Asian Studies Program

‘How to Make a Dictator Listen to You’: Why the Chinese Government Responds to Some Protests

Asian studies professor Chris Heurlin launches new book analyzing the legitimate role that certain political protests play in the Chinese political system. Why does a dictatorship choose concession over repression? he asks.

With Trump in Asia, Bowdoin’s Babson Cautiously Optimistic on North Korea

Babson,¬†a former World Bank economist with extensive experience in Asia, was a recent guest on Maine Public Radio’s daily call-in program ‘Maine Calling,’ to discuss the issues facing Trump on his Asia trip.

Japan Elections: Abe Victory A Sign of Moderate and Responsible Government, Says Bowdoin’s Laurence

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent electoral victory is unlikely to mean any radical changes to Japan’s foreign policy, despite Abe’s pledge to revise the country’s pacifist constitution, writes¬†Associate Professor of Government and Asian Studies Henry Laurence in the Maine Sunday Telegram.

The Twin Tragedies of Myanmar

Asia expert Brad Babson reflects on the crisis in Myanmar. Babson will be teaching a course at Bowdoin next semester on the geopolitics of northeast Asia.

Six Professors Appointed to Named Chairs

Six members of the Bowdoin faculty have been appointed to named chairs at the College. The appointees come from a variety of academic fields, including visual arts, Asian studies, religion and modern languages.

Technology Fellows Target Old Mongolian Maps, Tourette’s, and Teacher Mentorships

This year, nine Bowdoin students received Gibbons funding to work on research projects in oceanography, politics, arctic studies, neurology, history, education, psychology, and Italian and German studies.

Bowdoin Japan Trip ‘An Unforgettable Learning Experience’

A group of seven students and three faculty recently returned from a twelve-day field trip to Japan, where they had been researching environmental topics such as pollution and public health.

Students, Faculty Head to Japan to Study After-Effects of Environmental Crises

A group of seven students and three faculty from the Department of Asian Studies have arrived in Japan for a Carnegie Mellon Humanities Initiative. During the twelve day trip they will research topics related to the theme of “Japan and the Environment.”