Arts and Culture

Preparing for an Effusion of Art at Annual Spring Show

Students from every spring visual arts class exhibited their work at the annual Open House last week. They spent the week leading up to the Friday show finishing their pieces and preparing them for display.

A Cappella Groups Perform Final Songs of the Year

At the end of the semester, Bowdoin’s a cappella groups come together to give a finale performance. Last Friday, the six groups — plus the seniors in each group — performed at the First Parish Church.

Student ‘Avant-Garb Magazine’ Makes Debut

Hailey Wozniak ’20 and Darius Riley ’19, with a team of twenty-five students, have created a new publication at Bowdoin called Avant-Garb Magazine to “reflect and celebrate the different styles and traditions of the student body.”

Walking with Eyes Closed on the Quad

The students and staff walked haltingly, with no apparent destination in mind, around the Quad. Some appeared to be making wide, sweeping circles. All of them had their eyes shut.

Choral Work Commissioned by John Studzinski ’78 Performed in Sistine Chapel

James MacMillan’s ‘Stabat Mater’ was the first concert to be livestreamed from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Studzinski described it as a “powerful, spiritual experience” and wants to expose more young people to sacred music.

Student Dance Groups Perform High-Energy Spring Show

Every fall and spring, all of the student dance clubs put on a group show at the end of the semester to perform the original choreography they’ve been working on.

From Moulton Union to Lincoln Center: Bowdoin Senior Showcases Musical Talent

Emily Licholai ’18 meets acclaimed American composer Lowell Liebermann after performing one of his pieces for him at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. Accompanying her on piano was Beckwith Artist-in-Residene George Lopez.

Don’t Sneeze at Parker Lemal-Brown’s One-Act ‘Gesundheit’

“Gesundheit,” a short play by Parker Lemal-Brown ’18, is being performed at Portland Stage, April 26-May 5, as one of five pieces in the 2018 Maine Playwrights Festival.