Student Life

Students Hold Disaster Relief Concerts, Other Fundraising Events

Students involved in fundraising efforts to help people struggling to recover from the recent spate of natural disasters have organized several campus events, including concerts, tea sales, and (non-alcoholic) piña colada study breaks.

Gratefully Empowered: Students Show Appreciation for Dining and Security Efforts Amid ‘Bowdoin Blackout’

To show their appreciation for efforts by Dining Services and the Office of Safety and Security during the “Bowdoin Blackout,” hundreds of students signed giant thank you posters.

Award-Winning Author Jennifer Egan Reads from Latest Novel

Acclaimed writer Jennifer Egan visited campus Thursday night to read from her new novel, Manhattan Beach.

Kent Island Summer: A Social and Scientific Experiment

Kent Island is a small outcrop of land in the outer Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada. It’s also home to the Bowdoin Scientific Station, where for decades students have been spending their summers engrossed in a truly hands-on learning experience. They study nature, to be sure, but find out what else they’re learning. 

A Networking Crash Course, Then a Chance to Mingle with Environmental Professionals

Bethany Walsh told students networking should not be a cringeworthy concept. “It’s just a fancy word for making connections and getting to know people,” she said. “If you feel comfortable talking to people, you are 99 percent there.” She then went over the basics, such as practicing confident introductions, entering and exiting conversations with grace, and doing follow-up, such as sending thank you emails.

Closing the Gap: CS Students Teach Girls to Code

Bolor Jagdagdorj ’19 said she’s heard from many female computer science majors at Bowdoin that they were not introduced to the field until they got to college. She herself was just one of two girls in her first computer science class in high school. “It’s important to get girls interested in computer science and to get rid of that fear — I don’t know if I want to do this, or, I don’t know if I’ll be good at this,” she said.

Conservative Scholar Argues at Bowdoin that Liberals Fail Liberalism

The event was organized by The Eisenhower Forum, a conservative-leaning discussion group that seeks to bring “new voices, and in particular, conservative voices that you don’t often hear on campus,” forum leader James Callahan ’19 said in his introductory remarks.

Black History Mobile Museum Kicks Off ‘No Hate November’

Khalid El-Hakim brings a collection of artifacts that range from pop-culture icons to centuries-old relics, from Isley Brothers’ records to slave shackles.