Arctic Museum

Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum Turns 50 June 9

On June 9 the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum turns 50. The museum will kick off a year of celebration with a party from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. The program will include tours of the museum, demonstrations, and hands-on activities for people of all ages. Come put on a blubber glove to find out how marine mammals keep warm, or try your hand at some northern games. The program is free and open to the public.

Opening April 19: Northern Clothing and Identity in the Spotlight at the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum

“Threads of Change: Clothing and Identity in the North” looks at how people in the Arctic have kept themselves warm and dry in the past and how they do so today. It also examines how, over the last 100 years or so, northern people have innovated and changed some aspects of their attire, while also retaining and wearing traditional clothes reflecting the styles of their ancestors.

The Answer is Always Bowdoin College, Except on ‘Jeopardy!’ When It’s the Question

Bowdoin College got a shout-out on Jeopardy! March 1, 2017, when the popular game show featured the College as the correct response to an answer in the category A Small College.

A Century Later, Author Describes MacMillan’s Crocker Land Expedition: ‘A Wretched and Precarious Situation’

Among the challenges facing MacMillan and his colleagues were a drunken sea captain, Arctic blizzards, marooned rescue parties, and a crewman-turned-murderer.

Revisiting an Arctic Mystery

On a practical level there was an urgency about this archaeological trip to Greenland, brought about by the fact that the landscape is altering rapidly due to climate change.

Admiral Papp Gets All Dolled Up for Sail on Schooner Bowdoin

Admiral Robert Papp, USCG (Ret.), the State Department’s Special Representative for the Arctic, had some fun on the way to the Senior Arctic Officials meeting of the Arctic Council with an excursion on the Schooner Bowdoin — accompanied by the globe-trotting Peary and Henson dolls.

Arctic Lessons Aboard the Schooner Bowdoin

In advance of the Senior Arctic Officials meeting of the Arctic Council in Portland, Maine, Admiral Robert J. Papp Jr., USCG (Ret.), the U.S. State Department’s Special Representative for the Arctic, boarded the Schooner Bowdoin for a first-hand look at the historic vessel and an afternoon on Casco Bay.

Maine and the Arctic: International Experts Convene at Bowdoin to Discuss Challenges in the Arctic

The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center hosted an international gathering of scholars and policymakers who discussed the challenges of effective maritime governance during the two-day “Governing Across the Waves” workshop September 26-27, 2016.