Arts and Culture

International Student Spotlight: Leaf Ma ’18

“When I think of Beijing, I think of my family and friends, the streets I used to pass by every day to school, and the cheap, tasty food on the street. “

Bowdoin Faculty Receive National Humanities Grant for Holocaust Education Seminar

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded Bowdoin College nearly $90,000 to offer a seminar next summer for sixteen middle and high school teachers, from across the U.S., on using art objects to enrich their lessons about the Holocaust.

International Student Spotlight: Cecilia Markmann ’21

Born in Denmark but raised mostly in China, Markmann considers both countries to be her home. She says she now also feels at home at Bowdoin.

International Student Spotlight: Giovanna Munguia ’21

“I love El Salvador, even though it’s not the most developed country in the world it’s still a really, really beautiful place with beautiful people!”

Young Composers Present Music Inspired by Art

In a collaboration with the Bowdoin College Art Museum, ten young composers recently showcased original music inspired by works of art on display. The composers are all summer students at the Bowdoin International Music Festival.

International Student Spotlight: Mishal Kazmi ’21

Mishal Kazmi ’21 from Pakistan says “it feels like I’m a part of two very different worlds, and there’s little chance they’ll ever completely meet.”

The Staying Power of ABBA: Bowdoin’s McMullen on the ‘Tribute Band Factor’

Music critics hated them, but that didn’t matter. Four-and-a-half decades after they first came to global prominence, the Swedish supergroup ABBA is proving unstoppable. The music professor is quoted in a article on the band’s enduring popularity.

Measured Words: Computation and Writing in Renaissance Italy

Everyone knows that computers didn’t come along until the second half of the last century, right? Well, maybe not, says professor Arielle Saiber. There were computers in Renaissance Italy, she informs us, but these computers were people!