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patrick rael

Historian Patrick Rael Explains ‘Long Death of Slavery’

Professor of History Patrick Rael explores why it took so long to abolish slavery his new book, Eighty-eight years: The Long Death of Slavery in the United States, 1777-1865.

Olivia Bean ’17

Students Create Digital Art in New Video Class

To meet growing student interest in video production, Bowdoin’s Visual Arts Department has hired Visiting Artist Erin Johnson to teach several new video classes.

Bowdoin Honors Students on Sarah and James Bowdoin Day

Bowdoin celebrated its highest ranking student scholars at the College’s 2015 Sarah and James Bowdoin Day on Friday, October 30, 2015.

erika nyhus

Neuroscientist Erika Nyhus Studies Memory, With Hope of Improving It One Day

Encouragingly, neuroscientists like Bowdoin’s Erika Nyhus are making headway in understanding how memory works — how our brains make, retain and retrieve memories. The work Nyhus is doing in her lab in the basement of Kanbar Hall could even one day lead to better diagnoses and treatments for people with disordered memories.

Marine Science Semester Students Recall Wondrous Ecology Trip to Baja

Six students this fall are participating in Bowdoin’s first-ever Marine Science Semester, an immersive academic program based at the Coastal Studies Center and geared toward students interested in marine biology and environmental science. The trip to Baja California Sur formed the basis of the module on benthic ecology.

science symposium

President’s Science Symposium Showcases Nanotechnology

Director of The International Institute for Nanotechnology Dr. Chad Mirkin gave the keynote address at last Friday’s President’s Science Symposium, followed by three faculty-nominated students who spoke about their research.

coastal studies center

At 10 Years: Doherty Marine Biology Program Launches Science Careers

This year, the Doherty Marine Biology Scholar Program at Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center is 10 years old. In the past decade, the program has supported four researchers who launched successful careers from here while also inspiring many Bowdoin students to pursue similar scientific paths.


Professor Kristen Ghodsee’s Latest Book Receives Prize

Kristen Ghodsee’s latest book, The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe, has received a Heldt Prize honorable mention for best book in Slavic and East European Women’s Studies.


Bowdoin’s Margaret Boyle Wins Book Prize for ‘Unruly Women’

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literature Margaret Boyle’s new book, Unruly Women: Performance, Penitence, and Punishment in Early Modern Spain, has received an honorable mention from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women for best book on women and gender in 2014.


Invited Speaker Reflects on Germany 25 Years After Unification

An academic whose focus includes East Germany and gender theory recently visited Bowdoin to give a talk on the effects of unification 25 years after the historic joining of East and West Germany.

rachel beane

Hot Topic: Professor Rachel Beane Studies Supervolcanoes

By studying micron-millimeter sized slices of fist-sized rocks collected from the earth’s surface, Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Rachel Beane can discern what has been happening miles below ground, in the depths of supervolcanoes. Her investigation of volcanic rocks is pushing forward our understanding of these enormous volcanoes, and could lead one day to better prediction models for their eruptions.

Teach-in Offers Day Devoted to Climate Change, Racism, Social Justice

In classrooms and lecture halls across Bowdoin’s campus yesterday, faculty, staff and students engaged in a one-of-a-kind event at Bowdoin — a daylong “teach-in” devoted to exploring difficult issues affecting our world today.


Justin Ehringhaus ’16 Receives Scholarship to Study in Japan

Justin Ehringhaus ’16 has received a prestigious scholarship to study in Japan for a year.

dharni with students

Professor Dharni Vasudevan Helps Detect Chemical Exposure in the Environment

This year, Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies Dharni Vasudevan won a National Science Foundation grant to investigate the trajectories, or “fates,” of common medicines in our environment.


Library Opens Media Commons to Enhance Cinema Studies

The Media Commons reflects Bowdoin’s efforts to centralize and enhance its media services, and to better support cinema studies classes and student video production.

Bowdoin College
summer 2015
photo by James B Marshall

Bowdoin’s Newest Tenure-Track Faculty

Several tenure-track professors joined Bowdoin’s faculty this year to teach and do research in a number of fields — math, Romance languages, chemistry, digital and computational studies, theater and dance, Asian studies, history and sociology.


Laura Griffee ’17 Creates Virtual Installation for Art Professor Jackie Brown

Laura Griffee ’17 worked with Assistant Professor of Art Jackie Brown this summer to design an interactive, 3D interface for Brown’s sculpture installations.


On Course: A Sampling of Bowdoin’s Newest Classes

This semester faculty members are offering many classes new to Bowdoin — 27 in all.

Bowdoin Opens Academic Year with 214th Convocation

The College’s annual Convocation ceremony, marking the official opening of its 214th year, was held Wednesday, Sept. 2, in Pickard Theater of Memorial Hall.

bamboo coral

Prof. LaVigne and Students Decipher How Past Oceans Responded to Climate Change

Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Michèle LaVigne has a National Science Foundation grant to research deep-sea bamboo corals and what they can tell us about the connections between the ocean depths and climate.