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Women’s Hockey: The Frozen Fenway Experience

The Bowdoin College and Connecticut College women’s ice hockey teams battled at Fenway Park January 12, 2017, for the first-ever NESCAC women’s hockey game to be played at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Rudalevige on Reining In Presidential Power — And Its Consequences

Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government Andrew Rudalevige writes in the political science blog Monkey Cage, “Inside the shiny ‘stick it to Obama’ wrapping paper is an attack on executive branch autonomy.”

Students Teaching Students Makes For Learning Experience All Around

Bowdoin students headed toward careers in teaching enjoy a professional development partnership with King Middle School in Portland, a nationally recognized expeditionary learning school with a diverse school community, in which they are placed with veteran King teachers for their field placement.

Remembering Helen Spaulding, Descendant of Bowdoin’s Founder

A descendant of James Bowdoin II, the second governor of Massachusetts and the man for whom the College is named, and part of the Kennedys’ bridal party in 1953, Helen Spaulding led a fascinating life—and that’s just the beginning.

‘Audubon’s Canadian Epiphany’: A Review of Peter Logan ’75’s Biography of John James Audubon

Peter Logan ’75 focuses on John James Audubon’s Labrador period in his biography, “Audubon: America’s Greatest Naturalist and His Voyage of Discovery in Labrador.” Read about what The Weekly Standard calls “Audubon’s Canadian epiphany” in its review.

Bowdoin’s Susan Faludi Wins Kirkus Nonfiction Prize

Feminist author Susan Faludi, who taught at Bowdoin recently as its Tallman Scholar in Gender and Women’s Studies and is currently a research associate here, has won the 2016 Kirkus Prize for nonfiction.

On The Air: Bowdoin Students and Professor Rudalevige Participate in Election Coverage

As election results were reported Tuesday night, nearly a dozen Bowdoin students were part of the action on WGME/CBS 13.

#BowdoinVotes: Students, Professor Rudalevige To Participate in WGME Election Coverage

Look for familiar faces on WGME/CBS 13 election coverage and join the conversation on Twitter with hashtags #BowdoinVotes and #BowdoinWatches.