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Academic Life

‘Lady Bird’ Cinematographer Visits Bowdoin

Award-winning cinematographer Sam Levy visited Bowdoin last week to speak to students at Macmillan House about his professional journey and his understanding of cinematography.

Student’s Tree Swallow Research Reveals Clues into Their Decline

Research by Liam Taylor ’17 is contributing to the effort by scientists to understand why birds that hunt for insects in mid-air, such as swallows, are declining across North America.

Latin American Historian Allen Wells Reflects on Refugee Caravan, Career

Wells looks back on his forty-plus college teaching career and offers some thoughts on the current Central American refugee crisis. This Friday scholars from around the nation converge on the Bowdoin campus for a Latin American symposium celebrating the career of the Roger Howell, Jr. Professor of History.

With Sugar and Algorithms, C.S. Students Make Fantabulous Cookies

Students in the class Computational Creativity held a bake sale Friday to raise money for the local food pantry and let people taste their algorithm-generated cookies.

2018 Family Weekend: Symposium to Celebrate Student Research and Creativity

We have briefly described three student projects—in politics, marine biology, and theater/computer science—that will be part of the student research symposium Friday, where the full breadth of the liberal arts will be on display.

Renowned German Author Bernhard Schlink Visits Bowdoin

Assistant Professor of German Jens Elias Klenner praised Schlink’s introspective novel’s ability to “ask us to read again, more than once slowly,” and “to serve as a looking glass into a troubled times.”

Let the Problem-Solving Begin: Roux Center is Officially Open

“This building provides a physical and intellectual model for how the rest of the campus can think about engaging in interdisciplinary work across a raft of problems,” said President Clayton Rose. Furthermore, he added, “it is a super cool building!”

Senior’s Healthcare Research Begins in Maine, Moves to Rwanda

Darlene Ineza continues to investigate marginalized patients’ access to healthcare. But she has shifted her focus from Maine to her home country, which, almost a quarter century later, is still recovering from the trauma of its civil war and genocide.