Academic Life

Victorian Spiritualism: When Ghosts and Objects Collide

The pursuit of pursuing the deceased infected all levels of society, from Queen Victoria herself—who used mediums to try and contact her late husband Prince Albert after he died in 1861—to ordinary working class families, who flocked in great numbers to spiritualist meetings.

German Department Looks Ahead to ‘Continued Excellence’ in 2018

After being honored as a national “center of excellence,” Bowdoin’s German department is looking forward to an exciting year of teaching, research and special events.

C-SPAN Airs Professor Dorn’s Talk on Higher Education

Professor of Education Chuck Dorn recently offered his insights into U.S. universities and colleges last month in a talk he gave for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in Boston. His lecture was broadcast by C-SPAN.

MacEachern Book Studies Origins of Boko Haram

“The book stresses how Boko Haram is really a local group with deep historical roots in the region, rather than a straightforward, off-the-shelf, Al Qaeda ‘franchise,’ which is how it’s often described.”

Check Out Recent Books by Bowdoin Faculty

In the past year, Bowdoin faculty have published books about Ovid, China’s population, nature journaling, Black Apostolic Pentecostalism, and much more, ranging across the disciplines from sociology to education.

Bowdoin and Government Scientists Collaborate to Measure Photosynthesis

Professor of Biology Barry Logan said the project, which is underwritten by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, is looking at new large-scale methods of measuring photosynthesis—something that has enormous potential to help in areas like farming and ecology.

Marine Science Students Research Ocean Changes, Microplastics, Invasive Species, and More

To a gathered group of scientists and students, students in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester explain how they designed their experiments and what they discovered.

A Bowdoin Class Responds to Hurricane Maria, and Cross-Cultural Learning Follows

Nadia Celis, an associate professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Bowdoin, saw her action as a way to “model social and civic engagement,” as well as a means of giving her Bowdoin students an opportunity to support their peers in Puerto Rico. She also describes it as a “great pedagogical opportunity.”