Student Life


Behind the Scenes at Bowdoin’s performance of ‘A Delicate Balance’

Last weekend, Masque & Gown stages an Edward Albee play. Busra Eriz ’17 went behind the curtain to speak to the actors and director before their Friday night performance.


Video: Predators on Campus, But Don’t Be Alarmed

Chewonki wildlife expert Matt Weeks visits Reed House to demonstrate three live predators to students, plus other members of the Bowdoin community, younger and older.


Food Day: Bowdoin Dining Celebrates Local Bounty and Donates Apples to Hungry Kids

Food Day is a national awareness-raising day about the benefits of healthy eating, the importance of supporting local farmers, and the need to end hunger—everything that Bowdoin Dining cares about, said Michele Gaillard, who helps oversee Bowdoin’s dining programs..


Students ‘Take Back the Night’ With Candlelight Walk

Bowdoin students “Took Back the Night” on Thursday, in an event hosted by Bowdoin’s Office for Gender Violence Prevention and Education and V-Day student chapter. The ceremony supports a worldwide movement to end sexual and dating violence.


Bowdoin Art Society Fills Ladd House with Student Art

The Bowdoin Art Society, a student group of 170 artists and art appreciators, opened its annual show in Ladd House Thursday night, the first night of family weekend.


Bowdoin Honors Annual Yellow Shirt Day, Oct. 20

Since 2005, when a speaker came to Bowdoin to advocate against same-sex marriage, students have worn yellow for one day in October. The color commemorates the way students decided to peacefully show their support for the LGBTQ community during Michael Heath’s talk—they all wore yellow to his lecture.

Students watch the debate

Two Government Professors Discuss the Unprecedented 2016 Election

Before packing into the Helmreich House common room to watch last night’s final presidential debate, students attended a pre-debate panel on the state of the election. Moderator Liam Gunn ’17 started off by asking what makes this election different from previous ones. One professor responded: “This is the most important election that I will ever vote in in my life.”

Chris Gary spoke about his circuitous career path

Producer Chris Gary Offers Career Advice to Bowdoin Students

Chris Gary, the HBO producer who oversaw Game of the Thrones and True Detective, began his talk at Bowdoin Monday night by looking out at the audience and asking, “What do you want to talk about?” In response to cries such as, “How do I get a job?” Gary discussed his circuitous career path and what it takes to make it in the film industry.


Chomsky on ‘Bought’ Elections, ‘Superficial’ Media and Other Threats

The controversial linguistics professor and political commentator took aim at US foreign and domestic policy, describing America as the most white supremacist nation in the world.


Video: Bowdoin Students Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

As the fight over the Dakota Access pipeline intensifies, several dozen students and other members of the Bowdoin community gathered on campus recently to voice their opposition to the project.


Video: Getting Excited About Graduate School

Representatives from a multitude of graduate programs were on hand to offer information to those with postgraduate ambitions.


The National Anthem, Patriotism, and Protest

Students gathered in Jack Magee’s pub Wednesday night to debate San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem. They discussed what the football player’s gesture says about patriotism, dissent, the black lives matter movement, and the possibility for change.


Making Disability Visible at Bowdoin

To raise awareness of the heterogeneity among Bowdoin students, some of which is not always visible, Daisy Wislar ’18 in September collaborated with photographer Jude Marx ’18 to take portraits of eleven students with disabilities.


Bowdoin Board Game Club: It’s Not Just Who Wins and Who Loses

Bobby Choi ’17, who said the Board Game Club is “very near and dear” to his heart, explained that, three years after he helped found the club, “we have a great community that I love.”


Students, McKeen Center Make Voter Registration Push on Campus

Liam Gunn ’17 has been coordinating with the McKeen Center’s Andrew Lardie, as well as with Bowdoin Student Government and students in the campus’s three political groups (Bowdoin Republicans, Bowdoin Democrats, and the nonpartisan Bowdoin Political Union). They’re organizing election-themed events and registration drives leading up to election day.


Art Provides Backdrop for Student Soirée

Now a fall tradition, Student Activities threw an elegant part at the Museum of Art for students on Friday night. Students perused the exhibits before gathering in the pavilion for an a cappella concert.


Student Government Election Draws Many Candidates, and Funny Posters

On Friday, voting begins to elect new members on the first-year and senior-year class councils. This year, 34 students are running for the 10 open seats. The election closes Sunday at 8 p.m.

Pejepscot Historical Society: We have two major projects that students can select from, or the group can split and do both. One is repainting the cast-iron fence in front of our building. The other project is moving a number of items in our basement in preparation for some work to the foundation.

Cheerful Volunteers Commit to a Day of Common Good

On Saturday, Sept. 17, more than 500 students, staff, and faculty signed up to participate in Bowdoin’s annual Common Good Day.


The Writing Life of Raisa Tolchinsky ’17

In a recent conversation, Raisa Tolchinsky ’17, a dedicated writer, shared her thoughts on the writing process, studying abroad in Bologna, the writers she’s reading now, and more.


‘What Matters’: The Problems and Possibilities of International Service

Willy Oppenheim ’09 recently visited Bowdoin to meet with students and discuss some of the “problems and possibilities” that come with volunteering abroad. His visit was one of the McKeen Center’s “What Matters” dialogue events. In response to events and cultural debates that arise in the news cycle, the McKeen Center organizes public discussions on campus, inviting staff, faculty, students, and community members to share their thoughts and questions.