Academic Life

The Pros and Cons of a Nuclear Weapons Ban (War on the Rocks)

The prospect of a ban on nuclear weapons is causing division within the global community, writes Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Rebecca Gibbons in War on the Rocks, a news site specializing in national security and foreign policy issues.

Bowdoin and the Environment: Students Experience Iceland in the Making

Earth and Oceanographic Science professor Collin Roesler offers a glimpse of what she, three other Bowdoin faculty, and 20 Bowdoin students experienced on a recent scientific trip to Iceland.

Bowdoin’s Danahy Mentors US International Chemistry Olympiad Team

Chemistry lecturer Michael Danahy described this year’s team as “one of the strongest groups we have seen.” The 49th International Chemistry Olympiad takes place in Thailand from July 6-15, 2017.

Laura Griffee’17 Virtually Games Her Way to Interactive Art

During a yearlong independent study, Laura Griffee ’17 adapted virtual reality software to make a DIY sculpture tool. Griffee, a visual arts major, worked with Google Cardboard and other virtual reality software to enable users to interact with the sculptures of Assistant Professor of Art Jackie Brown.

Cindy Rivera ’18 Receives Award at National Chemistry Conference

Rivera won an award at the conference for her undergraduate project, “Top-down and Bottom-up Proteomics for the Identification of Crustacean Neuropeptides and Precursor-Related Peptides Predicted by Transcriptomics.”

Digital Tools Open Up Bowdoin’s Past to Students

The following story explores the ways in which students, staff, and faculty are applying digital technology to analyze old texts and objects.

Has American Higher Ed. Lost Its Way? Bowdoin’s Dorn Delves Into Question in New Book

In his new book, For the Common Good, Professor of Education Charles Dorn challenges the rhetoric of America’s so-called crisis in higher education by investigating two centuries of college and university history.

Two CS Students Who Love Italy Build Virtual Reality Language Program

While studying in Bologna, Italy, for a semester, two Bowdoin computer science majors were inspired to try to recreate their time abroad for students back in Maine.