Arts and Culture

Dissecting Soviet Propaganda Posters: Gustav Klutsis and the Five-Year Plan

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Russian Nicholas Kupensky analyzes three posters designed by the pioneering Soviet artist Gustav Klutsis, who specialized in montages.

‘Love and Information’ Promises ‘Unique Theatrical Experience’

Next month the Department of Theater and Dance will be staging Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information, an “innovative production… infused with media and technology,” writes the Sun Journal.

New Lakota Painting at Art Museum Opens Window into American History

When Museum co-director Frank Goodyear learned that “Sun Dance Ceremony” was available from a private collector, he seized the chance last fall to bring it to Bowdoin. While the College’s art museum already has a strong collection of American art, the museum team is seeking to strengthen it by acquiring more Native art.

Reappraising Ovid: Professor Boyd Examines the Roman Poet’s Relationship with Homeric Tradition

The Winkley Professor of Latin and Greek aims to shed fresh light on the literary connections between Ovid and Homer, who lived nearly a thousand years before the Roman poet, and who may well have been several different people!

Portland Museum of Art Biennal Opens, Features Bowdoin’s Erin Johnson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Johnson is among the twenty-five artists being featured in the PMA’s much anticipate exhibition. Her video documentary piece, “Lawrence”, which deals with issues of nuclear destruction and art, will be on display.

Dramatic Photographs from an 1869 Arctic Art Expedition on View

Beautiful images taken on an unusual nineteenth-century Arctic expedition are the focus of the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum’s new exhibit, Solely for the Purposes of Art: Images from William Bradford’s 1869 Arctic Expedition. 

Bowdoin’s Killeen Brings World Stage Premiere of ‘Babette’s Feast’ to Portland

“If the audience walks away thinking Babette’s Feast is about food, we’ve failed,” Killeen told The Portland Press Herald. “This play is about the way relationships are transformed through this beautiful act of sharing a meal. It’s the heart and the spirit behind it, as well as the food itself.”

Author Neil Olson ’86 on Being Both a Publisher and a Novelist

For more than three decades Olson has worked for a reputable New York literary agency (Donadio & Olson), where he has been a partner since 1996. He is also an acclaimed writer whose latest novel is enjoying positive reviews.