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Arts and Culture

‘Lady Bird’ Cinematographer Visits Bowdoin

Award-winning cinematographer Sam Levy visited Bowdoin last week to speak to students at Macmillan House about his professional journey and his understanding of cinematography.

Family Weekend’s Celebration of Scholarship, Art, and Music

A lot goes on during Family Weekend, from the President’s Summer Research Symposium and Sarah and James Bowdoin Day, to concerts, art exhibitions, and talks. The annual event is a chance for family and friends to visit campus and learn about life at Bowdoin. Guests are invited to sit in on classes, attend a Q&A […]

From Audio to Visual: Music Lecturer Showcases Computer-Generated Art

“I am fascinated by the creative potentials of generative systems and I depend on being surprised by the traces they leave,” says Frank Mauceri. “I am often inspired by musical processes and processes of human interaction.” His work is on display at UMA’s Danforth gallery until November 7.

Bowdoin Professor’s New Exhibition Opens in Georgia Museum

This weekend a new solo exhibition will open at Telfair Museums with work by Erin Johnson, a visiting assistant professor of art and digital and computational studies at Bowdoin. Her show, Heavy Water, addresses questions and themes specific to our region and considers what it means to tell the history of a place.

From the Perspective of the First Mainers: Workshop Teaches Wabanaki History

Over the course of the workshop, the Wabanaki map—the colorful storyboard in the middle of the room—had been folded up and broken apart several times, representing the fragmented nature of Wabanaki history.

Class Spotlight: Introduction to Music in Africa

To help her students better grasp the concepts underlying West African music and dance, Assistant Professor of Music Marcelina Saibou decided that they should get a chance to actually experience them.

Student Curators Use Digital Know-How to Highlight Prestigious Medal Collection

Three student curators launched their first exhibition over the summer, highlighting the Bowdoin College Museum of Art’s prestigious Molinari medal collection. They collaborated with college and museum staff to develop an innovative web-based interface to help visitors to the museum get the most out of the show.

Preserving a Legacy: German Professor Accepts Editorship at the Goethe Yearbook

German Professor Birgit Tautz is working to celebrate change and continuity through scholarly work as the newly-appointed editor at the Goethe Yearbook.