Academic Life

Prof. Erin Johnson Honored for Bringing Community Service to the Classroom

Erin Johnson, a visiting assistant professor in the departments of Visual Arts and Digital and Computational Studies at Bowdoin, is being recognized for making public service an integral part of her classes.

Godzilla: More Than Just a Giant, Angry Lizard

Godzilla represents a number of things, says Asian studies professor Chris Born, but is commonly associated with the ongoing concern in Japan, and elsewhere, over nuclear contamination. Born has organized an academic symposium to examine the continuing relevance of the ‘Godzilla’ franchise.

Physicist Thomas Baumgarte Wins Simons Fellowship

Professor of physics Thomas Baumgarte, one of the nation’s leading numerical relativists, is one of 52 mathematicians and physicists this year who have won a prestigious Simons Fellowship.

Sociology Major Daisy Wislar ’18 Opens Windows onto Disability and Sexuality

Daisy Wislar’s honors project is “groundbreaking,” Assistant Professor of Sociology Theo Greene said, for bringing to light the lives of people often overlooked or misunderstood by both academics and the mainstream population.

Bowdoin Scientist Discovering New Ways to Make Breakthrough Medicines

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Benjamin Gorske has won one of the National Science Foundation’s most distinguished research awards, the CAREER grant, given to faculty relatively early in their careers.

Why Boko Haram Insurgents are ‘Slave Raiders,’ and What Can Be Done About It

People in the borderlands between Cameroon and Nigeria commonly refer to the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram as “slave raiders,” Professor of Anthropology Scott MacEachern explains in The Washington Post. “There’s good reason to use that term,” he continues. “In many striking ways, Boko Haram’s raids for ‘wives’ parallel the slave raids of a century ago.”

‘The Secret Story of a Terrible Love:’ A Love Story Masquerading as a Crime Novel

Prof. Nadia Celis’s research casts a new light on Gabriel García Márquez’s classic crime novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold. She’s planning a collaboration with the Theater and Dance department to tell the story.

Three Things Sara Dickey Wants You To Know about Her Latest Book ‘Living Class in Urban India’ — And the Cool Honor It Just Received

Professor of Anthropology Sara Dickey’s latest book, Living Class in Urban India, has been honored by the Association for Asian Studies.