Student Life

Mapping the Careers of Bowdoin Staff, Faculty, Alumni

Career path poster

Meg Springer of the Career Planning office says the posters can reassure students that successful careers don’t always need to follow a direct path.

Students Shovel Snow, Raise Money for Iraqi Refugees


When Lillian Gharios ’18 returned to Bowdoin in January, she thought about what she could do to raise money to send to the Iraqi refugees she had gotten to know in Jordan.

New McKeen Fellowship Fuses Community Engagement and Academics

denning fellowship

The Denning Summer Fellowship is unique in that it intentionally links advanced-level students’ summertime internships with their academics.

Smith Union as Student Art Gallery

© Sarah Haimes

“Up to now, all the student art has been mostly isolated in Edwards [Center for Art and Dance] or the Visual Arts Center,” Olivia Paone ’15 said. “We want to bring it to the community.”

College Houses Become Cultural Sites For a Week

Japanese tea ceremony

For the college’s inaugural Language and Culture Week, each of the eight College Houses adopted a language and threw a series of events in honor of some of the cultures that speak that language.

Vegan Options? Check. Chocolate sprinkles? Check. Student Dining Group Advises on Good Eats

11-058b Bowdoin

The opinionated group discusses the many things Bowdoin Dining is doing right, while also offering suggestions about what it could do better.

It’s Snow Big Deal: Bowdoin Admissions Embraces, Defies Winter Wonderland

admissions inside 800

As snow piles up outside of the Admissions Office, prospective students become increasingly wary about the prospect of spending their next four years in Maine. But Bowdoin Admissions has a plan: The Scott Meiklejohn Hawaiian Shirt Campaign.

Student Hackathon Inspires Grand Ideas

pin 800

Students from Bowdoin, Bates, Colby and beyond were recently camped out in David Saul Smith Union for 36 hours to participate in one of the first hackathons ever held by a liberal arts college: CBBHacks.

Theater Professor Offers Public Speaking Tips

public speaking

Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance Abbie Killeen recently offered a public speaking workshop in Hubbard Hal. She started the session by acknowledging that public speaking is, frankly, terrifying, particularly for those not used to doing it.

Poetry, Plays Kick Off Bowdoin’s Black History Month

facing the truth

Black History Month kicked off at Bowdoin with a slam poetry performance and art reception in Smith Union. A few days later, students performed a series of short plays that address Trayvon Martin’s death and the acquittal of the man who shot him.

Education Reformer George Khaldun ’73 Gives Career Talk


George Khaldun ’73 has forged a career educating and supporting children, and by so doing, has helped strengthen an entire community. He recently spoke to students at the McKeen Center.

Winter Weekend 2015: Snow, S’mores, Sleds, Snow, Sled Dogs, Snow, Etc.

In the dark of winter, Student Activities each year enlivens the campus by throwing its annual Winterfest.

Bowdoin’s Dr. Pols Enlightens Students on AIDS in the 21st Century

A panel for Dr. Pols' son

Though medical advances have largely displaced AIDS from the forefront of national concern, the disease continues to have a significant presence in the United States, according to Dr. Birgit Pols, Bowdoin’s health services director.

Helping a Changing World: Bowdoin’s 4th Annual Nonprofit Symposium

nonprofit symposium

Organizer Meg Springer focused this year’s Nonprofit Symposium on change, looking at how nonprofits respond to changing times and people’s changing lives. “How do we anticipate or plan for change?” Springer addressed the audience of students and nonprofit professionals who had gathered in Moulton Union for the half-day symposium. “And how can you make good change happen in […]

After the Storm: Bowdoin, Brunswick Dig Out

Photographer Michele Stapleton captured scenes on campus and on Maine Street during the calm day that followed the blizzard.

Embracing the Ice: Bowdoin’s 3rd Annual Arctic Museum Reception

“This year we went all out!” said Silvia Serban, assistant director of Student Activities. “We’re always looking to innovate.”

Bowdoin College Tells Its Story: A Year in Digital Review


Bowdoin’s digital media team has put together an online scrapbook of sorts of some of the college’s highlights from the past year.

Students Organize First-ever Bowdoin Hackathon

cbb hacks

Students interested in boosting Bowdoin’s computer programing culture are organizing the college’s first hackathon, on Feb. 6-8.

Alternative Break Students Study Poverty and Policy

awb 2015

The intertwining of policy with social issues was deliberate. “We wanted to give students the big picture, an overview of the policies that affect issues on the ground,” Garcia explained.

Bowdoin’s ‘Dinner With Six Strangers’ Strikes Home

dinner with six strangers

Cordelia Zars ’17 created a radio story on this year’s Dinner With Six Strangers event, which was centered on the theme of ‘home.’