Arts and Culture

Professor Mark Wethli’s Sculpture ‘Piper Cub’ in Rockland Gallery

A show at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art features professor Mark Wethli’s “Piper Cub,” an abstract framework of an airplane.

Rare and Vivid 2,000-year-old Mummy Mask at Bowdoin Art Museum

Bowdoin College Museum of Art will display this mask, which was created for a mummy, in its new show, AEGYPTUS: Egypt in the Greco-Roman World. The Feb. 2-July 15 exhibition explores Egypt in the time of the Greeks and Romans.

Black History Month Offers Slate of Intellectual, Musical Fare

Throughout February, Bowdoin College has lined up a series of events to celebrate Black History Month.

Bowdoin Senior Follows 63-year-old Art History Trail to Hiroshima

Bowdoin’s Michael Amano ’17 had a Curatorial Fellowship from the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to spend last summer in Japan tracking down and interviewing some of the people who had participated in a 1952-1953 art exchange between Japanese and US schoolchildren.

Students Learn Art of Curating as They Research Photography Exhibit

The exhibition, which the students themselves have researched and curated, involved close collaboration with the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Colletions & Archives.

Vineet Shende’s New Work Aims at Genuine East-West Musical Integration

Whether you’re talking music or cuisine, music professor Shende says the phrase “East meets West” is over-used, with the “Eastern” ingredient often just a superficial offering. But with his latest composition, Shende aims for true structural integration of Indian classical music with western musical tradition.

The Sacred and the Profane: Why Rome is the Ideal 21st Century Horror Movie Setting

Alison Cooper describes how Rome’s richly symbolic history makes it the perfect setting for a gory twenty-first-century horror movie.

Japanese Print Class Sees Rarely Seen Prints

Students from Alison Miller’s Japanese Print Culture seminar took a day trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Dec. 9 to see Japanese prints that are not available to wide public viewing.

To Be Seen: A Semester of Art at the Edwards Center

For the Visual Arts department’s end-of-semester open house on Dec. 9, the Edwards Center for Art and Dance was transformed into a temporary museum filled with riveting works.

Museum of Art Exhibition Examines Artists’ Fascination with the Temptation of Saint Anthony

Curator Joachim Homann says the legend of Saint Anthony, the fourth century hermit and visionary, provides “a platform for artists to come to terms with the possibilities of their art.”

Studio Tour: Art Professor Jackie Brown’s Biomorphic Sculptures

If the door to Jackie Brown’s studio happens to be open as you are walking down the Edward Center for the Arts second-floor hallway, and you happen to glance in, you’ll see a vision that looks as if it could have been lifted from the pages of a fantastical children’s book.

Check Out Bowdoin’s End-of-Semester Shows

We have compiled all the video recordings of end-of-semester performances at Bowdoin Talks. Here are a few recent ones: Concert Performance: Bowdoin Orchestra Winter A Cappella Show Visual Arts Open House Winter Dance Show, with Student Groups December Dance Concert Concert Performance: Bowdoin Chamber Choir Common Hour: Student Chamber Ensemble Concert Concert Performance: Middle Eastern Ensemble […]

How Did Shakespeare Think About the Issue of Race?

What do the Shakespeare’s plays tell us about the issue of race? It’s a question of particular interest to Associate Professor of English Aaron Kitch. “Perhaps the most important thing to remember,” he said, “is that race means something quite different today, compared to what it did in Shakespeare’s time. “

Visiting Artist, Filmmaker Lyès Salem Inspired by French-Algerian Roots

The Algerian-born filmmaker and visiting artist in Francophone studies is teaching a seminar class on creative writing and filmmaking in which he will help students produce one or two short movies, in French.

Intermediality: A New Way of Approaching Art History

Assistant Professor of Art History Dana Byrd organized a symposium to examine how different media have influenced each other.

Behind the Scenes at Bowdoin’s Performance of ‘A Delicate Balance’

Last weekend, Masque & Gown stages an Edward Albee play. Busra Eriz ’17 went behind the curtain to speak to the actors and director before their Friday night performance.

Bowdoin Art Society Fills Ladd House with Student Art

The Bowdoin Art Society, a student group of 170 artists and art appreciators, opened its annual show in Ladd House Thursday night, the first night of family weekend.

‘This is a Portrait’ Exhibition Described as ‘Witty, Ironic and Excellent’ (Portland Press Herald)

The exhibition is described as “an excellent launching point for thinking about how art works.”

Slideshow: Bowdoin’s Kolster Photographs Fossils of the Future on Hawaiian Coast

Visual arts professor Michael Kolster went to Hawaii to study and photograph “plastiglomerates”—a reportedly new type of stone, formed by the fusion of melted plastic and natural minerals.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Her House, Her Novel: The Most Common Questions

Cathi Belcher, the docent of the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, has begun holding monthly “Tea with Harriet” events, inviting visitors into the newly opened home to see where Stowe wrote her famous anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Belcher has answered some of visitors’ most frequently asked questions.