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Bowdoin Art Historian and Co-Authors Win Award for Online Scholarship

A team of academics and technology experts — including Bowdoin’s Pamela Fletcher, professor of art history, and David Israel, senior producer for academic new media — has won the Association of Research Institutes in Art History’s 2015 ARIAH Prize for Online Publishing.


Faculty Profile: Biologist, Genetics Education Advocate and Ferocious Drummer Jack Bateman

Biology professor Jack Bateman is the latest faculty member to be profiled in our series on professors. In these Q&As, faculty members answer our questions about their careers, research and little known facts about themselves.

jacks class

Math Class Dances Its Way to Computational Statistics

Math professor Jack O’Brien uses dance to help his students understand computational statistics.

latin tea

At Friday Latin Teas, Students Dive Into Erudite, and Sometimes Funny, Texts

Each Friday afternoon in the Peucinian Room, Classics Lecturer Michael Nerdahl meets with several dedicated Latin students for a tradition he calls “Latin Tea.”

Bowdoin Museum of Art Celebrates Opening with Pie

Before the clock struck 9:26:53, Bowdoin professor of mathematics Jennifer Taback gave a brief history of Pi.


Professor Higginbotham: The Islamic State’s Attack on the Past

“While attention tends to focus on the destruction of art and the looting of artifacts, the demolition of ancient ruins and the consequent loss of the archaeological context for these remains are even more troubling,” writes Associate Professor of Classics James Higginbotham.


Art Museum Show Opens with Pi, and Pie, This Saturday

An unusual convergence of math and art — and pie — is taking place at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art this Saturday.

Professor Scanlon Revisits a Unique Group of Women Printmakers

The printmakers, who were known as the Folly Cove Designers, are now largely forgotten, despite having achieved both interesting art and an unusual art collective in a pre-feminist era.


Faculty Profile: Scholar of Pre-Modern Italian Literature and Hyper-modern Science Fiction, Arielle Saiber

Associate Professor of Romance Languages Arielle Saiber discusses her career path, her research, how she uses technology in her literature classes, and her love of chocolate and experimental electronic music for our Faculty Profile series.


Theater Class Plays With ‘Light/Dark’

The performance included elements of dance, theater and music. The theme of “light” and “dark” was woven through time in scientific, philosophical and spiritual interpretations.

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Scholars Explore Science Before the Scientific Revolution

In a recent Bowdoin symposium on early-modern science, scholars from Bowdoin and elsewhere gave talks on alchemy, astronomy, botany, and the global crosscurrents that transmitted Islamic learning to Europe.


Historian Andrew Robarts ’90 Gives Bowdoin Talk: ‘Merchants, Migrants and Microbes’

Using excerpts from his book, Andrew Robarts offered a balanced understanding of the relationship between the Ottoman and Russian empires by going beyond an examination of the geopolitical and ideological tensions often highlighted in history.

ISLE Immerses Students in Sri Lanka (and Gives Them a Small Taste Here at Bowdoin)

Students interested in studying abroad with Bowdoin’s Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education Program (ISLE) were recently treated to a bit of the country’s traditional food and tea.

Ann Kibby

Faculty profile: English Professor and Frank Sinatra Fan, Ann Kibbie

We are launching a new series to highlight the careers and interests — from the scholarly to the offbeat — of Bowdoin faculty. This time, we profile Associate Professor of English Ann Kibbie.


Iris Levin ’05 on Swallows, Seabirds and Social Networks

Since graduating, Iris Levin ’05 has earned a PhD in ecology, evolution and systematics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Much of her research has focused on interactions in the wild.


Five Bowdoin Faculty Receive Tenure

Two biologists, an economist, an artist and a political scientist have earned tenure this year.


Need a New Hip? Bowdoin Economist Has Some Advice

Professor of Economics Jonathan Goldstein has analyzed the cost-effectiveness of different hip replacement techniques and found that the surgeon and the technique can make a big difference in cost.


Seashore Digital Diaries: Cundy’s Harbor Lobster Harvesters Rob and Karin Watson

Dana White ’15 created a four minute-long sequence of an interview her crew conducts in Cundy’s Harbor with lobster harvesters Rob and Karin Watson.

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Three Profs Put a Digital Spin on Humanities Classes

Three humanities professors recently spoke about how they used digital technology in their fall classes to enable students to ask and answer complex questions.

Dale Syphers_football

Bowdoin Physics Prof Runs ‘Deflategate’ Experiment (WCSH, Chronicle of Higher Education)

In response to the National Football League’s “Ballghazi” or “Deflategate” scandal, Professor of Physics Dale Syphers demonstrated for a local TV reporter how footballs can change pressure over the course of a game.