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Arts and Culture

Video: Groundbreaking Installation Turns Art Gallery into a Musical Instrument

It’s part of a collaborative, site-specific, multimedia installation involving four artists. A wall drawing, titled “Let’s Get Lost,” was created by visiting artist linn meyers, alongside an interactive sound installation, “Listening Glass.” It’s the product of a two-year collaboration with interactive and audio artists Rebecca Bray, James Bigbee Garver, and Josh Knowles.

Two Roommates Cultivate Mindfulness in a Gallery of Abstract Art

Ben Painter ’19 and Miles Brautigam ’19 brought students to the Bowdoin College Museum of Art with a mindfulness meditation.

Artist Stephanie Rothenberg Thrilled To Be First Roux Scholar

Stephanie Rothenberg has a lot to learn, and she’s excited about it. “I’m interested in the Maine coastline, the impact of climate change, and what this is all doing to the livelihood of those who depend on the sea for a living.” She’s sitting behind her desk in Bowdoin’s newest building, the Roux Center for the […]

Theater Professor Directs Tribute Play to Late Boston ‘Theater Legend’

Davis Robinson and the “Beau Jest Moving Theatre” are staging “Larry’s Play” in honor of Larry Coen, the charismatic actor/director who died suddenly earlier this year. It was a play Coen himself had been working on when he died, explains Robinson.

Arts and Culture: 2018 Fall Preview

To complement the Bowdoin Arts and Culture Fall 2018 Calendar of Events, here’s a sample of some of the treats on offer in the galleries, museums, concert halls, libraries, theaters, and and lecture halls of the College over the next few months.

Join Them!: Bowdoin Women in Jazz

Jazz musician Isabel Udell ’19 said she’d like to see more women start playing jazz at Bowdoin and elsewhere, to set off a cascade. “You need more women to attract more women,” she said. So, she cajoled, “join me!…It’s worth it.”

2018: A Busy Summer at Bowdoin College

The summer months are a time for many of us to recharge the batteries, but it doesn’t mean life at Bowdoin grinds to a halt. The campus may be quieter than usual, but there has been no shortage of activity—academic and otherwise—among the Bowdoin community since the school year ended.

Puccini Goes to the Movies: How Cinema Influenced Italian Opera

You probably wouldn’t associate the works of Giacomo Puccini with cinema, says opera scholar Christy Thomas, but this would be a mistake: this period of Italian opera is much more influenced by movies than one might think, she argues.