Biology Department

Kent Island 2016 – Taking the Measure of a Summer

Summer 2016 on Kent Island provided Bowdoin students with nine weeks of creative, diverse and challenging opportunities.

Bowdoin Wins Beckman Scholars Award for Scientific Research

The grant will bring in $104,000 over the next three years to support four student-mentor pairs pursuing research in fields related to chemistry, biology, neuroscience, and biochemistry.

Logan Cautiously Welcomes Genetic ‘Breakthrough’

Researchers led by agricultural scientists at the University of Illinois recently reported some remarkable results that could one day end up boosting the global food supply.

Becca Selden ’06 Looks to the Sea to Study Climate Change

Becca Selden ’06 described evolving from an idealistic young girl focused on conservation—and saving animals like leopards at any cost—to a seasoned scientist who is mindful of how important natural resources are to sustaining people throughout the world.

Bowdoin Profs, Students Use 3D Printers to Advance Their Work

As 3D printers become more common and affordable, Bowdoin professors are taking advantage of the machines’ ability to print pretty much anything.

Assessing Impacts of Climate Change on Gulf of Maine’s Bivalve Population

Alana Luzzio spent much of the summer collecting samples of tiny clams across the Gulf of Maine, to study how the changing environment is affecting their genetic make-up.

Alumni Ornithologists Gather for Reunion at Annual Conference

At the recent North American Ornithology Congress in D.C., a few ornithologists gathered for a Bowdoin/Kent Island reunion.

A Summer of Science in Druckenmiller Hall

To give people a sense of the activity that went on in Druckenmiller throughout the summer, we’ve put together an interactive blueprint of the buildings.

Science Faculty See Pros and Cons of Avoiding Traditional Publication Route

Science professors discuss the advantages and limitations of traditional, peer-reviewed, subscription-based academic publishing, and the alternative option of publishing straight to the Internet.

Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick

When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis looks at the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students to post their summer location and a brief description of what they’re doing.

Sex Talk: Invited Scholars Assess Impact of Alfred Kinsey 1916

The contribution of renowned sexologist Alfred Kinsey, class of 1916, was front and center at a recent two day symposium organized by Bowdoin and feauring invited panelists.

Old-school Tweeting: Campus Teams Compete in 2nd Annual Birdathon

For the second yea in a row, Professor of Biology Nat Wheelwright organized a campus-wide Birdathon, inviting students, staff, and faculty to try to identify as many birds as possible in 90 minutes.

Sample Size: A Quick Look at Bowdoin Scientists

 Wilder Nicholson ’16 has collaborated with the chair of the biology department, Nat Wheelwright, to create a series of brief videos to introduce some of the department’s scientists to prospective biology students and others.

The Evolutionary Benefits of Cloning, According to Bowdoin Ecologist

Biology professor Vlad Douhovnikoff is researching the ecological benefits of cloning, as well as the evolutionary benefits. The latter might at first blush sound contradictory.

Prof. Kohorn Wins NSF Grant to Investigate How Plant Cells Sense External Events

Over the years, Professor of Biology Bruce Kohorn and his lab team have been solving bit by bit the mystery of how plant cells enlarge and also protect themselves against invading fungi and bacteria.

The Last Days of Kent Island Hares

In a new article published in the Ecological Society of America’s journal, biology professor Nat Wheelwright tells the story about how the hares decimated the islands’ woods and how they were finally eradicated.

Botany Class Pursues Plants in a Varied and Changing World

To learn how plants around the world have adapted to their environments, and how they are being affected by a changing climate, a plant physiology class at Bowdoin spent last semester investigating flora around the world.

Bowdoin To Host Big Marine Science Conference in Portland

This year, Bowdoin is hosting the 45th annual Benthic Ecology Meeting, from March 16-19, in Portland, Maine.

Bowdoin’s Palopoli Finds Promising Way to Study Human Evolution, with Mites

Microscopic face mites that live deep in our hair follicles and sweat glands contain information on where our ancestors came from, according to a new study by first author Michael Palopoli, an associate professor of biology at Bowdoin

Bowdoin Wins NSF Grant to Study Climate Change in the Sea

With help from a new National Science Foundation grant, Bowdoin will soon be able to conduct more detailed and sophisticated studies of the effects of climate change on the oceans.