Academic Life

Bowdoin’s Brian Purnell Reminds Us of the North’s Racist Past

Brian Purnell and his co-author argue that understanding racism in America in 2018 requires an examination of the history of racist practices and ideologies in both the South and the North.

Bowdoin Faculty Receive National Humanities Grant for Holocaust Education Seminar

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded Bowdoin College nearly $90,000 to offer a seminar next summer for sixteen middle and high school teachers, from across the U.S., on using art objects to enrich their lessons about the Holocaust.

New Book by Education Professor Examines Patriotism in Schools

A recently published book co-authored by Bowdoin Professor of Education Charles Dorn looks at the role of patriotism in American schools and civic education through a historical and philosophical lens.

Studying a Maine Parish for a Glimpse into Contemporary Catholicism

Viviane Kostin plans to spend a year studying one Maine parish to gain insight into modern Catholicism.

Bowdoin’s Collin Roesler Starts Mission to Explore Carbon’s Fate in the Ocean

Update to story: Zoe Dietrich ’21 visited the EXPORTS research vessel, Sally Ride, before it departed, grabbing photos to share with Bowdoin via the Earth and Oceanographic Science Instagram feed. Maddie and Collin in Collin’s lab aboard the R/V Sally Ride! Collin and Sue will be assessing the phytoplankton in the water column using a […]

The Making of a Greek Language App: Diakritikos

Demonstrating a fusion of two languages, a scholar and his students are combining computer code with classical Greek to create a language-learning app that will help Classics students practice accentuation—a key dimension of ancient Greek.

Maine-Focused Internships Are ‘Life-changing,’ ‘Inspiring,’ ‘Motivating’

This summer, the twenty-four fellows chipped away a little at all that needs to be done to help our society and environment. They worked for nature advocacy and conservation groups; they interned at organizations feeding hungry families; they provided free healthcare to low-income people.

Jiankun Wu ’21 Translates Undiscovered Chinese Sci-fi Writer

Because she loves science fiction and science—she studies physics and English at Bowdoin—Jiankun Wu decided to take on the task this summer of translating Qiang Fu’s 2017 book, The Loners’ Game, from Chinese to English.