Asian Studies Program

Daniel Castro Bonilla ’17 Wins Critical Language Scholarship

Senior Daniel Castro Bonilla has won a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship to study Chinese at the Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China, this summer. Bonilla, an Asian studies major, began to study Chinese in his first year at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin Senior Follows 63-year-old Art History Trail to Hiroshima

Bowdoin’s Michael Amano ’17 had a Curatorial Fellowship from the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to spend last summer in Japan tracking down and interviewing some of the people who had participated in a 1952-1953 art exchange between Japanese and US schoolchildren.

Japanese Print Class Sees Rarely Seen Prints

Students from Alison Miller’s Japanese Print Culture seminar took a day trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Dec. 9 to see Japanese prints that are not available to wide public viewing.

Bowdoin Students Profiled in Japanese Newspaper

The two Bowdoin students are currently in Japan carrying out research for an exhibition next year at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art featuring drawings made by Hiroshima schoolchildren in the 1950s.

Prof. Heurlin: South China Sea Verdict Will Be ‘Difficult to Implement’

Tensions remain high in one corner of Southeast Asia following a ruling by the International Court of Justice last week that the Chinese government is refusing to accept.

Professor Henry Laurence on Barack Obama’s Japan Visit

Government and Asian Studies professor Henry Laurence discusses the significance of President Obama’s historic visit to Japan.

Museum of Art to Exhibit Post World War II Drawings by Japanese School Children from Hiroshima

With the history of Hiroshima, and US and Japanese relations at the forefront of international news, an upcoming exhibition at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, will shed important light on the ties between these two nations. Opening in early 2017, the BCMA exhibition will showcase approximately forty drawings created in the mid-1950s by Japanese school children from Hiroshima.

‘Buying Stability’: How China Responds to Protest

Violent political protests are rare in China, but more controlled demonstrations on matters of economic reform have been part of the Chinese political process, said Asian studies professor Christopher Heurlin

Anne Frank, Sukarno, and Dutch Memories of World War II

Professor Frances Gouda says both Anne Frank and the Indonesian nationalist Sukarno have had profound effects on how the Dutch view their World War 11 experience, and their position in the world

Bowdoin Students Win Prizes at Chinese Speech Contest; One Made “Cultural Ambassador”

This is the first time Bowdoin students have participated in this particular competition, said Lisa Ahnert, “and hopefully they serve as a role models and inspiration for students in the future.”

Bowdoin Dominates Japanese Language Contest

This is the third year in a row that Bowdoin has won first and second place in the Japanese language essay contest for advanced level students, and it’s the first time the college has picked up four awards in total.

The Way of Tea: A Japanese Art Performance at Bowdoin

The Asian Studies Department on Tuesday night organized a tea ceremony demonstration, or chado in Japanese, which translates to “the way of the tea.”

Perspectives from Bowdoin Professors on the New Climate Deal

We asked professors from different disciplines to weigh in on the new agreement among 195 nations to reduce global emissions in an attempt to save our planet from the worst effects of climate change.

Justin Ehringhaus ’16 Receives Scholarship to Study in Japan

Justin Ehringhaus ’16 has received a prestigious scholarship to study in Japan for a year.

Bowdoin’s Newest Tenure-Track Faculty

Several tenure-track professors joined Bowdoin’s faculty this year to teach and do research in a number of fields — math, Romance languages, chemistry, digital and computational studies, theater and dance, Asian studies, history and sociology.

Professor Leah Zuo Discusses ‘Science’ in Premodern China, the Relevance of Confucius Today and Her Current Projects

After receiving a couple of fellowships, Leah Zuo has a generous sabbatical in front of her to finish her first book and begin her second. At the moment she is completing a book about the famous Chinese figure Shen Gua (1031-1095), who is credited with making a number of startling discoveries well ahead of his time.

A Year of Faculty Grants, Fellowships and Honors

Over the past year, Bowdoin faculty from every corner of campus received grants and fellowships to support new and ongoing research projects. Others were honored for their work.

Two Bowdoin Students Excel in Japanese Language Contest

Yu Zhao ’15 and Katherine Carter ’16 recently won first and second place in the Consulate General of Japan in Boston Japanese Language Contest.

Art History Students Close Their Books and Make Art

Peggy Wang, assistant professor of art history and Asian studies, worked with Jackie Brown, assistant professor of visual arts, to conduct an art-making workshop that Wang said would help students better understand the challenges and particularities of generating meaning through art.

A Bowdoin Reading List

Somehow, in the midst of all of their teaching and research, professors at Bowdoin also find time to write books. Check out these recent and upcoming titles by faculty members.