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Bowdoin Alumni by State

To be at home in all lands…

Next time you drive cross-country, you’re sure to find a friendly face in every state.  Bowdoin alumni can be found living in all 50 states (and over 70 countries.) Check out this map showing where we live, across the USA.

National Geographic Society Hires Tracy Wolstencroft ’80, P’15 as CEO

Tracy Wolstencroft ’80 will take over as president and CEO of National Geographic Society, shepherding the nonprofit into a new era in which it hopes to contribute to a “healthy, more sustainable planet for generations to come.”

Former Diplomat Susan Thornton ’85, P’22 Buys Working Farm in Maine

Susan Thorton ’85, a top-level U.S. diplomat for East Asia and the Pacific region, has bought a 480-acre farm in Lisbon and plans to retire in Maine with her husband.

Ethics Prize for Obama Honors Bowdoin Grad Paul H. Douglas, Class of 1913

A US Senator noted for his commitment to fiscal reform and ethics in government, Douglas began his working life as an economics professor at the University of Chicago in 1920, seven years after graduating from Bowdoin. In WW2 he was a decorated Marine, despite being a Quaker!

Year Up Founder Gerald Chertavian ’87, P’20, P’22 Discusses United Partnership on CNBC

Year Up founder and CEO Gerald Chertavian says he is hopeful that a new partnership with United Airlines will help close the “opportunity divide” that exists for millions of young adults seeking better employment.

Former American Express CEO Ken Chenault ’73, H’96 Talks Leadership and Success on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

Ken Chenault ’73, H’96, long a respected leader in the business world, stepped down this year as chairman and CEO of American Express. After thirty-seven years at the company—the last seventeen in the corner office—Chenault had become a “rockstar to the green-card faithful,” notes CBS Sunday Morning.

Introducing the Bowdoin Magazine Podcast

Introducing the Bowdoin Magazine Podcast, where we’ll take deep dives into recent editions, go behind the scenes to expand on articles, showcase extra content, and tell new Bowdoin stories.

2018: A Busy Summer at Bowdoin College

The summer months are a time for many of us to recharge the batteries, but it doesn’t mean life at Bowdoin grinds to a halt. The campus may be quieter than usual, but there has been no shortage of activity—academic and otherwise—among the Bowdoin community since the school year ended.