Kaitlynn Miller ’14 Makes Olympic Team

Former Bowdoin student-athlete Kaitlynn Miller ’14 has been named to the 2018 US Olympic Team in the sport of cross-country skiing.

Kenneth Chenault ’73, H’96 Joins Board of Second Tech Company, Airbnb

A week after Facebook announced it had appointed Kenneth Chenault ’73, H’96 to its board of directors, Airbnb delivered the news that it had also succeeded in persuading the outgoing American Express CEO to its board.

Alumni, Family, and Friends Enjoy the Annual Family Skate

Nearly a hundred alumni and family members donned their skates and hit the ice with the Polar Bear this past weekend, January 21.

Michael Wolovick ’09 Proposes ‘Radical’ Solution to Curb Sea-level Rise

Michael Wolovick ’09, a glaciology postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University, is investigating whether it might be possible to geo-engineer a solution to prevent the collapse of massive glaciers and fend off catastrophic sea-level rise.

Kenneth Chenault ’73, H’96 Joins Facebook Board

Facebook has named Kenneth Chenault ’73, H’96 “one of the nation’s most prominent black corporate members…and a highly regarded finance executive,” to its board of directors, USA Today reports.

A Cautionary Tale About Addiction from Bill Williams ’69

Williams reflects on the death of his twenty-four year old son in 2012 from an accidental heroin overdose, and how his story should be told today to a much younger generation.

Columbia’s Teachers College Praises ‘Skilled Researcher’ Chanwoong Baek ’12

Columbia University Teachers College Praises PhD candidate Baek for his skills as a researcher and an explainer.

Author Neil Olson ’86 on Being Both a Publisher and a Novelist

For more than three decades Olson has worked for a reputable New York literary agency (Donadio & Olson), where he has been a partner since 1996. He is also an acclaimed writer whose latest novel is enjoying positive reviews.