Alumni Profiles

Jackson ’07 Explains How Philanthropy Fits into the World of Investment Banking

“The role of a foundation in the non-profit world is the same as an investment bank in the corporate world. Investment banks provide financing for corporations to fund growth, and foundations provide financing to nonprofits to build capacity.”

Leslie Anderson ’79 Receives NEH Grant for Democracy Research

Leslie Anderson, a University of Florida Research Foundation professor of political science, has been awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to support her research of democratic enclaves in Nicaragua and the “politics of resistance.”

From Grape to Glass: A Conversation with Winemaker Mark Lucci ’04

“About ten million cases a year come through the site I oversee in Napa Valley, California. So anything related to wine quality control, taste, mixing and blending at the site, is my responsibility.”

Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Goldenberg ’77 Discusses Economy, Investment Careers

The investment strategist visited Bowdoin earlier this week where he met with students and faculty to discuss a range of economy-related issues.

Remembering Helen Spaulding, Descendant of Bowdoin’s Founder

A descendant of James Bowdoin II, the second governor of Massachusetts and the man for whom the College is named, and part of the Kennedys’ bridal party in 1953, Helen Spaulding led a fascinating life—and that’s just the beginning.

‘Audubon’s Canadian Epiphany’: A Review of Peter Logan ’75’s Biography of John James Audubon

Peter Logan ’75 focuses on John James Audubon’s Labrador period in his biography, “Audubon: America’s Greatest Naturalist and His Voyage of Discovery in Labrador.” Read about what The Weekly Standard calls “Audubon’s Canadian epiphany” in its review.

Becca Selden ’06 Looks to the Sea to Study Climate Change

Becca Selden ’06 described evolving from an idealistic young girl focused on conservation—and saving animals like leopards at any cost—to a seasoned scientist who is mindful of how important natural resources are to sustaining people throughout the world.

Five Years Out: ‘Kindness Advocate’ and Motivational Speaker, Houston Kraft ’11

Schools invite Houston Kraft to speak to their students not because he rails against bullying or cyberbullying, but because he advocates for kindness. He speaks about such themes as how to make kindness an everyday practice and how to choose to love.

Five Years Out: Grant Easterbrook ’11 Launches Financial Firm

Grant Easterbook ’11 started his first job after Bowdoin at Corporate Insight, a small family-owned consulting firm in New York City. In his free time he began looking around for a topic or field in which he could become an expert.

“I was looking for a topic that hadn’t blown up yet, but was something that would become hot within a few years time,” he said. “And I thought I’d become the expert in that space before the big firms like McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, and Bain started covering it.”

Five Years Out: A Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Making, Coco Sprague ’11

An English major and a government and legal studies minor, Coco Sprague ’11 said her interest in law was nurtured by several classes she took at Bowdoin.

Five Years Out: A NYC Midwife, Natalia Richey ’11

If someone had told Natalia Richey ’11 during her first year at Bowdoin that she would one day be working as a midwife at a big city hospital, she would have scoffed. She has just delivered her 150th baby.

Five Years Out: H.S. English Teacher Will Cogswell ’11 Heads to Salt Lake City

“The general Bowdoin academic culture has influenced me a lot,” Will Cogswell ’11 said. “Academically Bowdoin is rigorous, but it’s also collaborative, which aligns with my values and is a central part of my classroom and classroom culture.”

Five Years Out: Student Ministries Director Joelinda Coichy ’11

For much of her life, Joelinda Coichy was convicned she would become a lawyer. Yet as she pursued her studies at Bowdoin, she began to feel she had another calling.

Five Years Out: College-access Champion Zully Bosques ’11

The series “Five Years Out” catches up with Bowdoin alumni to learn what they’re up to and where they’ve been since earning their diploma.​ Here we profile Zulmarie “Zully” Bosques and her work with students.

Five Years Out: From App Developer to Managing Director, Ben Johnson ’11

Bowdoin News presents a new series, “Five Years Out,” in which we catch up Bowdoin alumni to find out what they’re up to and where they’ve been since they earned their diploma five years ago.​

Activist DeRay Mckesson ’07 Talks MLK, White Privilege on ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

Activist DeRay Mckesson ’07 was a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Jan. 18, when he spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and Campaign Zero, a platform that looks to end police violence through changes in union contracts and department policies.

Faculty Profile: Scholar of Pre-Modern Italian Literature and Hyper-modern Science Fiction, Arielle Saiber

Associate Professor of Romance Languages Arielle Saiber discusses her career path, her research, how she uses technology in her literature classes, and her love of chocolate and experimental electronic music for our Faculty Profile series.

Historian Andrew Robarts ’90 Gives Bowdoin Talk: ‘Merchants, Migrants and Microbes’

Using excerpts from his book, Andrew Robarts offered a balanced understanding of the relationship between the Ottoman and Russian empires by going beyond an examination of the geopolitical and ideological tensions often highlighted in history.

Geoffrey Canada ’74 and Stanley Druckenmiller ’75 to Share Bowdoin’s Highest Honor

Geoffrey Canada of the Bowdoin Class of 1974 and Stanley F. Druckenmiller of the Class of 1975 will be awarded The Bowdoin Prize—the highest honor the College bestows upon its members—during a special ceremony at Lincoln Center in New York City.

International Educator Shanna Crofton ’01 Returns as Brunswick Principal

Shanna Crofton’s decision to work in education after graduating from Bowdoin in 2001 set her down a unique career path that has taken her to Switzerland, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, India, and now, finally, back home.