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Coalition of College Libraries, including Bowdoin, Launches New Press

Bowdoin’s library is collaborating with liberal arts colleges across the country to start a new publishing outfit that aims to help shake up the world of academic publishing.


Nine New Courses Offered This Semester

The following is a complete list of new Bowdoin classes as they are described in the course catalog, plus comment from the faculty teaching the course. (NOTE: Some courses are labeled ESD or VPA. These refer to Exploring Social Differences and Visual and Performing Arts, which are two of the five distribution requirements mandated by […]


New Book by Prof. Wolfenzon Analyzes Colonial Influence in Latin American Novels

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures Carolyn Wolfenzon’s new book, “Muerte de Utopía: historia, antihistoria e insularidad en la novela latinoamericana” analyzes the representation of the colonial period (16th-18th centuries) and its literal and metaphorical islands in seven contemporary Latin American novels.

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Bowdoin’s Putnam Finds Dutch, Finnish Babies Smile, Cuddle More than US Babies

Professor of Psychology Sam Putnam has for the past eight years collected data from different countries on infant temperaments. In two recently published studies, he and his research collaborators discovered marked differences in U.S. babies from Dutch and Finnish infants before they are 12 months old.

haley miller

Bowdoin Senior Wins Prestigious Award for Study in U.K.

To fund Haley Miller’s overseas studies next year, Miller has received a competitive Keasbey Scholarship, which each year is awarded to “some of the most gifted and intellectually curious American college graduates” to support post-graduate study in the United Kingdom.

Mojave National Preserve

Botany Class Pursues Plants in a Varied and Changing World

To learn how plants around the world have adapted to their environments, and how they are being affected by a changing climate, a plant physiology class at Bowdoin spent last semester investigating flora around the world.

Special Collections director encourages students, faculty, community members to make use of the facility

Special Collections Director Urges Students, Others to ‘Come Visit the Reading Room.’

George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections and Archives, Bowdoin College Library

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Bowdoin’s Rudalevige Asks How Effective Obama’s Gun Control Action Will Be

In a piece for the Washington Post political science blog The Monkey Cage, Andrew Rudalevige says Obama’s action is far less aggressive than his critics charge.

benthic ecology

Bowdoin To Host Big Marine Science Conference in Portland

This year, Bowdoin is hosting the 45th annual Benthic Ecology Meeting, from March 16-19, in Portland, Maine.

Karen Topp

Physics Department Creates New Major for Future High School Teachers

In response to a national shortage of qualified high school physics teachers, Bowdoin’s physics department has teamed up with the education department to create a new major that prepares students to teach physics in secondary schools.

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Rural Pathways to College

Sociology professor Ingrid Nelson looks at why high students from rural areas are more likely to progress to college than their urban counterparts

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Book Site Features New Titles by Bowdoin Faculty

We have compiled all the titles Bowdoin faculty have published in the past few years on a new books site.

climate change

Perspectives from Bowdoin Professors on the New Climate Deal

We asked professors from different disciplines to weigh in on the new agreement among 195 nations to reduce global emissions in an attempt to save our planet from the worst effects of climate change.


ISIS and Islam: A Conversation with Bowdoin’s Elias and Morrison

Professor Robert G. Morrison, chair of the Religion Department, and Assistant Professor of Government Barbara Elias, discuss Islam, ISIS, and the current situation in Iraq and Syria.


Bowdoin’s Palopoli Finds Promising Way to Study Human Evolution, with Mites

Microscopic face mites that live deep in our hair follicles and sweat glands contain information on where our ancestors came from, according to a new study by first author Michael Palopoli, an associate professor of biology at Bowdoin

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Coastal Studies

Bowdoin Wins NSF Grant to Study Climate Change in the Sea

With help from a new National Science Foundation grant, Bowdoin will soon be able to conduct more detailed and sophisticated studies of the effects of climate change on the oceans.

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Machine Learning: How Computers Predict The Future

“Everyone wants to own data mining now and machine learning”, she says. “It’s because of the amount of data that are out there today”, she adds, noting that how many of our everyday transactions are now electronically logged.


Students Find Social Commentary in Comic Relief

In one class project, students in the course Of Comics and Culture compiled comics that look at climate change, racism and social justice, the topics addressed by the campus-wide Teach-in held October 1.

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Women Warriors: A New Seminar

The course – Daughters of Mars: Women Warriors – is a first-year seminar offered for the first time this fall. It’s a study of women at war through the ages, both as combatants or line fighters, says Potholm, and as military leaders.


Professor Chakkalakal Presents Writer’s Unpopular Perspective on Race

Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English Tess Chakkalakal recently gave a public talk on campus about Charles Chesnutt’s 1901 novel The Marrow of Tradition, a book she positions as “a — maybe the — great American novel.”