Academic Life

Environmental Studies 1101 Field Trip Offers Students an Interdisciplinary Approach to Ecological Restoration

John Lichter, a professor of biology and environmental studies, explained that the field trip reflects the course’s intention — indeed, the intention of the whole Environmental Studies department: “The overall message is to understand how humans impact the ecosystem,” he said.

Marine Science Semester Studies Unique Kent Island Environment

The 200-acre island, which has had a Bowdoin research facility on it since 1935, is an ideal site for the Marine Science Semester’s experiential learning approach for several reasons, according to Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Sarah Kingston, who is one of the program’s faculty members.

For First-Years with a Scientific Orientation, Bowdoin Offers Crash Course

The Bowdoin Science Experience is designed to, in just three and a half days, “give [incoming students] a crash course in how this place works,” chemistry lecturer Michael Danahy explained. He oversees the program, which is one of the orientation trip options students can select to kick off their Bowdoin education.

‘Bootcamp’ Preps Marine Science Students for Immersive Semester

To kick off an intense semester of marine biology, the ten students participating in this fall’s Bowdoin Marine Science Semester were put through the paces at “bootcamp” last week.

Associate Professor Gillespie Has Big Plans for Russian Program

Gillespie says it’s a “matter of national security that we produce a new generation of Russia specialists who possess deep linguistic and cultural expertise.”

Professor Bay-Cheng Gets NEH Grant to Teach Digital Technologies in Theater Studies

Professor Sarah Bay-Cheng is heading to the campus of the University of Georgia next summer to teach other theater professors how to get the most out of digital technologies. “I’m excited about this grant because it speaks to the growing significance of digital scholarship in theater and performance studies.”

A Bowdoin Investigation: Can a Maine Marsh Survive Rising Seas?

Eventually, with the data they will have collected, they will forecast whether the marsh, after thriving for approximately 5,000 years, can survive the coming acceleration of climate change.

Six Professors Appointed to Named Chairs

Six members of the Bowdoin faculty have been appointed to named chairs at the College. The appointees come from a variety of academic fields, including visual arts, Asian studies, religion and modern languages.