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rachel beane

Hot Topic: Professor Rachel Beane Studies Supervolcanoes

By studying micron-millimeter sized slices of fist-sized rocks collected from the earth’s surface, Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Rachel Beane can discern what has been happening miles below ground, in the depths of supervolcanoes. Her investigation of volcanic rocks is pushing forward our understanding of these enormous volcanoes, and could lead one day to better prediction models for their eruptions.

Teach-in Offers Day Devoted to Climate Change, Racism, Social Justice

In classrooms and lecture halls across Bowdoin’s campus yesterday, faculty, staff and students engaged in a one-of-a-kind event at Bowdoin — a daylong “teach-in” devoted to exploring difficult issues affecting our world today.


Justin Ehringhaus ’16 Receives Scholarship to Study in Japan

Justin Ehringhaus ’16 has received a prestigious scholarship to study in Japan for a year.

dharni with students

Professor Dharni Vasudevan Helps Detect Chemical Exposure in the Environment

This year, Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies Dharni Vasudevan won a National Science Foundation grant to investigate the trajectories, or “fates,” of common medicines in our environment.


Library Opens Media Commons to Enhance Cinema Studies

The Media Commons reflects Bowdoin’s efforts to centralize and enhance its media services, and to better support cinema studies classes and student video production.

Bowdoin College
summer 2015
photo by James B Marshall

Bowdoin’s Newest Tenure-Track Faculty

Several tenure-track professors joined Bowdoin’s faculty this year to teach and do research in a number of fields — math, Romance languages, chemistry, digital and computational studies, theater and dance, Asian studies, history and sociology.


Laura Griffee ’17 Creates Virtual Installation for Art Professor Jackie Brown

Laura Griffee ’17 worked with Assistant Professor of Art Jackie Brown this summer to design an interactive, 3D interface for Brown’s sculpture installations.


On Course: A Sampling of Bowdoin’s Newest Classes

This semester faculty members are offering many classes new to Bowdoin — 27 in all.

Bowdoin Opens Academic Year with 214th Convocation

The College’s annual Convocation ceremony, marking the official opening of its 214th year, was held Wednesday, Sept. 2, in Pickard Theater of Memorial Hall.

bamboo coral

Prof. LaVigne and Students Decipher How Past Oceans Responded to Climate Change

Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Michèle LaVigne has a National Science Foundation grant to research deep-sea bamboo corals and what they can tell us about the connections between the ocean depths and climate.

karine graeter

Karina Graeter ’14 Publishes Research in Mineralogy Journal

Karina Graeter, who graduated in 2014, is the lead author of an article published in this month’s issue of the journal American Mineralogist.

kennebec river

Students Help Restore Maine’s Ecology

This summer, a group of students worked with John Lichter, Bowdoin professor of biology and environmental studies, on research that can support the restoration of Maine’s rivers, estuaries and coastal fisheries.


Prof. Nat Wheelwright Honored For Ecological Teaching

The Ecological Society of America has presented Nat Wheelwright, Bowdoin’s Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences, with an award recognizing his “outstanding contribution to ecology” through teaching and mentoring.


Mothers and Martyrs: Apekshya Prasai ’16 on Women’s Role in Militant Insurgencies

Apekshya Prasai ’16 was two years old when the Maoist insurgency broke out in her home country of Nepal. Now, she’s researching women’s roles in the movement’s militarized political violence.


Bowdoin Economist Assesses Impact of Endangered Species Act

Assistant Professor of Economic Erik Nelson has found that the Endangered Species Act has made no discernible impact on what people do or don’t do on environments considered critical to listed species’ persistence.


Repairing the ‘Leaky Pipeline’ of Women in STEM: Clare Boothe Luce Fellows Discuss Their Research

Megan Maher ’16 and Meg Freiberger ’16 are this year’s recipients of the Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship, which is targeted at women doing research in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

leah zuo

Professor Leah Zuo Discusses ‘Science’ in Premodern China, the Relevance of Confucius Today and Her Current Projects

After receiving a couple of fellowships, Leah Zuo has a generous sabbatical in front of her to finish her first book and begin her second. At the moment she is completing a book about the famous Chinese figure Shen Gua (1031-1095), who is credited with making a number of startling discoveries well ahead of his time.


Searching for Sweet Victory in the Battle Against H. pylori

This summer, Professor Danielle Dube and her student researchers — Ian Kline ’15, Jared Feldman ’16, Brigitte McFarland ’18 and Hal Miller ’16 —are developing therapies to fight a dangerous bacterial pathogen called H. pylori.

Kylie and Jacob in Nyhus lab

Making Waves: Erika Nyhus’ Lab Explores Memory and Attention

This summer, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Erika Nyhus is working with four student researchers — Kylie Moore ’16, Helen Wieffering ’16, Jacob MacDonald ’16, and Andrew Engel ’16 — exploring memory, attention and the human brain.

pieter martino

Mussels, Snails, Sea Stars: A Summer of Research at the Coastal Studies Center

This summer, scientists and students are conducting research at the Coastal Studies Center in its recently refurbished and expanded marine lab. They are looking into the life histories and adaptability of sea stars, mussels, sea urchins, mud snails and other organisms.