Student Life

Students and Staff Lop Off, Donate 130 Inches of Hair to Charity

Sixteen people on campus who previously had long, naturally colored hair have sporty new cuts in time for summer. They were the students and staff who stopped by the Sail Room last week to donate more than eight inches of their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that makes free wigs for cancer patients.

A Clothesline for Hanging Out the Stories of Gender Violence

On Wednesday and Thursday, students were invited to stop by Lamarche Gallery in the Smith Union to make t-shirts for The Clothesline Project, a national movement to make sexual violence more visible.

Mohamed Nur ’19 Wins Truman Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Public Service

“I have seen people who have worked so tirelessly for other people. I have seen their impact on other people’s lives, and the kind of good that can do. This is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing,” Mohamed Nur ’19 said, adding that the major reason he came to Bowdoin was for its focus on serving the common good.

Comedian Jenny Yang Goads on Social Change With Lots of Humor

Stand-up comedian Jenny Yang introduced herself to the student audience with a bit of self-deprecation – “Congratulations, you’ve got a Groupon Margaret Cho tonight!” – but quickly switched into a take-no-prisoners mode, targeting everything from liberal arts colleges to some hapless students in the audience with her humor.

Incarcerated Youth Stage Production at Bowdoin

Maine Inside Out, a group of young performers who have been incarcerated, returned to Bowdoin’s campus for a third time to lead a workshop for students and preform an original production, Love Is: Alternatives to Incarceration.

Muslim Students Invite Syrian-American Poet, Activist, Feminist to Bowdoin

MSA president Mariama Sowe ’18 said she became an instant fan of Kassir’s after watching the poet’s performances on YouTube. “She radiates with strength, female empowerment, and is just inspirational as a young female, Muslim, hijabi activist who’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and give a voice to the masses that don’t have one,” Sowe said.

Learning from the Best: Music Students Sit with Indian Sitar Master

Ustad Usman Khan is regarded as one of the greatest living sitar players, said music professor Vineet Shende. “His family have been musicians going back six generations, and he’s a third-generation sitar master.”

Site-Specific Drawings in New Museum Show Stretch Language

For a few days in February, Chicago-based artist Tony Lewis (b.1986) took over one half of a gallery at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. With a team of fifteen Bowdoin student volunteers and his two assistants, and armed with power tools, screws, paint, and graphite powder, Lewis undertook the significant task of creating two large site-specific drawings for the museum.