programming class for English language learners.

With Idea to Reuse Brewery Grain, Bowdoin Students Tie for First in ME Food Challenge

A team of students led by Eliza Huber-Weiss ’17 has come up with a winning business idea that not only takes advantage of the growing craft beer market in Maine, but also reduces food waste.

Tech Trek: 50 Students Visit Boston Technology Companies

Since Sean Marsh ’95 of Point Judith Capital started the program in 2000, the Tech Trek has brought students to over a dozen firms and continues to be one of the most popular Career Planning events each fall, according to Todd Herrmann, Bowdoin Career Planning’s associate director of employer relations. He helps organize the trips with Marsh.

Kate Dempsey ’88: Maine’s Leading Conservationist Chats with Students

Kate Dempsey ’88 heads the Maine’s Nature Conservancy branch, which is headquartered down the street from Bowdoin in Brunswick. She was recently on campus to speak to students who are interested in environmental careers. Besides talking about her environmental work, Dempsey also passed along a few career tips.

Bowdoin’s Faith Groups Gather for Interfaith Service of Thanksgiving

It has become a tradition at Bowdoin for the college’s faith groups to gather on the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving to share an “Interfaith service of Gratitude and Thanksgiving.”

Four Alumni Consider the Future of Obamacare

The student organization Bowdoin Public Health Club recently invited four alumni who work in healthcare to discuss with students the Affordable Care Act and the future of medicine, particularly in light of President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare.

Theater, Chemistry Faculty Offer Moments of Contemplation

While the stereotype of liberal arts colleges is they are bastions of atheists and secular thought, these two professors reveal some of the diversity at Bowdoin, and the ways students are both invited to practice their faith and explore other faiths.

Love vs. Hate: Students Engage in ‘No Hate November’

This year, No Hate November — a month of programming dedicated to addressing bias — seems particularly meaningful to students grappling with a bitter presidential campaign and the election of a candidate who has been endorsed by white supremacists.

Making Art From Science and a Drop of Seawater

Students in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester recently made prints from plankton specimens they collected in the waters off Boothbay Harbor to investigate the relationship between art and science.

Bowdoin Senior Receives Award for India Research

For his work, Polstein received one of two annual Awards for Academic Achievement Abroad from The Forum on Education Abroad. This prize recognizes excellence in academic work by students who study with an education program abroad.

Ty Johnson ’15 Conquers His Fear, Goes Back Home to Help

Addressing their fear became part of their new organization’s identity and name. The two students filed for 501(c)(3) status for their nonprofit, Konquered Fear Xchange, or KFX, for short. “Once you conquer your fear,” Ty Johnson said recently, “and you are passionate, you can bring positive change.”

Singing Karaoke, in Different Languages

Several teaching fellows at Bowdoin recently threw a karaoke party on campus to encourage students to practice their language skills while having a good time.