Student Life

Bowdoin Turns Yellow for Yellow Shirt Day

Each fall, Bowdoin Queer Straight Alliance hands out hundreds of yellow T-shirts to the Bowdoin community to wear in support of the College’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or questioning members.

Students Pop-up For Halloween Craft Class

halloween mask

In advance of Halloween, the Craft Center on Wednesday night offered a pop-up class to help students prepare for the holiday.

Coffee House ‘Pops Up’ at 24 College Street

pop up coffee house

Students gathered at 24 College Street on a recent Friday night for a “pop-up coffeehouse,” a new phenomenon at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin Alumni Stress Need for Diversity in Healthcare


A panel of alumni recently visited Bowdoin to speak to students, many of them aspiring healthcare workers, about the importance of diversity in medicine.

Professionals, Look: Career Planning’s ‘Dos and Don’ts’ Fashion Show

This year’s annual Do’s and Don’ts Fashion Show at Bowdoin featured students, faculty, staff and one VIP modeling the right and the very wrong sorts of attire students should wear to office jobs and interviews.

Master Bing Visits Bowdoin, Describes Journey of a Martial Monk

A martial Monk from China, Master Zhong Xuechao (a.k.a Master Bing) recently visited Bowdoin College to talk about his life in the Wudang Mountains, a centuries-old center of Taoism.

Flick It Good: Wading Into a Fly Fishing Experience — On the Quad

Andrew Haeger ’16 organized a beginners’ fly fishing workshop on the quad Thursday afternoon after the rains finally let up.

Alumni at Google, ESPN Offer Career Advice to Students


Three alumni recently visited campus to enlighten students on how to break into the technology or sports broadcasting fields.

Winning the Green Game: Recycling Game-Day Trash

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.21.52 AM

As fans reared up on their feet, whistling and whooping for Bowdoin’s football team, seniors Emi Gaal and Dana White guarded their game posts: four large trash bins. “We’re helping people sort their trash!” they explained, and directed the nearest heaver of a half-eaten hot dog to the appropriate bin.

Polar Bear Tales: A Night of Storytelling About First Love

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.58.06 PM

MacMillan House, one of Bowdoin’s college houses, recently kicked off a new event for students called The Polar Bear Tales. The theme of the inaugural evening of storytelling was first love.

Students Start Group for Bowdoin Women in Computing

bustamante and handler

Two sophomores interested in computer science wanted to provide more opportunities for women at Bowdoin to discover the joys of working with computers. So this fall, they formed the student group Bowdoin Women in Computer Science.

Bowdoin Organic Garden Offers ‘Food for Thought’ Talks

On a recent Saturday morning, Bowdoin professors of chemistry, English, biology and sociology gathered at the newly renovated 52 Harpswell residence hall to give short talks on gardening and organic food.

Students Strive For Green Room Certification

omar sohail 350

If students at Bowdoin pledge to follow 20 specific actions to use less energy, to recycle more and to take other such sustainable measures, they receive an emblem for their dorm room door marking the space as a “green dorm room.”

Working for Health Care Access, Education and Justice


Three Bowdoin alumni joined together to show students a multitude of ways to become involved in the dynamic and ever-growing health care sector. Don Blanchon ’86, Lisa McElaney ’77, and Zander Abbott ’08 emphasized that varied skill sets, motivated minds, creativity, and passion are crucial attributes of those leading the health care effort in today’s environment.

Bowdoin Slam Poets Give Inmates a Voice

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.36.44 PM

To draw attention to the educational work it does with prison inmates, the College Guild, a Brunswick-based nonprofit, recently invited members of Bowdoin’s Slam Poetry Society to perform writings by prisoners.

Slideshow: A Night Mingling With Art


In what has become a fall tradition, Student Activities last Friday threw its annual evening soiree at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and invited the entire student body.

467 Volunteers Take Part in Common Good Day

IMG_4565-1 (dragged)

In an enduring and popular 15-year-old tradition, 432 students and 35 staff, faculty, alumni and family members fanned out across the region last Saturday to accomplish good deeds.

Student Travelers Reflect on Global Service


This summer, seven Bowdoin students received Global Citizens Grant travel funds to work with grassroots organizations in communities around the world. In their own words, the students reflect on their international experiences.

Visiting Reverend Asks, What Does it Mean To Be an Adult?


A group of students gathered recently in the upstairs hall of Massachusetts Hall to hear an Episcopal priest address a question that has likely has crossed the minds of many young people (and perhaps those of their parents well): When would they finally be adults? Rev. Frank Strasburger, author of Growing Up: Limiting Adolescence in a World Desperate for Adults, was Princeton’s chaplain […]

Alumni “Speed Network” With Students


The office of Career Planning took advantage of the presence of 28 alumni on campus last week to arrange its job-related version of speed dating, or what it calls “speed networking.”