Academic Life

Let the Problem-Solving Begin: Roux Center is Officially Open

“This building provides a physical and intellectual model for how the rest of the campus can think about engaging in interdisciplinary work across a raft of problems,” said President Clayton Rose. Furthermore, he added, “it is a super cool building!”

Senior’s Healthcare Research Begins in Maine, Moves to Rwanda

Darlene Ineza continues to investigate marginalized patients’ access to healthcare. But she has shifted her focus from Maine to her home country, which, almost a quarter century later, is still recovering from the trauma of its civil war and genocide.

Lifelong Learning: Bowdoin Extends its Education to the Community

This fall, earth and oceanographic science professor Phil Camill is teaching a six-session course, on alternating Monday evenings, about climate change and “weird weather.” The attendees are mostly retired people living in Brunswick and nearby who belong to the Association of Bowdoin Friends.

A Green Roof for Beauty, Function, and Education

The roof garden is an important component of the building’s official environmental certification for two main reasons: It helps absorb storm-water runoff and it serves as insulation.

Bowdoin Professor’s New Exhibition Opens in Georgia Museum

This weekend a new solo exhibition will open at Telfair Museums with work by Erin Johnson, a visiting assistant professor of art and digital and computational studies at Bowdoin. Her show, Heavy Water, addresses questions and themes specific to our region and considers what it means to tell the history of a place.

Class Spotlight: Introduction to Music in Africa

To help her students better grasp the concepts underlying West African music and dance, Assistant Professor of Music Marcelina Saibou decided that they should get a chance to actually experience them.

52 New Classes, From Jane Eyre to the Biology of Sex Differences

This semester, faculty are offering fifty two classes that are brand new to Bowdoin.

Basking in Phytoplankton’s Glow: The Novel Marine Research of Martha Boben ’19

This summer, Martha Boben ’19 managed to ask big questions of some of the smallest creatures.