Art History Department

Dave Fogler ’90 on ‘Visual Effects in Film – Art, Craft, and (Sometimes) Bad Movies’

“The most fun thing about what I do is that when projects are beginning, there’s a moment when there are so many questions to answer, and quite often you’re asked to do things that you don’t know how to do.”

Bowdoin Senior Follows 63-year-old Art History Trail to Hiroshima

Bowdoin’s Michael Amano ’17 had a Curatorial Fellowship from the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to spend last summer in Japan tracking down and interviewing some of the people who had participated in a 1952-1953 art exchange between Japanese and US schoolchildren.

Students Learn Art of Curating as They Research Photography Exhibit

The exhibition, which the students themselves have researched and curated, involved close collaboration with the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Colletions & Archives.

Japanese Print Class Sees Rarely Seen Prints

Students from Alison Miller’s Japanese Print Culture seminar took a day trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Dec. 9 to see Japanese prints that are not available to wide public viewing.

Museum of Art Exhibition Examines Artists’ Fascination with the Temptation of Saint Anthony

Curator Joachim Homann says the legend of Saint Anthony, the fourth century hermit and visionary, provides “a platform for artists to come to terms with the possibilities of their art.”

Intermediality: A New Way of Approaching Art History

Assistant Professor of Art History Dana Byrd organized a symposium to examine how different media have influenced each other.

‘This is a Portrait’ Exhibition Described as ‘Witty, Ironic and Excellent’ (Portland Press Herald)

The exhibition is described as “an excellent launching point for thinking about how art works.”

Rare Ancient Portrait Acquired by Bowdoin College Museum of Art

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art recently added an Egyptian portrait created nearly 2,000 years ago to its esteemed collections.

Art History Students Lead Discussion of ‘Beautiful Monstrosities’

The exhibition Beautiful Monstrosities, Elegant Distortions: The Artifice of Sixteenth-Century Mannerism opened at the Bowdoin Museum of Art last month, featuring the work of artists “employed by European courts in the 16th century.” Despite its smaller size of roughly a dozen etchings, prints, and drawings, the exhibit leaves much open for debate and discussion.

Art History Student Research Presentation

Student presenters, left to right: Julián Huertas ’16, Katherine Randall ’16, Katherine Gracey ’16, Abigail Mahoney ’16, and Julian Tamayo ’16.

Art History Students Engage in Critical Interrogations of Cultural Production

What’s up in Professor Wang’s classes? Calligraphy and… 3D glasses!

Bowdoin’s Irfan Reacts to Mark Rothko Art Forgery Trial

“Once I learned that it duped the chairman of Sotheby’s, I was intrigued.”

Studying History Through Objects: Art History’s Dana Byrd

Assistant art history professor Dana Byrd likes to examine history in terms of objects, like this 18th century tobacco box.

Nine New Courses Offered This Semester

The following is a complete list of new Bowdoin classes as they are described in the course catalog, plus comment from the faculty teaching the course.

Students Launch Undergraduate Journal of Art

Journal co-founder Tom Rosenblatt ’16 said that while the audience for most college essays is just one person — the professor — “students are still producing insightful work that could contribute to the way people are thinking about art.”

Students of American Furniture Learn to Make Shaker Boxes

Students from Assistant Professor of Art History Dana Byrd’s course American Furniture, By Design recently had a hands-on experience at the Bowdoin Craft Center. Under the tutelage of Bowdoin’s Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Bob Ives ’69, the students created their own Shaker boxes.

On Course: A Sampling of Bowdoin’s Newest Classes

This semester faculty members are offering many classes new to Bowdoin — 27 in all.

A Year of Faculty Grants, Fellowships and Honors

Over the past year, Bowdoin faculty from every corner of campus received grants and fellowships to support new and ongoing research projects. Others were honored for their work.

Seminar Students Work on Upcoming Exhibition

During the spring 2015 semester, students from the course “Sugar, Tobacco, Rice, and Rum: Art of the Atlantic World, 1620-1812” taught by Dana E. Byrd, assistant professor of art, became first-time curators, collaborating with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art on an original exhibition.

Art Museum Fellow’s Final Show Goes Back to Latin America’s Future

Based on her interest in the relationship betwee past and future, and in Latin American art, Sarah Montross has put together the first-ever exhibition dedicated to postwar art of the Americas inspired by science fiction and space travel.